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For he shall be the Destroyer, the one who will purge the wicked, the sinful and the damned. For the future shall be pure.

Hasmed is the Angel of Annihilation and one of the five angels of divine punishment that Moses had witnessed.


Hasmed is a Destroying Angel and purportedly the most powerful of the angelic host. It has been prophesied by God that when the Apocalypse comes he will awaken to smite the evil and all those who threaten the holy forces of good. And when that day comes, all of will shake in terror as the Angel of Annihilation sets forth to punish them. Sometime afterwards, Hasmed went into a deep slumber.



Powers and Abilities

Hasmed is believed to be the physical manifestation of God's destructive side. Hence, his strength is said to be equal to or greater than the most powerful of God's angels, including Michael and Metatron. His mere presence will reduce demons and sinners to ash, and not even other deities will be spared if they get too close.

To further increase his power, the Praetor Suit, forged from divine and eldritch metal and technology, will also transform. Once again becoming his armor, Hasmed will have even greater strength to overcome all those that would stand in his way.



Hasmed is one of the Seraphim, and a Destroying Angel, that God first created after the True Archangels and Heaven itself. He is the purportedly the most powerful of the angelic host and was created as one of the angels of divine punishment against all who mock God and His kingdom.

War in Heaven

During the War in Heaven, many of Lucifer's allies were killed or cast out by Hasmed as Michael and the rest of the Heavenly Host faced off against Lucifer's main force. Lucifer realized that if he fought against Hasmed, the seraph could give him loads of trouble for his rebellion and so instead called Satanel to somehow deal with him while Lucifer attacked God. Satan did this by using his own abilities as the Arbiter of God to counter Hasmed though he could not defeat the angel of annihilation due to the latter's stubborn determination, unwavering resolve and godlike durability.

Hasmed engaged in a scuffle against Satanel, now known as Satan, alongside Ariel. Ariel subdued Satanel by one arm while Hasmed subdued him by the other arm, giving Abdiel an opening for him to drive his sword into his chest. However, this only served to infuriate Satanel as the Arbiter let out a terrible roar that shook the stars and made angels flee in terror, knocking back Abdiel before doing the same to Hasmed and Ariel. Ariel, again, attempted to restrain him by holding the handle of his great hammer against his neck, while Hasmed unleashed blows of inconceivable power against Satanel, of which were said to have rocked his very being to the core. Satanel used the momentum of his hammer to toss Ariel into Hasmed before knocking the two angels away with his hammer.

Other Events

He was among the host of Destroying Angels, leading them as well, that was sent down during the dark days of Noah where the Nephilim ravaged the Earth and evil reigned. Hasmed brought destruction to particular individuals during the Pre-Flood Age such as the Brujería and many other similar sorcerers that use the darkest of magic to subjugate the tribes of man or bring ruin to people and lands.

Hasmed and the Destroying Angels targeted these powerful corrupted humans knowing that they would somehow find a way to survive the Flood so they opted to completely eradicate them.

Meeting with Moses


During a venture in the depths of Hell, Hasmed was suddenly attacked by millions and billions of demons and archdemons at the same time, quickly overwhelming in mass numbers, allowing one of the champions of Hell to slay him. This event was to due to the powerful and ancient demon lord, Davoth, because he was reduced to nothing but a sphere containing his essence, requiring Satan to create him a vessel to use to rule.

Davoth took the soul of the seraph and placed into a brand new soul (made of demonic, angelic, divine and eldritch energies along with one of Life's stolen soul remains) that he recently created as to one day help him be freed once again and punish God and The Father for everything they have done to him along with helping his mission to take over all of Creation.

Afterwards, Davoth turn the untied soul in a human one and banished throughout time and space to another Earth separate from the main one. However, Davoth did not expect two things from what he had did, firstly Hasmed knew what was going to help and willingly accepted his fate due to his belief in God's plans and secondly that Hasmed would imprint his views on demonkind to his reincarnation. Because of this, Davoth accidently created the Doom Slayer, a human destined to bring an unending crusade against demonkind and all of Hell along with being to one to permanently slay him.


Upon the coming of the End of Days, the Doom Slayer will finally transcend from his mortal form back to Hasmed. However, due to Azrael's blessing the Doom Slayer with true immortality, Hasmed instead separated from the Hell Walker and gain a brand new body, thus finally becoming the Angel of Annihilation once again.

And when that day comes, all of Evil will shake in terror as the Angel of Annihilation sets forth to punish them. It is only when the last of the demons has been wiped out from existence shall he take his long deserved slumber, be granted peace until when Creation calls out for a destroyer.

Myths and Legends


All of Hell shall be cleansed by the Annihilator.
No fiction like permanence, no folly like pride.
Satanel, you're the only one among us capable of fighting against him. You are the Arbiter, God's reasoning side. Only you could win against His irrational temper that is Hasmed. Please Satan, if you cannot do it for the cause, can you at least do it for me?
Lucifer to Satanel
I know it... I know it! That-That all make sense. There is no way a terror of such proportion could be some boring, pathetic, simple-minded human! Uh, no offense guys.
Matt Wright upon finding out Doom Slayer's origins as Hasmed.
In heaven Moses came upon the five angels of divine punishment
Among them was Hasmed, Angel of Annihilation.
For all the forces of Creation in the heavens and Earth there is but one undoer
To hear his voice is to know that you are deaf
To see his face is to know that you are blind
To feel his touch is to be no more.
Beyond torment lies an unseen horizon
A plane of pure release, just out of reach
Time past pain, failing to arrive
Lay your hand firm on this land my faithful
Our duty is to feel
For to know pain is to be without end.



  • He is believed to be one of the reasons why Lucifer has not yet made a move to return to Heaven, in fear of awakening the annihilator.