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The Great Flood is a biblical event that happened thousands of years ago, when God had decided that humans were too naughty and decided to punish them-via genocide. Everyone were killed, the innocents like children and baby animals drown last, though Noah and his family survived. Do you know why? It is because he was pious and loved God.

The Great Flood refers to the most devastating flood and the most catastrophic geological event that has ever taken place in human history.


Virtually nothing historical, from writings to civilization to long-living organisms like trees, has survived from before about 3000 or 3300 B.C., when the Great Flood occurred. Today 43-60% of Americans accept as truth the Biblical account of the Great Flood, and many cultures record a world-destroying flood in their oral or written histories.

This flood was the means of God's judgment on mankind because of the evil in their heart and actions. God warned Noah that His avatar, Yahweh, was going to destroy the world with a flood, because of the wickedness of mankind. However, it is also noted that the flood was unleashed mainly to destroy the Nephilim whom were a cross between angel and Humans. The resulting union between the two created the Nephilim and plunged mankind into further depravity. Noah was to build an ark and take his family and pairs of each kind of air-breathing animal in it in order to be saved from the flood.

After Noah and his family and all the creatures were on board, God shut the door of the ark. Yahweh's flood was brought on by the bursting open of the fountains of the great deep and the opening of the floodgates of the sky. The rain lasted nearly six weeks (40 days and nights). The flood waters apparently continued to rise for 150 days, but it was just over a year before the waters had receded enough for the occupants of the ark to leave.

The ark came to rest on one of the mountains of Ararat. God used a rainbow in the clouds as a sign that neither he nor his avatars would never again attempt to destroy the world in a flood.


The Flood has at least three interpretations of how the event occurred, which are:

  • Local Flood
  • Regional Flood
  • Global Flood

The reason there are different interpretations for the flood portions involves the fact of the time when it occurred and the fact that there are no scientifically accurate facts about the existence of the Flood. However, there are reasons to believe in the existence of a flood that probably happened on Earth not too long ago, one of which is the abundance of global flood stories found in a wide variety of cultures. Anthropologists have catalogued hundreds of ancient flood legends from all over the world. The ancient Babylonians, Native Americans, Australian Aboriginals, Aztecs, Romans, Greeks, Chinese, Mayans, Inuits, and many others recorded flood stories.

A second area of evidence for the flood of Genesis 6 is physical evidence found on the earth’s surface. For example, 75 percent of earth’s land surface is comprised of sedimentary rock—rock that was washed away, dissolved in fluid, and redeposited elsewhere. Fossils are found in many of these sedimentary layers. It is common to find massive fossil graveyards consisting of jumbled, smashed, and contorted fossil remains that give the appearance of a large number of animals destroyed simultaneously by an incredible force.

A third line of evidence for the global flood is the presence of abundant fossil remains of marine life at the tops of every major mountain range in the world, including the Himalayas. Thus, the possibility of a flood having occurred in ancient times is probable.

The most famous interpretation of the flood, and the one that generates the most agreement among the religious of the three great Abrahamic religions, is the interpretation of a global flood, with the waters of the flood coming from underground ("the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up" - Genesis 7:11), heavy rain ("And the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights." - Genesis 7:12) and from an external source of water, which is mentioned as falling after God opened the "windows of heaven", allowing the waters above and the waters below to unite for the first time since their separation in the First and Second Days of Creation, with all the waters covering the planet in water, up to the highest mountain, returning Earth back to its primordial state of watery chaos.

The other interpretation is that of a minor Flood, one local and one regional, which is based on the fact that in the old days the world had far fewer people than it does today, and the word "the whole world" could refer to the entire world discovered in the time, with the water covering from a few hundred kilometers or even hundreds of thousands of square kilometers, enough to leave Costa Rica under water.


During the second millennium BCE, the gods held a meeting at the Council of Godheads, where various deities gathered to speak about the fate of humans. Among the various deities, among them were Zeus, Ra, Anu, Marduk, the Archons of Yaldabaoth and finally, Yahweh (at the time part of the Canaanite pantheon), who was accompanied by his left and right arms, Michael and Gabriel. At that meeting, many gods complained that mankind was abandoning worship of them, due to the fact that the angels known as the Grigori, rebelled against the will of the Abrahamic God, and were now teaching mankind to go against the will of their gods. Most of the gods decided that it would be best to send a Flood to annihilate humanity and start over with new humans. Yahweh and Gabriel were obviously against this decision, with Michael expecting a decision from God.

To decide then whether or not humans should live, the gods decided that Yahweh should send two of his angels to Earth, one would have the mission of trying to corrupt humans while the other would have to try to prevent this, if humanity could resist, then humanity would live. Although it was against his will, the Canaanite God sent his son Mastema, the Arbiter, to tempt humans with sins, while Gabriel, one of Heaven's purest angels, would have the mission to guide humanity to the path of light. As expected, in the end, Mastema managed to corrupt more humans than the Messenger was able to free from his clutches. However, Yahweh already imagined that this would happen, so he asked Gabriel to go to all the humans who resisted Mastema's temptations and tell them to build boats and arks, one of these humans being the famous Noah, descendant of King Enoch.

After another gathering of the deities, it was decided that since Yahweh had created humans, he would have to annihilate them, falling on God's shoulders to destroy the Earth. Some years passed, enough time had been given to the humans chosen by the Messenger to build their boats, such as Noah, Gilgamesh, Deucalion and Manu. With everyone in their arks, Yahweh sent the angel of fire, Uriel, to send the mighty Flood. The Archangel Uriel then with her flames caused several volcanoes around the globe to erupt, increasing the global temperature radically, causing the glaciers of the terrestrial poles to suddenly melt, raising insanely large waves, sweeping cities, villages and mountains from the face of the Earth. To finish, Uriel used her control over the machinery of the universe and caused the Primordial Waters to fall on the planet and, with this immeasurable amount of water, the planet at the time called Eden, was totally submerged.




  • If we are to consider that the Flood can refer to the Black Sea Deluge, then the Flood would have taken place in 5,500 BCE.