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Henry Sanders was an explorer who in 1941 went on an expedition to Egypt.




Powers and Abilities


When operating as "Ra, the Avenger", he wore a mask fashioned after the Egyptian god Ra. He also utilized some form of smoke projection to fill a room with choking smoke to disorientate his victims.


Henry discovered an ancient Egyptian tomb at the mouth of the Nile River that was -- by his own accounts -- older than the pyramids, he found the Ruby of the Nile. He cut it loose from sarcophagus, noting a warning that those who would possess the ruby would be plagued with sudden death. He used this to his advantage when returning it to America, fabricating a tale of being constantly running from the forces of death itself. He developed a costumed identity fashioned after the Egyptian god Ra and murdered those who were near the ruby.

Henry Sanders unmasked

He sold it to the wealthy Mr. Bates, and at a party hosted by Bates told the party goers of his woe and how he was glad to be rid of an "accursed" ruby. Among those in attendance at the party was government agent Betsy Ross.

Pretending to retire for the night, Sanders changed into his Ra costume and confronted Mr. Bates, calling himself "Ra, the Avenger" and choked Mr. Bates to death. Betsy Ross attempted to stop "Ra", but he managed to escape, changed his costume, and arrived on the murder scene with the other party guests in order to shake suspicion. Later, Sanders killed the electricity in the house to steal the ruby from Bates' safe; however, Betsy Ross beat him to the punch and recovered the ruby, deciding to hold onto it until "Ra" was captured.

Later that night, Henry -- as Ra once again -- murdered Bates' partner Parker before fleeing when Betsy Ross arrived. Before he could get away, Ra ran into Betsy Ross who shot at him, forcing him to flee. When Sanders appeared shortly after, frightened that he could be killed next, Ross became suspicious and called the FBI to do a background check on Sanders. When the FBI confirmed her suspicions, she was attacked by Ra. However, before Sanders could murder her as well, Betsy was rescued by a police officer who shot Ra into submission. Unmasking the villain, they revealed his true identity confirming Betsy's suspicions. The Ruby of the Nile was turned over to Mr. Bates' daughter Marina, and Sanders was turned over to the authorities.

Myths and Legends