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Your pride and your arrogance has always led you to underestimate those who you hold in high contempt. So blinded by your own capabilities that you fail to see the potential they hold. Yes, they are flawed. They steal. They cheat. They destroy. They disappoint. But despite their primitive savagery they are capable of so much more and they've done just that. There is a reason why Father created them in His image. Because they embody His will. To never give up and always move forward. Never underestimate humanity's potential for evolution.
Gabriel to Lucifer.

Human beings are an intelligent bipedal species of primate considered to be the dominant species on Earth.


Humans are mortal beings that populate the planet Earth and are the children of Adam and Eve and later become the descendants of Cain and Seth. They are considered by God to be His last and greatest among all His creations. Each human has a soul, and, upon their death, will face judgment to determine where their soul will go in the afterlife. Those who have broken God's laws and/or lived a life of evil are to be sent to Hell for punishment, while most others will find eternal solace in Heaven. While punishment in Hell is stated on several occasions to be eternal, humans can be redeemed from Hell by angels.

Humans who die will find a reapers waiting to escort them away, presumably to face their judgment. Some humans with unfinished business, uncertainty about their own death, intense emotional ties to the physical world or who have evaded the Reaper sent to collect them, may return to Earth as ghosts or vengeful spirits. Humans and their souls are vulnerable to certain supernatural forces that could weaken, strengthen or modify them in many conceivable ways. For example, human souls sent to Hell can be corrupted into demons through years of torture and degradation and there are many different types of monsters that can transform a human into the said monster. Humans are also capable of being hosts or vessels for various supernatural creatures. Some types of being which seek to possess a human may require the human's consent. More often than not, however, humans are incapable of preventing forced possession without mystical protection, although particularly strong-willed humans are able to partially resist the demons possessing them.

Humans can also become abnormally strong and gifted beings known as deviants, beings whom are born with extraordinary powers that range from telekinesis, telepathy, geokinesis, thermokinesis, umbrakinesis, and many more. These types of species of humans are born with these abilities through a gene known as the muta-gene, which can alter the DNA of human to the point where they attain abilities not naturally found in an ordinary human.


For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour. Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands; thou hast put all things under his feet: All sheep and oxen, yea, and the beasts of the field; The fowl of the air, and the fish of the sea, whatsoever passeth through the paths of the seas.
Psalms 8:5-9.

God's greatest creation and conquest was humanity. Beings to which all other creations should bow, being ruler of the earth, the heavens and the seas. As well as all land animals, birds and fish. Human beings are living beings created by God after angels. The first of these was Adam, created by the Father from the earth in which he gave life. Initially, when God created human beings, He gave them a spiritual essence, which are also powerful energies that make human beings unique. People's souls (like Adam and Eve) had tremendous power and purity, but after the fall and expulsion of Eden, the heritability of humanity began to deteriorate until the human race degraded to the state of weak and stupid creatures, infinitely far weaker from the power of their ancestors.

As human beings, they are made up of three parts, the physical bodies, soul and spirit. These three parts are interconnected and intertwined, creating the total human being. Their being is linked to all existence through the light body.

Their soul and spirit is much larger in size than the physical body and is not limited or confined by the physical world. This body is able to move through time and space, connecting them with other dimensions of reality and other life forms that exist throughout Creation. The Lightbody contains the essence of the multidimensional self and by shifting the consciousness and accessing the Lightbody we are able to move through different dimensions and see other realities. Through the Lightbody, we have the ability to access and communicate with different dimensions for the purpose of the growth, learning and development.

Many supernatural beings, regardless of their origin and alignment, look down upon humans because of their mortality, fallibility and physical frailty. Especially beings like Lucifer who views them as savage and murderous creatures while others like deities simply view them as expendable resources or play things. Even other angels at times frown upon humans for their actions on Earth.

Over time humans have formed organizations that deal with the supernatural powers that exist among them: Groups like Hellsing Organization, B.P.R.D., Knights Templar, the Vatican, and the SCP Foundation are known to stand against supernatural forces like Vampires, Demons and the Great Old Ones, while groups such as Esoteric Order of Dagon, and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn study either study magic, witchcraft and the occult or form pacts with supernatural beings, often taking part in immoral practices. The most enigmatic group of all is the Illuminati, which is tied to an centuries-old conspiracy that might involve Satan and a New World Order.

Dual Physiology

Humans are beings originally called Children of Gaia and Sons and Daughters of Eden, due to their role as having been born through the evolutionary process of the terrestrial biosphere, which is managed by Gaia, Mother Earth and an aspect of Life. Humans were originally essentially just physical beings, being described by gods and angels as mindless, primitive apes. However, at some point in the past, God saw in hominids something that no other God saw and gave them a divine spark, also called Soul, which merged with the earthly part, making humans physical and spiritual beings, having two natures. After that, humans began to be called the Children of God, because they were born of God.

The Children of Gaia

The term children of Gaia refers to the physical part of humans, which is the part of humans that they know the most, where their most common and known aspects are mainly found. The human body has approximately 80 organs and 206 bones, being made of flesh and blood, with their species divided into male and female. Men are commonly taller than women, have more chest hair and are physically stronger, often also having a more dominant personality.

Women, on the other hand, are generally shorter than men, having more curves than their positive counterparts, naturally having longer hair and having less body hair than men. Women are also more submissive than men. As naturally opposite aspects, it is common for men and women to relate to other terrestrial species. The role of man as responsible for impregnating the woman served as inspiration for the creation of myths on Earth, such as the relationship between the god Ouranos and Gaia, with Ouranos (the Sky) being responsible for making it rain on earth, making the Earth give life to many beings.

The Children of God

The term Children of God refers to the part of humans that are essentially divine, that is, their souls, which is an intangible and incorporeal body, which is responsible for empowering the gods through the Collective Unconscious (the collective will of humans), and also to create Tulpas. The spiritual body of humans comes directly from the Spirit of God, which is why humans contradict their nature created by Gaia, being able to love, forgive, dream, feel fear, sadness, joy, happiness, pride, among many others. feelings and emotions. The soul is responsible for the human sense of self. Humans also gained the ability to relate to members of the same sex, being guided by the divine sap that is love, a feeling that does not come from anyone other than God.

Being spiritual beings, humans also personify aspects of God such as angels and Arcuthas, such as Adam who personified the male aspects of God and Eve who personified the feminine aspects of God. At the height of heresy, a human could say that they are the very avatars (incarnations) of God that He uses to live among His creation, feeling it and touching it. The human spiritual body is divided into different levels, representing the different levels of existence on the spiritual plane. Each spiritual part exists on a higher level and the further away from the physical part, the closer humans are to God.

  • Chi Body: The Chi Body is the part of the human essence that is purely life-giving energy. A human can make their chi as an aura of light around their body, and can also use magic and make attacks with this energy. When humans manifest with an entire body of chi, they look like intensely glowing humanoid creatures of pure energy.
  • Subtle Body: The Subtle Body consists of focal points, often called chakras, connected by channels, often called nadis, which convey subtle breathing, often called prana. Through breathing and other exercises, the practitioner can direct the subtle breath to achieve supernatural powers, immortality or liberation.
  • Astral Body: The Astral Body is the emotional body that controls feelings, dreams, fears and so on. The structure of Organs immaterial organs of the astral body is constructed in the same way as an ordinary, physical body.
  • Ethereal Body: The Etheric Body is a body invisible to the naked eye made up of pseudomatter and having a certain mass. It consists of four types of ether: chemical nature, life, reflections and luminescence, which overlay the physical body and are energy networks that affect its growth and condition. The closest analogues of the etheric body are concepts such as "Chi", "Meridian", "Aura", "Nadi", "Chakra".
  • Enlightenment: Unlike the other levels of soul existence, this one in particular is not an ordinary level, but rather a state that a human can achieve by elevating their soul to a state beyond comprehension, connecting with their source. One of the humans to achieve Enlightenment was Buddha, who ascended to such a high level of existence that he was transformed into an avatar of God Vishnu, one of the emanations of Para Brahman, the primary avatar of God in Hinduism.

Powers and Abilities

  • Collective Unconscious: The Collective Unconscious is the deepest layer of the connected human psyche. It is made up of the materials that were inherited, and it is in it that functional traits reside, such as virtual images, which would be common to all human beings. Through the collective unconscious, human beings have been creating entities embodying their ideas, philosophies and fears called Tulpas, among these beings are: Santa Claus, Bogeyman, Jack Frost and Zalgo, between others.
  • The Free Will: Free Will is the ability of humans to choose their own actions, giving themselves their own stories, deciding whether to be the heroes, villains, anti-heroes or second in the story of their lives. All humans have the capacity for free will and are able to make their own choices. Free will is such an important ability that many angels feel it is best not to interfere in earthly affairs, with God Himself preferring to keep it a secret so humans choose to come to Him of their own free will.


The Great Migration (Art attributed to Shutterstock)

While many think that humans were the first living beings created, this is simply untrue, as humans evolved from a now extinct genus of Primates, which evolved from a now extinct genus of mammals and so on.

For a time, due to climate change, a global cooling occurred on planet Earth, causing an ice age in the year 98,000 BC. During this period, the great human migration began and people began to spread across the globe. It is believed that the survival of human beings is due to the fact that some angels following God's orders to "love humanity" decided to protect the little hominids, warming them with their wings and the fire they could create, some even believe that it was during this period that the first relationships between angels and humans began. Due to the fact that much of the oceans and seas are frozen, people spread widely over the planet between the 60,000 to 10,000 BC, when the planet's temperature began to decrease. In the year 5,500 BC people began to band together and create their first nations after this great event, these were Sumerians, Babylonians, Hittites, Assyrians and Chaldeans.

In about 4,004 BC, God decided to start a new creation, this would be the biggest among all his creations. God then came to a blue jewel called of Eden and God then created a new race called "humans" or "sons of Eden" that race would be powerful and would have power over all things on the planet and in the universe: plants, terrestrial and aquatic animals, below only the angels and God. God then started his project; he made a man named Adam out of dust and earth and breathed a part of his essence into his nostrils. Thus, within the heart of every human being beats a spark of the Creator's light, endowed with free will and with the sap of love. And beside Adam, God made a woman who was called Eve, the mother of all human beings, and God blessed them and said: "Be fertile and multiply! Populate and subdue all the earth; rule over the fish of the sea, on the birds of the sky and on every animal that crawls on the earth!". Keep in mind that Adam and Eve weren't the first humans on Earth, just the only two directly created by God.

Adam and Eve holding hands in Eden (Scene from Noah)

Yesh blessed His two youngest children with agelessness and immortality so long as they never ate the Fruit of the Divine Tree at the center of the Garden of Eden. God appeared before all the Angels and Archangels and proclaimed Humanity His greatest creation and asked them to guide them. After creating Adam and his wife, God commanded all aeons, angels, and djinn to bow down to his greatest creation, and love them more than themselves and more than Him. The children of heaven did so, however, Lucifer, Samael, Iblis and Satan refused to obey; Satan and Lucifer out of pride, Samael and Iblis for not considering humans worthy of worship. Furious God drove out the rebels.

God then placed Adam and Eve in a garden he planted called the "Garden of Eden" for the first humans to be safe. However, God cares for free will, so he planted two trees; the Tree of Life and the Tree of Death (also known as the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil), Adam and his wife could eat from every tree they wanted less than the Tree of Death, and so the two did.

While Adam was walking through the garden, Eve was exploring the wonders of the garden without him, that's when a Serpent appeared to First Woman in the Tree of Death, and convinced her to eat the forbidden fruit. Eve went to Adam and gave it to him too, and after they both tried it, they saw they were naked, and felt shame for the first time. God went down to Eden to walk around the garden and talk to his children, when he couldn't find them, he called for them and Adam and Eve came and told them they saw they were naked, God angry and sad that Adam and Eve had sinned them out of the garden , and to the Serpent he said: "Inasmuch as thou hast done this, cursed art thou among all domestic animals, and thou art cursed among all wild beasts; you will crawl on your belly and eat dust all the days of your life. I will put enmity between you and the woman, between your seed and her seed. He will bruise your head, and you will bruise his heel."

Adam and Eve leave Paradise (Art by Kingstone: The Comic Bible)

After leaving Eden, Adam and Eve had many children, among them, the oldest were Cain and Abel. The two brothers trying to return to Eden offered sacrifices to God, but he only accepted Abel's, Cain (influenced by Satan) angrily picks up a stone and murders his brother. God offers forgiveness to Cain, but the first killer was afraid of being killed by other members of his family, God then marked Cain so that those who would not kill him. Cain then took his wife, Avan, and together they went to the lands of Nod, where Cain founded a city called "Enoch". After that event, Eve angrily separated from Adam for 130 years, when the two returned they had a new son named Seth who married his older sister Azura. Seth and his wife were righteous and good and walked in God's ways, so their children and descendants were equally God's followers.

Over the course of thousands of years, human beings have multiplied greatly on the earth and this aroused the interest of angels called sentinels and children of heaven, called in the Holy Bible "Sons of God". The angels saw that the daughters of men were beautiful and fair, and they came down to earth to bear children and create nations with them, and so they did. From the union of angel and human, beings considered aberrations were born, entities whose size can vary between 1.60 and 2.10 cm up to more than 100 meters, these were the Nephilim. The bigger Nephilim were more powerful than their parents and had a hunger that couldn't be quenched, so they began to devour large animals, people, and even themselves, and it went on for centuries, no one had stood out in the meantime, all human beings had been corrupted either by angels and Nephilim, or by greater forces. However, a man named Enoch was born, he was righteous and perfect in the eyes of God, he was not corrupted with either the angels or the Nephilim, Enoch walked with God, to the point that God did not allow him to know death, but took him to himself, taking him to heaven.

Enoch raised again God's faith in mankind, but the earth was very defiled and for the first time God had to interfere in creation; God sent his four archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel to slay the Nephilim and imprison the rebel angels in either the depths of the fiery abyss or the infernal paradise. After that, God had to end the evil of humanity, and decided to send a flood to end them. God then found a man named Noah, great grandson of Enoch, and asked Noah to create an ark that he would send a flood and into the ark would enter a couple of each kind of land animal, and that is what Noah and his family did. After building the ark, Noah and his family entered the great boat and God "opened the windows of the firmament" and "opened the floodgates of the abyss" and a large amount of water engulfed the planet, killing the rest of the Nephilim still alive and all evil humans. After that, humanity can start over again.

Notable Humans

  • Jesus Christ: Founder of Christianity, the world's largest religion with over 2 billion followers. Christians believe that he is the Only Begotten Son of God and the second member of the Holy Trinity.
  • Noah: Great grandson of Enoch, he was during his lifetime a perfect man and walked with God for hundreds of years. In the (estimated) year 2,300 BC, God sent a universal flood that flooded the planet and only Noah and his family were saved.
  • Adam and Eve: Two early humans created by God himself.
  • Muhammad: Founder of Islam, the world's second largest religion with over 1 billion followers, closing to 2 billion. Muslims believe he is the final Prophet of God and sent to all of mankind.


These people, they're all my father's creations. They're works of art.
No my brother, God is not senile, on the contrary, He has never been so sane and perfect in wisdom. For billions, Father shaped the universe, and one day his work was done. Of its most cherished fruits, he had always loved the human race, a wild species that lived in the decay of caves. Tired of admiring his offspring, Father wanted to touch them, live among them, love them. So He breathed His spirit into his nostrils, and from that divine energy was born the soul, blessed with free will and graced with the sap of love. With this, the energy of the Creator prospered, survived and multiplied over the surface of the Earth. For know, O Morning Star, that in every mortal heart beats the power of the Father, and that this grace is infinite, indestructible and immortal.
Raphael to Lucifer.
Father had created you in His image and deemed you His greatest creation for a reason. So act like it.
I'm not perfect, I wasn't made to be. That's the grace of being a human. We are not special, and that gives us the ability to make our own choices and create our own stories.
Carl Black.
PicsArt 08-24-08.23.51.jpgGabriel
The Father was right; they are better than us
Conversation Tail.png
Lucifer Prof.jpgLucifer
They are abortions, they are weak and imperfect
Conversation Tail.png
PicsArt 08-24-08.23.51.jpgGabriel
It's true they are imperfect... But many try to improve, evolve and forgive.
Conversation Tail.png



  • Although many creationists believe that human evolution did not actually occur, Raphael confirms that originally humans were primitive primate-like beings who evolved into modern man thanks to the will of God. However, the belief that Adam and Eve were created by God is true, for in fact the Lord created Adam to be different from other hominids, having created him hemaphrodite, divine, and having two natures.
    • Other gods such as Allah, Prometheus, Odin and Yaldabaoth also created their own humans out of inanimate materials like logs, clay, water, etc., which eventually gained souls thanks to the interference of God or Sophia.
    • This type of human created by a deity was named Edenim.
  • It is not yet known which angel/demon was possessing the Serpent in Eden (if any), there are five figures that are suspect; Lucifer, Satan, Samael, Lilith and Iblis.
  • Humans suffer from a feeling called the Uncanny Valley. This effect happens when a human sees something trying to imitate a human being and isn't convincing enough to look like an actual human but is convincing enough to not be considered silly. This causes a sense of danger, not identifying it as something "human" as much as it looks like one.
    • The reason for this was revealed by Gabriel, who states that when the angels fell to Earth and began to assume human forms to deceive humanity, the children of Eden developed this defense system after the Flood.
      • It's basically the brain saying "it could be an angel or demon trying to bring us to ruin like the Flood, stay away from it".
    • This also explains why many God-sent angels always say "do not be afraid" to a man or woman, even when they come in human form.
  • Humans officially have over 6,900 languages.
  • The average lifespan of humans is 100 years, while Edenims live for thousands of years, such as Adam who lived for over 900 years, with his descendant Methuselaem who lived for 969 years.