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Ordinary people, they operate within a certain set of parameters, right? Rules. Limits. Then there's blokes like me, yeah? We cheat.
John Constantine

John Constantine is a working-class magician, occult detective and a golden-tongued con man. It is revealed that John is, in reality, the vessel of Archangel Gabriel, ironically his rival.


Although John very much enjoys his privacy, he is very well known among those who are tasked with hunting and defeating supernatural forces, especially the Hellsing Organization, the Devil May Cry agency, and the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. His reputation even goes beyond that to where many supernatural and mythological beings like demons, angels, gods, or Eldritch entities are also aware of him making him rather infamous and on par with someone like Dante and Hellboy, he is even good friends and friendly rivals with Carl Black.

Constantine is also referred to as "The Constant One" because of his whole family tree being somewhat connected to the occult. Many of his ancestors are sorcerers from different eras of history, and have taken part in many known historical events.


John Constantine is a very handsome and attractive one, with blond hair and green eyes. He is desired and coveted by many women and even angels and demons due to his appearance. His attire is usually a white dress shirt with a red tie and blue pants, with his most notable outfit being his overcoat.


John is well-known for his scathing wit, endless cynicism, ruthless cunning and constant chain smoking. A roguish counterculture anti-hero, Constantine is also a strident humanist driven by a heartfelt desire to defend mankind from the forces of evil.

Constantine is also shown to be someone with a wide and international circle of contacts and allies, and is adept at making friends. At the same time, his close friends inevitably suffer or are outright killed simply by being in his life; this has left a severe mark on him.

Although a compassionate humanist who struggles to overcome the influence of both Heaven and Hell over humanity, and despite his occasional forays into heroism, Constantine is a foul-mouthed, disillusioned, British cynic who pursues a life of sorcery and danger. His motivation has been attributed to an adrenaline addiction that only the strange and mysterious can sate. He also seems to be something of a "Weirdness Magnet", a term which many individuals have used, even ones like Dante himself who is a renowned devil hunter in both the mortal and demon world.

Powers and Abilities

Constantine also has a reputation as being one of the most powerful sorcerers in the world. Despite this, Constantine rarely uses magic, instead choosing to use his wits to trick his opponents.


Fascinated by the occult from a young age, John threw himself into learning magic to escape his unhappy family life. Around this time John began following occult circles around London, and eventually became the magic using, demon tricking con artist he is today.

Myths and Legends


The Creator's essence pervades the night's air, and even for a jaded git like me.
John Constantine.
I like your outfit. Good to see that there are still people with good taste.
Constantine seeing Castiel's overcoat.
My talent's for lying. For sticking the knife in when people least expect it. Then walking away with a smile and a wave before they even realize they're bleeding.
John Constantine
God is just a kid with an ant farm, lady, he is not planning anything.
John Constantine



  • John Constantine is bisexual, throughout his life he has been involved with women and sometimes men.