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Lilim. Nothing special or particularly note-worthy about them other than the fact they're Lilith's daughters. They are often the top-tier succubi, leading their own covens, and there is often an asmodai who acts as their male counterpart. And yes, their carpet do match their drapes, don't ask me why I know.
Carl Black.

The Lilim, also known as Lilin, are special succubi demons that are said to be children of Lilith alone, according to Jewish folklore and Kabbalistic teachings. A second horde of the Lilim were children of Lilith and her partners.


The Lilim, or Lilin, are dangerous demons similar to succubi that reside in Hell. The Lilim were conceived through Lilith alone, though some of them came from the union of herself and Samael.

The Lilim were conceived through Lilith alone (though some of them came from the union of herself and the angel of death Samael, the Venom of God). They are dangerous creatures that came from Hell and are similar to succubi. Men feared the Lilim for this reason and women also feared the Lilim because it is believed that they kidnap children like their mother Lilith.


Their looks and personalities all vary depending on the individual, but all of the Lilim have a lustful personality and their heads are full of thoughts of sex, as becoming of a succubus. When Lucifer was asked about Lilith and Samael's union, he said that he was wondering that the result of the union would be a race of beings that obeyed Lilith without question and carried out her will.


While their looks all vary depending on the individual, all Lilim are amazingly beautiful and strongly resemble their mother Lilith. They are said to able to seduce anyone who is caught in their gaze.

Powers and Abilities

They have the greatest power of all succubi, but even if they don’t use their power for charming their targets, both men and women would become their prisoner after only catching a glimpse of their visage. Even without using words of temptation, people are aroused at the sight of them and consumed by desire. If they tempt a man or woman, even without magic, there is no element of force even necessary.



Lilith refused to provide any pleasure towards her mate Adam, the first human being, due to the fact that him being on top of her boasted a sense of superiority for the male instead of the female. Lilith was then kicked out of Eden for this. Senoy, Sansenoy and Semangelof were sent by God to retrieve her but she refused, instead proclaiming that her children would not be born of Adam as they would be weak but instead would bring forth children by her womb alone who all will overshadow Adam's sons and daughters. The three angels responded by having one hundred of those children slain each day.

Lucifer saw this as an opportunity to bring forth one of his infamous acts. He persuaded Tanin'iver, who overheard this conversation and was conforming to Lilith's desires, had him led her to the location of the angel Samael after he had been driven out of the Mountain of God for refusing to bow down to humanity. While Samael was initially hostile, Lilith was able to persuade him by having him provide her with the pleasure that Adam could not, and prove that the race of angels are far greater than that of a humans and are capable of giving more than they. Samael could see that these race of beings from their union could prove beneficial in fighting against the sons and daughters of Adam as they would possess attributes superior to that of mere flesh.

Under Lucifer's influence, Samael obliged to Lilith's offering, and made love to Lilith in a cave by the shore of the Red Sea, to which she then later gave birth to the Lilim. When God knew of this, He had the three angels he used before to destroy all her children as they warned her they would, which greatly angered Lilith, vowing to kill any child that was conceived through the union under the law of marriage. The slaughter of her children had Lilith partake in Samael and Lucifer's mission to instigate the Fall of Man where Lilith would go after Eve herself as she could not harm Adam due to them being equal in creation and power.

Daughters of Lilith

Lilith and Samael were later condemned to the Pit, which was the part of Hell after Lucifer and his followers fell from grace and be punished for their crimes. Despite being destroyed the Lilim were conceived yet again and born in the pits of Hell, which twisted their physical appearance and depravity. A second horde of Lilim were also conceived by Lilith when she mated with Asmodeus, one of the seven kings of Hell. The Lilim would be sent out unto the Earth to snatch and devour newborn children, inflicting Lilith's curse unto pregnant mothers which afflicts their unborn children with disabilities and short-life spans. However, they could not enter households which held the invoked names of Senoy, Sansenoy and Semangelof as they would descend from the heavens and slay them.

The Lilim had a part to play in the attempted killing of an infant Jesus as he laid within his crib. As the infant messiah lay sleeping in his crib, Tanin'iver shrouded the barn of where he laid in darkness with the only known light source being Jesus himself whose radiance disturbed the beast and Lilith. Tanin'iver would compress the light of Jesus enough to have the Lilim get close and dismember his body before feeding it to Lilith. However, the Lilim were intercepted by Senoy, Sansenoy and Semangelof, quickly slaying them with Lilith personally battling Lailah over Jesus and Maera with Tanin'iver. While the blind serpent fights the hound fiercely, he could not defeat him. Most of the Lilim were slain or cast out by the angels after the defeat of Tanin'iver and Lilith by the combined might of Maera and Lailah respectively.

Myths and Legends

A demon in female form from Judeo-Christian lore. Said to tempt sleeping men and attack infants. Daughters of the demoness Lilith who tempted Adam; like their mother, they drain men of their essence.
The Demonic Compendium.

Lilith was believed to be the sexual, pleasurable manifestation of the Goddess, the prime deity of the prevailing religion which ancient Judaism sought to destroy. Such folklore said Lilith had control of life or death over any child produced by any sexual union not prescribed by Jewish law including husband and wife in candle light, the woman completely naked, or at a time forbidden by the law.




  • They were often compared to the Empusa of ancient Greece as well as the Lamia.
  • Lilin in Mesopotamian demonology, were hostile night spirits that attacked men who had less power than gods but were powerful in their own right.
  • Lilim had also became the collective name given to the daughters of a female Demon Lord and her consort.