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Wherever you go, master, I will go with you. I accompanied you in Heaven, and I accompanied you in Hell, and I will continue to accompany you.
Leviathan to Lucifer.

The Leviathan is a fallen Seraphim who accompanied Lucifer in his rebellion alongside the other trains of angels, having become one of the seven Princes of Hell. He embodies envy and is considered one of the Devil's greatest sycophants.


Flumenel was a Seraphim created by God who was a disciple of Uriel, colleague of Gabriel and sycophant of Helel. After his fall, Leviathan became a demon of darkness and chaos and a leader of Hell mentioned in the Book of Enoch. Leviathan is one of Lucifer's arms and one of the "faces of the Devil" in Christianity. He is also the representation of sin, envy.

Leviathan is a tamer of beasts, a beast collector and an excellent strategist, for his teacher was Uriel, the angel of wisdom. Leviathan has the power to summon hellish whales that are natural inhabitants of Hell and use them in battle. Due to this summoning ability and being an excellent stragist, Levi was chosen to be the guardian of Hellmouth, that he tamed and became one of his monsters that he uses in battle.

After falling, Flumenel chose to name himself Leviathan, in honor of one of the primordial beasts he had a great connection with which was Livyatan (aka The Leviathan in Judaism).


Leviathan appears as a huge sea beast, a very powerful species of sea serpent-dragon. This form is so colossal that it is said to be capable of frightening the bravest of men and is capable of swallowing fishing boats and even ships. Its scales are several small "teeth" throughout its body similar to a shark's body, only as tough as graphene.

In his human form, Leviathan appears as a handsome young man in his late teens, with long dark hair with shades of blue-green at the tips, with beautiful purple iris. Although the appearance is similar to a human, it has fish gills on its neck and its ears are pointed. It also has small, shark-like teeth that are hidden under a thin layer of skin in its mouth. He appears in clothes with greenish colors like the sea, usually a kind of long sleeveless dress with an opening on the side exposing the legs a little. He usually wears nothing on his feet, always walking barefoot. Despite the beautiful appearance, he is about 1.63 meters tall.

When in his battle form, Leviathan spreads his wings, totaling eight wings in total, showing that Leviathan is above the Seraphim who have six wings, but still below the True Archangels who have twelve wings (Lucifer and God's Avatars have fourteen wings). Leviathan clads himself in armor made from the scales of a primordial monster, tougher than diamond and adamant. The armor covers his entire body, with the exception of his head.


Leviathan has shown himself to be a rather jaded, yet dutiful person. He obeys the command of his leader without objection. Leviathan has adored Lucifer ever since he was young. Like his name suggests, he is a very jealous person, with Lucifer often being the target; though, it should be noted that Leviathan's jealousy isn't limited only to the fallen angel.

Leviathan possesses a natural curiosity of the world, often studying all he can about the biology of other beings. Lucifer is the only one that Leviathan actually holds loyalty towards. Regarding Lucifer, Leviathan always saw him as his master and his God, something that Lucifer always found quite annoying so much flattery. After being saved by Leviathan, Lucifer ended up developing more admiration and respect for his subordinate, now seeing him more as a friend than a subordinate. However, this does not mean that Lucifer forgot about his brothers, after fleeing the multiverse alpha, Lucifer and Leviathan began to devise their plan to release all demons from the lake of fire.

Leviathan suffers from a bit of a personality disorder, as he has a hard time finding his true self; he doesn't know if it's Leviathan the demons of the seas and oceans; Lucifer's loyal servant; the demon of envy or just another weak angel who got the privilege of being a prince of hell. Levi was one of the few people to make Lucifer show love after his fall, with Lucifer stating to Flumenel that it doesn't matter which "persona" Leviathan chooses to be, he is always his beloved little brother. This made Leviathan also begin to see Lucifer in a different light, seeing him as more than a master, but his brother and partner.

Leviathan in the past also had a relationship with the primordial monster Livyatan when Flumenel was still an angel of light. Flumenel was a beast tamer and used his pandimensional portals to summon primordial monsters. Flumenel ended up having a relationship with Livyatan when she assumed humanoid form, and both had a loving relationship for millennia.

However, this is still merely theory. Theoretically, another shard could have entered Lucifer, but a female Livyatan fragment, connecting both Lucifer and Leviathan to Therion, explaining Leviathan's love for Lucifer and why Lucifer was chosen by Ayin to be her vessel, and why does Lucifer have such strong connections with Trihexa, Divus, and Babalon.

Powers and Abilities[]

As the Grand Admiral of Hell, Leviathan is a mighty Demon Lord that controls the power of water- and and can command other water-dwelling creatures as familiars, with the most common of such usually being giant flying whales and snails. However despite his powers during the War in Heaven he was unable to defeat the archangel Uriel who vaporized his waters and knocking him out of the battle.

  • Hellwater: Leviathan can create tsunamis and create needles of water and skewer opponents.
  • Hellfire Breath: Leviathan can shoot hellfire from his mouth and can focus the fire so that it becomes like a laser beam that can incinerate the target.
    • Omnidirectional Hellfire: Leviathan can shoot explosive fireballs in any direction.
    • Radiant Hellfire: Leviathan can manifest hellfire all over his body and incinerate his surroundings and targets at once.
  • Invincibility: Leviathan is one of the most powerful demons in Hell, personifying Envy which is one of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Aquatic Life Manipulation: As the demonic ruler of the seas, Leviathan possess unlimited control over the oceans and all who dwell within.
  • Flight: He has the power to fly out of the infernal waters for an unlimited time and will not get tired.
  • Chaos Manipulation: Leviathan is often describe as the embodiment of chaos.
  • Dimensional Travel: A Leviathan's ability that allows him to travel across universes and multiverses. This ability is common in angels, but Leviathan managed to improve his ability by being able to travel between multiverses. Another angel who can travel through multiverses is Saint Gabriel, the Messenger. The difference is that the portal that Gabriel can create to travel has the diameter of millions of galaxies and has hundreds of millions of light-years, while the portal of Leviathan is one meter in diameter, being only possible to pass one humanoid at a time. This shows that despite being a powerful Prince of Hell, Levi is still a far cry from the strongest True Archangels.
  • Primordial Monster Summon: With this ability, Leviathan uses his summoning art to summon the primordial monsters that were born from Therion. He can summon Livyatan and Behemoth, who can also donate their powers to Leviathan. However, Levi generally dislikes using this ability because it drains a lot of his powers as summoning a Primordial Monster takes a lot of power. Not only that but a lot of the beasts he can summon work for God, so they're unlikely to server Leviathan. This ability makes many gods and even God's avatars fear a confrontation with Leviathan when he is accompanied by Lucifer, because if he invokes any primordial or primeval monster, even if it is Trihexa or Babalon, even Yahweh would have big problems when having to face his natural predators. The weakness of this ability is that it takes time to use, which makes it useless in a speed match.



Before the War in Heaven, Leviathan was a seraph who served as Uriel's second in command. Enraged that she would often take his accomplishments for herself, he joined Lucifer’s side only to be defeated by his former master. He was then cast out of Heaven into Hell, where his form would be corrupted into that of a terrifying sea serpent.


As the weakest prince of Hell, Leviathan played the role of guiding the demonic hosts to Heaven through hyperspace during the Apocalypse, as the demonic sea prince knew both the physical oceans and the metaphysical dimensional oceans. However, when the armies of Hell fought the heavenly host, Leviathan ended up being left behind during the final battle which made him escape Hell's defeat as Satan and the Beasts of Revelation were defeated by Jesus Christ while Lucifer was personally defeated by Michael for the last time.

Leviathan remained hidden in a distant universe while its brothers and sisters were cast into the Lake of Burning Fire. After spending a few years, Leviathan managed to infiltrate Hell again, now dominated by angels who once again watched Lucifer's Cage, and using his intelligence and cunning, managed to persuade some of the guards to give him the keys to the prison of the Morning Star.

When Leviathan personally opened Lucifer's cage, the weaken Morning Star still easily decimate the guards with a snap of his fingers, and together with Leviathan, fled from Hell. As Leviathan was a master at traveling through the spiritual cosmic oceans, he is able to open a portal that would give access to another multiverse for him and Lucifer to escape. After that, of the trillions imprisoned in Hell, only two remained free, now escaping to another multiverse.

Myths and Legends[]

Within most Christian contexts, Leviathan is a demonic figure.


Flumenel is an original name created by Had3s1235 who joined two words that are Flumen (river in Latin) and El (God in Hebrew). Leviathan's original name is then Flumenel, the River of God.


Leviathan's the demon of water, said to be one of the oldest Princes of Hell and is the only one that was born a monster. Occult legend said he was born a twin, but grew envious of her and devoured her alive, earning him the ire of God and was damned to Hell because of that.
Carl Black.
You damn god, daring to step foot in the what is mine. The sea, from the shallow top to the depths below are mine. All mine. Not yours, MINE!
Leviathan to Poseidon.
Keeping my scales clean is a daily affair.
I just love these waters! I think I'll make them my own!
People of Heaven and Earth, return to the sea... Fierce Inverse Storm! Gigantic Typhon!



  • Leviathan took his name from the Primordial Beast, Livyatan.
  • He is known to eat at least one whale a day.
  • His sigil is a spiky, viscous-looking trident.
  • Leviathan is very rarely summoned. He's one of the least summoned demons, as those who invoked him must never have any past dealing with other entities or intention to invoke anyone or anything else but him, lest they accidentally provoke his envy-induced wrath.
  • Lucifer's price for capture in the multiverse is 10 million universes while Leviathan's is 8 million universes.