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A soul being tortured in Hellfire (Image by alexiuss)

Good old Hellfire. For when regular fire simply won't do.

Hellfire, also known as Hell Flame, is the demonic flames of Hell used by stronger demons and angels, especially the former.


It is a very dangerous and immensely powerful fire that couldn't be extinguished by anything. It is even able to devour other flames, ranging from normal, to divine, to holy flames, in equal measure. It is can melt any metal, with even the Empyrean Steel not even lasting a minute before being burned. Like Metatron's signature Fires of Sinai, Hellfire is able to kill any being by destroying their soul, those with loads of sins feel more pain from it.

Hellfire can also be turned into tools, objects, weapons and other items, or even create semi-living constructs of varying permanence. Those who have mastered this ability can use it for almost any situation, creating anything they need.

Unless the user is exceptionally skilled with it, the Hellfire is very difficult for them to control and so could backfire and kill them if they are not a demon.


A benefit of using hellfire is that, due to its mystical nature and the fact that it attacks a person's spiritual essence in addition to their bodies, is that hellfire can be effective against durable targets or people with accelerated healing. As hellfire can attack the spirit or soul, it can inflict injuries that either don't heal or heal very slowly meaning that a critical attack could kill people that heal fast enough to shrug off normally instantly fatal injuries. It can also bypass or damage durable/invulnerable targets by either targeting the spirit/soul or because its magical nature trumps simple physical durability.

The color of the flames varies of the being, but usually is black, blue, white, or the normal shades of fire, although in some way noticeably unusual.

Notable Users





Regardless of the coldest winds or heaviest rains, the flames of hell will never extinguish.
Like it hot, Scum?
A Ghost Rider.
Now watch, you filthy thief, as I will burn everything you hold dear down to ashes with all the power of hell!
Matt Wright to Carl Black



  • The color of the flames varies with the user, but is usually black, blue, white, or the normal shades of fire, although in some way noticeably unusual.
    • According to some magic casters, hellfire often leaves behind traces of "magical radiation".
  • Hellfire should not be mistaken with demonic fire as they are both very different things.
  • Hellfire was also the inspiration for the conception of the spell Fiendfyre, a weaker variation used by magic casters.