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What I will do tonight can never be undone! I will open a portal... and awaken the Ogdru Jahad: The Ancient Outer Gods! Our enemies will be destroyed! And from the ashes...a new Eden will arise!
Grigori Rasputin.

Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin is a Russian sorcerer, mystic and self-proclaimed holy man, and secret prophet of the Outer Gods.


Rasputin was a divisive figure at court, seen by some Russians as a mystic, visionary, and prophet, and by others as a religious charlatan. He befriended the family of Nicholas II, the last emperor of Russia, and gained considerable influence in late Imperial Russia.

Historians often suggest that Rasputin's scandalous and sinister reputation helped discredit the tsarist government and thus helped precipitate the overthrow of the Romanov dynasty a few weeks after he was assassinated. Accounts of his life and influence were often based on hearsay and rumor.



Powers and Abilities

Even before Grigori Rasputin was recruited by the Old Ones, he possessed some measure of supernatural abilities, including the power to temporarily heal others. After he made contact with the Baba Yaga in the late nineteenth-early twentieth century, his powers truly began to come into their own, making Rasputin a very powerful wizard indeed. By offering Baba Yaga a portion of his soul, Rasputin also became immortal, though not invincible.

Prior to his death, Rasputin demonstrated a wide array of supernatural talents. It was with his magic that Hellboy was brought into the world, and it was with his guidance that many of the Nazi doomsday projects came into existence. With the assistance of a Great Old One, Rasputin was able to transform four explorers into frog men. When Hellboy first encountered Rasputin in Cavindesh Hall, the wizard was able to survive a large caliber gunshot wound to the head and knock Hellboy away with barely a murmur while easily overriding the numerous charms of protection Hellboy kept on his person. Rasputin was also able to take control of Liz Sherman's mind through arcane means, and was shown to survive a spear through the chest, though the injury did sap his powers significantly. Reduced to a flaming skeleton, the last power he demonstrated before his death was the ability to breath fire, in which afterwards Hellboy shattered him with his stone fist, killing him.

After his death Rasputin became a ghost, albeit one that still possessed a great deal of power. Even as a ghost he still bore the spear wound Abe Sapien had given him, which had become a wound that now produced blue flame. As a ghost Rasputin was shown to have the ability to teleport, become immaterial, and make people blind. He could also venture into different dimensions, even going as far as to visit the Baba Yaga when she was in [[Purgatory[]]. Rasputin could also mark individuals he deemed important, causing a blue flame to flicker above their heads.

  • Magic: Thanks to Yog-Sothoth, Rasputin can perform magic, usually far more advanced than that given by other supernatural beings.
    • Healing: Rasputin could use magic to heal people, even the haemophilia within Alexei Nikolaevich.
    • Dimensional Rift: Managed to open a portal to Hell.
    • Dimensional Summoning: Summoned a demon from Hell.
    • Dimensional Vision: Could receive visions from Yog-Sothoth, who was in the Outerverse.



As poor young man living in the Russian countryside, Rasputin received visions of the Outer God Yog-Sothoth, who was trapped in the Outerverse, who with his kin, was seeking to be released from its prison. The Outer God gave the young Russian visions of a new world/universe that could transpire should Yog-Sothoth roam free once more. Overwhelmed by such a message and vision, Rasputin willingly became entangled within an Eldritch cosmic web. In response, Yog-Sothoth bestowed Rasputin with mystical powers, such as the ability to heal and see the future.

Rasputin also became convinced that he was a prophet for this new masters and began to refer to Yog-Sothoth as "his God".

Royal advisor

Rasputin began traveling around the nation of Russia performing miracles, and in 1905 he became a spiritual advisor and healer for the Tsar Nicholas II and the royal family, hoping that they could use their resources to help him in planning to release Yog-Sothoth from the Outerverse. While the royal family had no interest in organizing any occult rituals, they managed to acquire the Necronomicon for the mystic, who promptly began to learn the forbidden knowledge of the book in order to free the Old Ones.

During his years with the royal family, Rasputin also relished in living a high standard, though other nobles viewed his habits of public alcoholism and sexual conquests as degenerate, as well as his control over the political power that was held with the family. At the time, Rasputin also worked with James Moriarty in order use World War I as a business and profit from the use of his weapons. It eventually led to Rasputin discovering that this family also were heads for the Order of the Silver Cross and upon knowing this attempted to dive his control further as a means to also control the forces of the Order and its greatest weapons to combat the British Paranormal Society.

In 1916, however, he was supposedly assassinated by a group of Russian nobles, led by prince Felix Yusupov who was allied with the British Paranormal Society as they were combatting Moriarty and his agents across Europe to prevent World War I from causing further destruction. After his supposed death, Yusupov threw his body into the Neva River.

Resurrection and exile

Rasputin was resurrected by Yog-Sothoth and escaped from Russia, which was soon beginning to undergo a revolutio ndue to Vladimir Lenin who was secretly working with the Illuminati though Rasputin was unaware of this. As a result, Rasputin knew that such a coming conflict would have him waste valuable time and resources.

Moreover, his resurrection also came with its more unnatural perks as Rasputin discovered that he was more than human but transcended the boundaries of what limits a human thus making him more superhuman. He displayed immense strength, speed, and agility which further enticed fear and admiration from his peers and followers likening him to something of a newly birthed demigod.

The mystic traveled to Italy as he took with him the Necronomicon. He started to study more and experimented on how to open inter-dimensional gateways for almost two decades, until he was approached by Heinrich Himmler.

The Third Reich and Projekt Ragnarok

Himmler had heard rumors of both Rasputin and the ancient deities he served, and hoped the mystic could help him by having the Third Reich win the coming World War. Rasputin originally declined, until Himmler mentioned that the Reich has resources that can help him in opening a portal, if the mystic and his deity would destroy all of Germany's enemies.

Rasputin saw that the cause of the Nazis was doomed and simply too "worldly", but saw opportunity with the massive resources of the Reich.

He joined the German Ahnenerbe, who led many occult projects, with the one he was working being labelled "Projekt Ragnarok", named after the Norse vision of the end and rebirth of the world. While studying the Necronomicon, he met three promising members of the project: Karl Ruprecht Kroenen, Ilsa Haupstein and Leopold Kurtz, whom he reveal the true purpose of creating a new world.

Rasputin and his three new disciples combined dark magic and technology, constructing a mechanism known as the Ragnarok Engine, a machine that could open a rift to another dimension. After years of work, Rasputin, his three disciples, alongside several members of the Ahnenerbe, Werhmacht and the SS gathered on an island off the coast of Scotland on December 23rd, 1944, to activate the ritual. Rasputin performed the ritualistic chant, while Kurtz and Kroenen operated the Ragnarok Engine, however, by the end of it nothing happened.

Wehrmacht General Klaus Werner von Krupt got angry at Rasputin, accusing him of being a fraud. Rasputin then told the Germans that the war was lost for them, and many of them would be dead by the next year, also adding that he planned for a world without petty and deranged men like the Nazis. After this he and his three disciples left the site, and Rasputin told them what he really had done: He had summoned a demon from Hell, for had they key to Outerverse, the Right Hand of Doom. The creature has appeared somewhere in the United Kingdom and will one day open the portal.

Rasputin then told the disciples to gather resources and supporters from Germany and go a clandestine Nazi-base in the arctic, where they would cryonically freeze themselves and wait until he would call for them. After this night the current whereabouts of Rasputin are unknown.

Myths and Legends


What I will do tonight can never be undone! I will open a portal... and awaken the Ogdru Jahad: The Ancient Outer Gods! Our enemies will be destroyed! And from the ashes...a new Eden will arise!
Grigori Rasputin.
I forbid you to interact with that fake prophet. There's something wrong about that man, boy. Something dark and sinister. Something eldritch, I'm afraid.
Belphegor to Matt Wright.