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We are the Hellsing Organization. The Divine Blade that purges the darkness from the shadows to protect the inhabitants of England. We bury the Undead and send them to Eternal Damnation to the fires of Hell.
Integra Hellsing.

The Hellsing Organization, also known as the Royal Order of Protestant Knights, is a paranormal organization located in the outskirts of London which houses powerful supernatural beings weaponized to fight against the forces of darkness; these being vampires and other Creatures of the Night.


The organization is an integral part of the true power-structure of Great Britain, which is in fact still ruled by a hidden aristocracy and the monarchy. The organization is tasked with defending the country's shores from any and all supernatural threats. The current leader of the Hellsing Organization, Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, is the great-granddaughter of Professor Helsing.


It is believed that the Hellsing Organization was founded by Abraham Van Helsing shortly after the events of his battle against the mighty Dracula as a response to the threat posed by vampires after his encounter with him. The purpose of the Hellsing Organization is to end all earthly activity of non-human creatures. It is traditionally headed by Abraham's descendants, as they are the only ones who can control Alucard, "the fruit of the Hellsing family's labors," whom they performed many experiments upon, building him into the ultimate weapon for use in battle against the undead.

The official motto of the Hellsing organization appears to be "We will not give up and despair, We are on a mission from God," with the "We are on a mission from God" part appearing on the crest itself, but another motto was written under the word "Hellsing," a short prayer appears: "In the name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation. Amen." It is spoken by the Hellsing soldiers before going off to battle. However, since the prayer does not appear often, it cannot be considered Hellsing's official motto. Also, other phrases sometimes replace it, but "We are on a mission from God" remains the most common. The motto 'May God and Her Majesty be with you' is also said.

Personnel and Equipment

The organization is understood to have a body of soldiers responsible for the protection of the mansion conducting offensive operations against targets. The protection of the Hellsing Organization includes VAB armored personnel carriers, wearing uniform and Scalable Plate Carrier body armor, and handling a variety of weapons, especially MP5 sub-machine guns though they have shown to also have L85A1 rifles and Colt Model 733 carbines. However, the organization is also shown to use anti-Christian weaponry, mainly the use of vampires and magical spells to help counter against strong foes with great mystical abilities.

According to Walter's report in the aftermath of the Valentine brothers' attack on the mansion, the Hellsing Organization's military included 96 soldiers, reduced to a mere 8 after battling the Ghoul army (and the 8 survivors only escaped death by being away from the mansion at the time of the attack). In order to keep up their fighting strength in the face of Millennium's looming threat, Integra decided to hire the Wild Geese mercenaries, lead by Pip Bernadotte, to replace their lost soldiers.



Abraham Van Helsing was drawn to the activities of Dracula when he learned of three missing women, whom became his brides, and soon Lucy Westenra's metamorphoses into a vampire. After Lucy's death, Dracula went after Mina Harker, who reminded him of his late wife, and this resulted in Abraham and his compatriots to initiate their grand battle against the vampire count. While otherworldly powerful, Dracula was shocked to see the tenacity and strength of humans, the very same beings he once regarded as inferior and mindless animals.

With Dracula given a humiliating defeat at the hands of a group of humans, pieces of his broken body became hidden in the snow which made all but Van Helsing not notice them. Some days later, Van Helsing came back to the area and picked those pieces up. He then had the assistance of a wizard to mold them into his own vampire known as Alucard who had the memories of Dracula and Vlad III. This vampire made a blood oath to be in eternal servitude to Van Helsing and his bloodline. He became the Helsing family's ultimate weapon against the forces of darkness under the service of the Hellsing Organization which was founded by Abraham Van Helsing. The purpose of the Hellsing Organization is to end all earthly activity of non-human creatures.

The Dawn

During 1944, Arthur Hellsing, then the director of the organization, sent Alucard and a 14-year-old Walter C. Dornez to halt the attempts by Millennium to create an artificial vampire force that could help the Nazis win World War 2. They succeeded in eradicating a majority of the soldiers, although they failed to kill the key members of Millennium. After WWII, it was decided that Alucard was too powerful, and potentially dangerous to be used as a weapon, and as thus was sealed away in the basement of the Hellsing mansion.

Integra's Time

Upon Arthur's death, his daughter, Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, became the director of the organization, not before her uncle Richard Hellsing attempted to kill her and take the headship of the organization for himself. This inadvertently awakened Alucard, whom quickly overpowers Richard. Then, in a bold move, the 12-year-old Integra fires the bullet that ends Richard's life. By doing so, she is left at the helm of Hellsing, and the true master of Alucard.

Myths and Legends


  • Abraham Van Helsing - Founder of the Hellsing Organization
  • Arthur Hellsing - Previous Director of the Hellsing Organization
  • Integra Hellsing - Current Director of the Hellsing Organization
  • Alucard - Special Enhanced Vampire
  • Seras Victoria - Vampire
  • Walter C. Dornez - Warrior Butler of Integra
  • Pip Bernadotte - Leader of the Wild Geese
  • Richard Hellsing - Arthur's Brother that attempted to be the Director of the Hellsing Organization


We will not give up and despair, We are on a mission from God.
Hellsing Organization's motto.
In the name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation. Amen.
Hellsing Organization's motto.



  • The name "Hellsing" comes from the character in Bram Stoker's Dracula, Abraham Van Helsing.
  • Controversy is often raised over the highly unconventional methods Hellsing chooses to do this, namely the use of anti-Christian powers and creatures. The agency's soldiers, uniforms, methods, and gear would suggest that it is a counter-terrorist paramilitary strike force.