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Jupiter is like Earth's big brother, after all, it protects our planet with its gravity, always preventing asteroids or meteorites capable of ending life on Earth from changing their collision course with us. Jupiter also often needs to tank these asteroids.
Reagan Collins.

Jupiter, also known as the Largest in the Solar System, is the fifth planet in the solar system, formed of gas. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and in some ways it is the solar system's "baseball bat", deflecting asteroids and meteors that could collide with planet Earth.



Jupiter is a gas planet, that is, it has no rocky surface like Earth. It is over 100,000 kilometers in diameter and can fit over 1,000 Earth planets inside the gas planet. Jupiter has a gigantic reddish spot that is a colossal storm the size of Earth.

Myths and Legends

Its name was in honor of the Roman god Jupiter, also known as Zeus in Greek myths.