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Ipos is the 22nd Spirit of the Ars Goetia, and a Count and powerful Prince of Hell, who has thirty-six legions of demons under his command.


Ipos is both a Count and a Prince among his peers. He can make the most shy person confident, witty, and bold. His services are highly sought after by those aware of the impact of his powers. He makes boring people interesting and the average-minded seem like intellectuals.

Those who wish to summon Ipos should burn dark blue candles and sandalwood in the summoning circle. The mystic scholar who codified the modern forms of binding, who was so obsessed with studying Vestiges that he became one himself.

According to the Grand Grimoire, he is a direct subordinate of Nebiros.


He is commonly depicted with the body of an angel with the head of a lion, the tail of a hare, and the feet of a goose, less frequently in the same shape but with the body of a lion, and rarely as a vulture.

He may also appear as a lion or a pale bald anthropoid with black eyes, a crown, black robes, and blue and yellow butterfly wings. Some claim that he is the same entity as Anubis, and in this form he is tan, 8 feet tall, and musclebound, with long straight blonde hair. Alternatively, he may appear with the head of a Jackal.


He appeared insulted that a human would consider defeating him, and expressed contempt of humanity. He berated him mockingly for shooting the death mask of a young girl so displayed some notion of right and wrong. He was content with the many various faces of those he murdered adorning his body.

However, he is not always violent to humans, as despite being annoyed with many humans leaders' offer to join Satan's army, she still let them in without harming them.

Despite being a little touched in the head, she is quite crafty and uses other's perceptions of her to her advantage. In other words, it is Ipos that has been fooling them all along.

Power and Abilities

He knows and can reveal all things, past, present and future. He can make men witty and valiant.

He can make shy people confident, boring people interesting, and dullards seem like intellectuals.He imparts decisiveness and self-control, and is said to rule over death, self-development, and divination. He can reconcile friendships, reveal secrets both past and future, discover hidden treasures, and influence decisions.

Ipos rules over ice and snow. He can unbind entities from one's aura and protect or strengthen the subtle body against psychic attack. He specializes in the use and consecration of black mirrors and crystal balls. He also uses strength magic.

He could keep death masks of those he killed on his body who displayed consciousness. He had voluntary control over his tail, able to extend and wield it with extreme precision. This included the ability to use it to cut the upper portion of his own head off, and still remain alive and able to speak by gurgling in the pool of fluid that remained.


Fall from Heaven

Long long ago in a dimension far far away, Ipos was once one of the angels who joined the Archangel Lucifer in his rebellion during the War in Heaven, and was cast down to Hell alongside all other rebel-angels. He was present at Pandemonium during Lucifer's Rally, officially declaring himself as an enemy of God forever.

Due to her loyalty, she became an Earl-Prince amongst the Goetia; 72 elite demons who control various regions and aspects of Hell. She then proclaimed herself the "Lord of Fools" and took up the moniker of "Court Jester" in Hell.

Some believe that Ipos made this proclamation due to her mental instability, and most blow her off as a mere "Fool" or "buffoon", but in Ipos' case looks can and are quite deceiving indeed; she is far more than a mere harlequin (or rather Hellequin).

Myths and Legends

Original text from the Ars Goetia

“The Twenty-second Spirit is lpos. He is an Earl, and a Mighty Prince, and appeareth in the form of an Angel with a Lion’s Head, and a Goose’s Foot, and Hare’s Tail. He knoweth all things Past, Present, and to Come. He maketh men witty and bold. He governeth 36 Legions of Spirits. His Seal is this, which thou shalt wear, etc,.”

From Tikaboo

“He is an Earl, and a Mighty Prince, and appeareth in the form of an Angel with a Lion’s Head, and a Goose’s Foot, and Hare’s Tail. He knoweth all things Past, Present, and to Come. He maketh men witty and bold. He governeth 36 Legions of Spirits.”

From the Luciferian Goetia by Michael Ford

“Ipos is a spirit of divination and self-development, assisting and inspiring communication and moral concepts of communication of the era of which one lives. As Ipos makes men witty and bold, they have a confidence boost through inspiration and self-reliance.”

From the Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly

“Some texts say Ipos is an Earl and can use those correspondences (Red/Mars/Iron etc) as well. Invoke Ipos for courage or to be more decisive. Ipos can also be invoked to sort out confusion or to bring your emotions under control.”


Some who have summoned Ipos have stated that he is the same entity as the Egyptian god Anubis. Anubis is said to be nearly ten feet tall and muscular with the head of a jackal. In this form he acts as a protector and guide for souls of the deceased.




  • Triangles are sacred to him.