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Album cover for A Merging to the Boundless: Void of Voyce by Stargazer
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Hellspawns are Satan's special little soldiers and wield a type of dark energy matter called Necroplasm, which can be produced by Hell infinitely. Most of the time, Hellspawns are regular people with regular family and regular life of their own... until Satan decided otherwise. According to Mattie, those guys can only be killed if decapitated by a holy weapon. Which we don't have. Unfortunately.
Carl Black

The Hellspawn are powerful demonic soldiers that were created by Lucifer, the Emperor of Hell, and are commissioned by Satan to be his main fighting force. Hellspawn are infused with dark energy matter, called Necroplasm, when they are created. This power is infinite while in Hell but limited when on Earth.

While Hellspawn can be created, it is possible for a human to become a Hellspawn. However, these humans have to be ridden with guilt, anger, or vengeance. When a human becomes a Hellspawn, the suits that coat them become part of them. While Hellspawn are immortal, they are not invincible. They can be very difficult to kill, but Holy weapons or even powerful demonic weapons can harm them and kill them. To completely kill a Hellspawn is to decapitate them with a holy weapon.

Even though the Hellspawn were created to serve Satan as his mighty soldiers, they are not without freewill. Hellspawn will normally go to the human world, and live out their normal lives, however, when they are called for duty they must answer the call otherwise they will be destroyed and returned to Hell. When Hellspawn are active, they scour the streets to find evil and sinful people to kill them.

Hellspawn are very powerful. They have ability to manipulate the Necroplasm that is stored in their body. As time passes on, they will eventually gain mastery over their abilities. They can use the Necroplasm for a variety of effects, such as creating weapons which mainly consist of swords, spears, battle axes, and so forth. They have the ability to shape shift as well, such as becoming a black mist, a swarm of bats or rats, and they can even shift the appearance of their capes. Hellspawn, with some practice, can even summon their own legions of demons. Although summoning demons is difficult, they are more adapt to summoning the souls they devoured to help them fight during combat.