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Michael! God! Help meeee! Gooooood! Help meeeee! Please! Help me!
A demon suffering in the Lake of Fire.

The Lake of Fire is a lake of fire and brimstone that is a symbolism of absolute destruction and appears at the very depths of the Abyss created by God to punish all evil in Creation.


This Lake is a prison where most demons, the Anti-Christ, the False Prophets along those with the Mark of the Beast and Hell will be cast into at the end of days to be suffer terrible anguish for rest of their existence.

Lucifer is said to be able to escape his fate if he gives up his evil ways and spends more time with his son Akiel.


It is often confused with Hell but is actually a different concept: Hell itself will be cast into the Lake of Fire alongside all its demons and sinners, according to the original prophecy of the Bible. Unlike Hell, the Lake of Fire is considered God's absolute final punishment and will effectively destroy all evil from the mortal world, allowing the Kingdom of Heaven to rule forever.


Due to some events revolving the Old Ones, God had moved the hellish, fiery lake into the depths of Hell even below Treachery.

Myths and Legends

The Lake of Fire has caused controversy among some who believe that an act of absolute destruction goes against God's supposed "all-benevolent" nature and thus the concept of the Lake of Fire is sometimes dismissed as a medieval concept or a tool used by religion to scaremonger people in "acceptable" behavior.

The controversy has also opened new sects and new notions such as universalism (which dismisses both Hell and the Lake of Fire, believing God shall spare ALL beings) or its polar opposite, Maltheism (which depicts God as malevolent, a view considered heretical by orthodox faith).

Alternatively the Lake of Fire is viewed as the complete destruction of the soul, rather than endless punishment - this is a view taken by most modern theologians and preachers (save the infamous "Hellfire" preachers, who focus much greater on Damnation).

Notable beings condemned to the Lake of Fire


Don't let its name and look frighten you, that's place is nothing more than a bloody prison. No matter how much God tried to be all Old Testament, all of us know our old man is too good to actually wanting harm on anyone, especially his favorite.



  • According to Belphegor, compared to other punishments and torments in hell, being sealed within the lake of fire for eternity is very tamed in comparison, to the point where Satan himself has built a personal villa nearby to "get use to [his] future home".
    • However, this could be a lie as Belphegor is known being very not honest, even among his kind.