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Jinnestan is the realm of Iblis where the devils (Shayāṭīn) who were once djinns lived after they were banished from earth when the declared their loyalty toward Shaitan.
Carl Black.

Jinnestan is one of the twin-sectors of Hell in Islam, along with Jahannam.


It is supposed realm of the Djinn who collaborate with the other demons of Hell. This realm is divided into two parts, the Desert of Monsters (Badiat Coldare) and the Desert of Demons (Badiatealgim). Jinnestan's capital city is known as Schadou Kiam, where Iblis, the king of the djinn, supposedly rules over.



  • Iblis - King in Jinnestan
  • Astaroth - Prince of Jinnestan
  • Belial - Prince of Jinnestan
  • Asmoday - Prince of Jinnestan
  • Vassago - Prince of Jinnestan
  • Abaddon - Angel of Destruction
  • Forneus - Marquis
  • Ronove - Marquis
  • Valac - High President
  • Aamon - Marquis, servant of Astaroth
  • Barbatos - Duke, servant of Astaroth
  • Rashaverak - Lesser King, servant of Astaroth
  • Pruflas - Duke, servant of Astaroth
  • Awar - Son of Iblis
  • Dasim - Son of Iblis
  • Zalambur - Son of Iblis
  • Sut - Son of Iblis
  • Tir - Son of Iblis