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Yaipheon is a powerful Archdemon that dwelled in the Greek underworld for millennia before being banished into the fiery pits of Hell by Hades and Persephone when they took over, restoring whatever order there once was to the realm and establishing their own authority there. Ever since then, he had been building his own armies and forces to take back what was once his own territory from those "squeaking young gods".
Matt Wright.

Hades, formerly known as Yaipheon, is an ancient and powerful non-noble Archdemon named after the Greek Underworld, Hades. He is also one of the Kings of Hell.


Hades is a chaotic individual who takes pleasure in the suffering of others, he is a highly powerful and arrogant demon though without much authority of his own. Known for his cunning and cruelty, he was one of the demons that became a King of Hell, along with also being worshipped as a god.

In exception of common belief, the demon is not named after the Greek God of the Underworld, Hades but instead is named after the Underworld which the latter rules and was also named after. This is due to the fact that the Demon Hades is centuries older the god Hades in age.

He is one of the demons that Hades absolutely despises, sometimes even more than Lucifer.


Hades' true demon form appears as a gigantic behemoth of fire and darkness with four large arms and multiple spikes on his back, shoulders, neck and head. He has three eyes and long blazing hair made of hellfire.

Hades' lesser demon form appears as a muscular humanoid with purple skin and red tattoos. He has long red, green, and pink-colored hair. He wears very grotesquely designed robes and clothing with asymmetrical shapes and a cape seemingly made out of darkness and fire. He has red lines that run up both his arms and legs. The inside of his body is completely chaotic in design, with even skies, grind rails and surreal structures found commonly throughout. Even after being decapitated, Hades regenerates a second head composed of blue flames. His eyes in this form are colored orange.


Unlike the god Hades' calm and collected form, the demon Hades can either be comedic con-artist or a ranging lunatic.

At first glance, Hades is generally calm, cool, and collected. When engaging in conversation, his tone is playfully dull, yet brimming with sarcasm and cruelty. Though his machinations are cruel, Hades' informal approach to villainy makes him a widely mischievous, manipulative trickster with an irreverent style of humor (though his jokes are usually played for his own, twisted amusement, and at the expense of others).

However, this is partly surface-level; Hades is eternally bitter and imperious, with his most famous trait being his uncontrollably fervid temper. At times, the smallest inconveniences can send Hades over the edge, causing fiery fits and extreme damage to the area and people around him, depending on the situation. Hades is considerably arrogant, brushing off any matter as not important. He also has a bit of a flirtatious side, constantly making unwanted passes and flattering remarks to and about all the female characters.

For all his power, Hades is nothing compared to the other Kings of Hell. What Hades lacks in physical strength, however, he makes up for in cunning. He is incredibly meticulous with his scheming, going so far as to patiently wait eighteen years to unleash an attack on the Hunter Organization. He is also rather analytical; upon witnessing Heracles' strength firsthand, Hades instantly knew that this Roman Demigod could cause issues with his plans and sought to eliminate the potential problem immediately, albeit unsuccessfully.

In addition to his own intellect, Hades relies on schmoozing to get what he wants, more so than his demonic power, acting along the lines of a seedy car salesman or con-artist. Even so, he's an honest demon and keeps his end of the bargain with every deal, no matter what the stakes are. He has a sense of showmanship, using a combination of witty remarks and belittling insults when talking to and about others. Additionally, Hades seems to be willing to give people second chances, as he is constantly giving his servants important tasks even in spite of their constant failures.

At his core, Hades is merciless with an utter disregard for life. His lust for killing makes him seem completely unconcerned when his commanders fall in battle, stating that his army is too stupid to have an actual ranking, and has no problem killing off other demons when they interferes with Hades' plans. He also sees souls as nothing more than either materials to create his armies or nourishment to make himself more powerful, indifferent to the fact that his action is upsetting the natural balance of the world due to his selfish greed and hunger.

Despite all his malicious tendencies, he does have a genuine sense of humor and enjoys telling jokes and making puns at even the most odd or inappropriate of times. He also shows genuine respect for beings that can prove a worthy adversary, holding no grudge against Heracles (and later on Pit) later after the latter destroyed his physical body, and even complimented his abilities, albeit still throwing a few nasty remarks in his direction.

Powers and Abilities

Hades is shown to be one of the most powerful non-noble demons. Hades is also powerful enough to destroy divine weaponry and objects in one blast. Hades has the ability to manipulate souls, and can revive fallen allies or create new monsters using this ability. He can also devour souls to increase his strength and use souls to regenerate lost limbs. However, the latter ability makes Hades more vulnerable to damage.

In battle, Hades is a fearsome opponent, showing great skill in both magic and hand-to-hand combat. In the final battle with Heracles, Hades dons his "Devastation Ensemble" which he only wears for very special occasions, such as weddings or end times. In this state, his entire body is covered in missiles and laser turrets with his face. This turns his body into a literal weapon of mass destruction. Hades can also fire lasers from his hands and face. Hades can spin at speeds fast enough to create twisters, and can teleport at speeds that can only be matched by other demons. Hades can also communicate via telepathy and project his astral form.

  • Immortality: As a demon, Hades lives eternally. He does not age, though he can die.
  • Endurance: Though his endurance is extremely high (being able to withstand lava and freezing cold temperatures), Hades is not impervious to pain, evidenced by his fear of holy weapons.
  • Fire Manipulation: Hades' power mainly derived from fire and smoke (so much so, that his "hair" is sometimes made of flames). Hades can summon fire at will to attack his enemies and cause damage to anything in his vicinity. The extent of his literal firepower is practically unlimited, as he was able to burn an entire forest to the ground in a matter of seconds as a result of an outburst. His fire is fatal to mortals and can be severely damaging to otherworldly beings or even deities.
  • Smoke Manipulation: With smoke, Hades can conjure objects and creatures from thin air. He also uses smoke as a means to teleport himself with the snap of a finger. Hades' cloak appears to be made of smoke, specifically at its base. Hades can also turn his arms into extendable, smokey appendages and use them to grab things or people from a distance.
  • Alchemy: Hades has mentioned to dabble in alchemical practices.
  • Dominion over the Dead: Even as a false deity, Hades holds some dominion over the dead and the spirits of those who died. Regardless, he does not rule the dead as the spirits in the Black River have apparently threatened him at least once.


Fall from Heaven

As Yaipheon, Hades joined Helel's side during the War in Heaven and cast down to Hell alongside all other rebel-angels into the depths of Hell with the others. He would later on become a pure-blooded demon and joined the others to find and free now pure-demon Helel (now known as Lucifer) from his cage which was a success.

He was present at Pandemonium during Lucifer's Rally, officially declaring himself as an enemy of God forever.

Conflict with Heracles

Battle with Pit and Palutena

Hades revives a corrupted Medusa and her forces to serve as distractions to keep Palutena and Pit on their toes. After Medusa's defeat, Hades reveals himself by breaking the forth wall and saying that he is the one who revived Medusa as well as telling Palutena that the real fun is about begin. Hades first begins his campaign by manipulating Pit into killing off a Phoenix while making him think he is after the Wish Seed. However, revealing that he knew the Wish Seed was a fake, Hades reveals the Wish Seed's existence to the people so that they can kill themselves over a wish-granting item that does not even exist. The subsequent attacks of Viridi, the Aurum, and the Chaos Kin force Pit and Palutena to ignore Hades in favor of stopping the more immediate threats while he makes a constant presence both through his army as well as with snide jokes and nonchalant insults.

During the Aurum invasion, he sends Mimicuties to toy with Pit. However, he does aid Pit during the attack on the Aurum Hive by having his minions commandeer one of their battleships and ram it into the Hive. Hades' reasons for fighting against the Aurum were purely due to his selfishness, as he considered the Earth to be his to plunder and his alone. It was revealed that it was him playing those Mimicutie pranks, despite saying that he would never, much to Pit's chagrin. His army attacks the Aurum Brain alongside Viridi's forces, Pyrrhon, Pit, and Palutena's Army.

After Pit is turned into a ring, Hades' forces continue harassing humankind, though Palutena, her army, and Pit's Body become the enemies of humankind as well, under the control of the Chaos Kin. Hades takes advantage of the situation and collects the souls of humans killed during the three years Pit spent as a ring. Upon Pit's return, his forces continued to harass Pit (who is aided by Viridi), humanity, and Palutena's forces (which are under the control of the Chaos Kin). He tries to steal the Lightning Chariot both for himself and to stop Pit and Viridi from obtaining it. His forces then assault Pit on his way to Palutena's Temple in the Lightning Chariot. After Pit destroys the barrier surrounding the temple, Hades takes the opportunity to attack it and Pit, all the while mockingly suggesting that Pit should kill Palutena instead of the Chaos Kin, but Pit ignores him.

Both Hades and his forces assault Dark Pit on his way to the Rewind Spring and mentions how he would love to get his hands on Dark Pit's soul. Eventually, everyone learns Hades' goal of using the souls of everyone who died in the series of wars to create his army and increase his own power, an act that is interfering with the natural order and is threatening to all. Dark Pit manages to elude him and makes it to the Spring but is attacked by the revived Pandora. When Hades arrives at the Spring, he is greeted by Amazon Pandora, and is shocked to find out it is Pandora herself. Realizing the Spring's power, he plans to destroy it to prevent it from being used on Pit, but fails as Pandora is defeated once again.

Though Pit initially takes up the Three Sacred Treasures to mount an attack on Hades, the god proves too powerful as he destroys the weapons with a single attack and swallows up Pit. Hades proceeds to fight off Viridi's army before sensing that Pit is damaging his heart. Just then, Dark Pit uses the Lightning Chariot to pierce through Hades' chest, rescuing Pit. Hades quickly tries to grab them, but they vanish due to Palutena's intervention.

Later, Hades confronts Pit again when the latter is given the Great Sacred Treasure. Though it seems that Pit has the upper hand in the extended battle, Hades ends up turning the tables and destroying the suit. However, a recently revived Medusa comes to Pit's aid at the last second, making Hades retaliate and kill Medusa with a single punch. The delay gives Palutena an idea to charge up the remaining cannon of the Great Sacred Treasure, which Pit fires on Hades, ultimately killing him.

Only Five minutes later, Hades' disembodied voice states that he had already found a way to resurrect himself and they will meet again in 25 years.

Myths and Legends


Name's Hades, Lord of the Dead. Hi, how ya doin'?
Sorry to keep YOU waiting. But now that I'm here, let's get this party started. Welcome to my domain, little demigod. You too, goddess Hera.
Hades to Heracles and Hera.
(Am I repeating myself.. eh, it doesn't matter) Sorry to keep YOU waiting. But now that I'm here, let's get this party started. Welcome to MY Underworld, Pitty Pat. You too, pretty Palutena.
Hades to Pit and Palutena.
Think of him as a cross between Jeffrey Starr, Shane Dawson, every single car salemen you've ever had the unfortune to meet, and what most parents think of when they think what "goth" look like, and you will have a fairly accurate description of what that weirdo look like.



  • Ironically, Hades is similar to the Titan King Cronus than his own divine counterpart.
  • He hates being called a sore loser.
  • He is known to constantly break the forth wall, that it is not ever surprising anymore.