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Me? Satan's henchwoman? Ha! You truly make me laugh with your sense of humor, boy. Let me make it clear for you brats once and for all, I am a servant to nobody. I am a queen of my own right, my authority rivals that of any goddess, my name fills hearts with fear and terror every time it is whispered. Now, how do you humans say it again? Oh right: I am woman, hear me roar.

Lilith was the first wife of Adam who left the Garden of Eden and became the mother of demons and the supreme empress of Hell.


Lilith is a nocturnal Archdemon and the proclaimed mother of all demons in Hell. She has also been called the Daughter of Wrath, as she sometimes treated as the daughter of Satan. She is the only female demon to reach the rank of an empress that is nearly equal to Lucifer and Satan in power and authority.

Lilith possesses a seductive, manipulative nature as shown when for decades, she had pretended to be a loyal advisor for the goddess Ishtar which gave her the title of the Second Hand of Ishtar.

After Lilith became the wife of Lucifer, Lilith becomes a co-leader of all demons and fallen angels in all of Hell. Being the mother of all demons, it is her that gave birth to almost (if not) all the demons and devils that spawn many eons ago. She can rule the Stygian Council in Lucifer's steed or whenever he or Satan is not present.

She is the mother of Sebastian Morgenstern, and resurrects him when he is killed by Jace Herondale. She was also known as the Black Samurai and assisted in the creation of the Ring of Gaea where she ruled for the sometime with the code of chaos, a code where the strong survive and the weak die.

She is also credited as the creator of the Turok-Han, an ancient species of vampire, and is thus regarded as the Mother of Vampires.


Lilith is an impeccably beautiful and well-endowed woman, described as the walking definition of feminine beauty alongside Eve herself. In contrast to Eve who has ginger hair, Lilith originally had platinum blonde hair, fair skin, bright blue eyes, and looked to be more slender but curvaceous nonetheless. She was also shown to be rather taller than Eve, standing roughly around six feet and three inches in height.

After being driven out of the Garden of Eden and becoming a demon, Lilith gained the ability to shift her feminine form from completely human to a demonic monster. Her more humanoid forms usually has her red eyes, black curved horns and 12 dark angel and devil wings. Lilith's hair darkened considerably, having a blackish red coloration with her skin having a light brown pigmentation. Her eyes, which were once sky blue, became a dark yellow. Her hair is also described as being the "nighttime sky carefully woven on her head" which is a nod to her shapeshifting into an owl, a nocturnal animal and her eventually becoming a demon of the night. Her sclera are red with yellow irises and black pupils.


In the beginning, Lilith was independent, gentle, amicable, but brash and proud, the latter of which resulted in her rejection of Adam's advances, especially when he would attempt to lay atop of her during sexual intercourse. Lilith's view of this was that despite being crafted from the same primordial material as Adam, she is regarded as being beneath Adam and only second to him which frustrated her. She proclaimed that if she was equal to Adam then she would be treated as equal. Although, this could indicate some form of insecurity from Lilith, implying that she is not too fond of being looked down on.

Lilith's early fall from grace even prompted her to join the side of the rebel angels during the impending War in Heaven. And it was from there she met Samael who, despite having contrasting ideologies, possessed a similar frustration and sense of betrayal; in Lilith's case the angels that would cater to her and Adam, would instead drive her out of the garden for her rebellious nature and more so when she realized that God would only listen to Adam instead of her thereby thinking that God shares the view of Lilith being second fiddle. This also allowed the consequence in which Lilith always refuses to be the submissive one in any relationship (with the exception of Lucifer and Samael) and instead shall always be the dominated one.

After her banishment from Heaven and eloping with Samael, Lilith became quite deceptive, cunning, and calculating to where she even, in an alternative event, managed to manipulate her sister, Eve, into finding answers from the Tree of Knowledge to initiate the Fall of Man. She even managed to manipulate Abaddon, one of Heaven's most devout enforcers, into betraying his comrades and becoming the Destroyer. Her treatment and abandonment in Heaven made her grow spiteful and vengeful towards the divine, which resulted in her creating the first monsters on Earth that would terrorize the children of Adam and Eve for centuries to come, and her demonic children would drive mankind down into a spiral of chaos, corruption, and sin, turning them away from the light of God. She is also highly opportunistic, ever watchful of the next opportunity to gain power through someone else.

Lilith can feel jealousy which is shown when Lucifer fell in love with the Arcutha Tarica and had temporary left Hell fully in Satan's control and went to Earth for their 'honeymoon'. Lilith had followed them and tried (and failed) to sabotage their relationship requiring Satan to force his hand and stop her from continuing.

Lilith is highly devoted to her loved ones. Any move against them earns her ire and wrath. Lilith does have a degree of sadistic tendency. She likes to toy with her opponents in battle to the point where their rage consumes them. She only deals the killing blow when they realize that they cannot defeat her in combat. Other times, she finishes her battle as quickly as she possibly can.

While Lilith does care and love her children she will fiercely discipline them if they step out of line or show weakness, example is her subjecting the Lilim through brutal and gruesome punishments to "help" them grow, and did not even intervene when Lucifer destroyed one of their children, despite the fact that Lilith herself spoiled that child in their youth, but this was mostly due to the fact that Lilith was aware of her child's hand in assisting Mundus in imprisoning Lucifer within his tomb.

Surprisingly, and contrary to popular belief, Lilith deeply cares for Eve despite their backgrounds. Even though Lilith instigated the temptation to have her eat the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, she has displayed pity and anger towards Adam's treatment of Eve before and after their banishment from the Garden of Eden. While she was disguised as an owl in the Garden, Lilith and Eve would have several conversations with one another regarding Adam and his overbearing nature on Eve, eventually reaching to a mutual respect and liking to one another especially since Lilith saw that Eve craved for knowledge to sate her curiosity. Lilith watched over Eve during her days on Earth, and this same affection also extends to her other sisters such as Naamah, Agrat, and Eisheth.

Regardless, Lilith remains to be one of the more sadistically malicious demons. This is especially prominent in her habit of devouring human infants and gleefully causing miscarriages to pregnant women. She is quite fond of toying with her prey, especially when they are defenseless and vulnerable, evident in when she took part of Vergil torment during his time in Hell with Vergil even outright admitting that Lilith was one of the more highly unpleasant ones that took turns in torturing him. Lilith is also quite promiscuous, as she more often than not had sexual relations with many powerful demons, gods, and even several angels. While the concept of love is foreign to her and has many partners, she does have a preference to who is with such as Lucifer, Samael, and Asmodeus though to a lesser degree regarding the latter. She is also something of an exhibitionist, being shameless when she engages in an orgy consisting of Satanic witches (male and female) and demons. She is also highly opportunistic, ever watchful of the next opportunity to gain power through someone else. She is shown to respect cunning, even at her expense, and has stated that she is, above all else, attracted to power.

As a demon of lust, she revels in passion, with as many people as possible, and usually doesn't care who knows it. She is also something of an exhibitionist, being shameless when she engages in an orgy consisting of Satanic witches (male and female) and demons. She has no restraint in passion and will go to either gender for sexual relief. This is shown with her sexual-only relationship with Hera, the Greek Queen of the Gods, where she is dominating while Hera is submissive. However, Lilith would not just have sex with just anyone and will only choose people she believes are worthy to be with her.

Powers and Abilities

As the Supreme Empress of Hell, Lilith is stated to be one of the most powerful Archdemons and is considered queen among them. She is powerful enough to rival some of the members of the Princes of Hell in power. She is far more powerful than any other queen of the underworld, with the exception of Izanami and Nyx. However, despite her seemingly frightening disposition as the queen of the demons, she is not powerful enough to rival and fight some of the greatest True Archangels, like a fully powered Gabriel which gave her a one-sided beatdown so great that it left her at his mercy.

  • Archdemon Physiology: Being the supreme empress of all demons, she is already considered a Demon Lord of the highest caliber or possibly superior than that. She possess innumerable and incredible supernatural powers that are beyond the comprehension of that of lesser demonic beings and an unchallenged dominion over a large part of Hell. On top of her gargantuan personal power, she usually rule over their hellish kingdom and its legions of unholy horrors if Lucifer or Satan is not present, making her some of the most dangerous threats to civilized communities and the world at large.
  • Supernatural Strength & Power: Lilith possess incredible amount of strength and power, capable of holding all of dominions and legions of demons (not just in the Abrahamic pantheon but also on the other pantheons like Greco-Roman, Norse, Chinese, Hindu, Shinto, and many others). She is capable of dealing with threats that can harm her rule, and she is also more powerful than even the demon gods, like Argoxas and Mundus. However, as powerful as she can be, there are beings that can exceed her power, like Satan and Lucifer.
  • Supernatural Reproduction: Lilith can supernaturally procreate other entities; reproducing any common to completely unique beings with supernatural properties and powers that originated from her, having offspring brought forth by using supernatural methods or by natural reproduction with a partner. It is from her that almost all of the new demons including the succubi, incubi, demonic beasts, and other malevolent entities came from, as she is know as the "Mother of all Demons".
    • Asexual Reproduction: She has the power that can reproduce their species without the requirement of a partner or mate. She give birth to countless new born demons, and many other demonic monsters without making sex with any male that she have affairs of. It is due to this that the 72 clans of Ars Goetia came from along with their countless millions of demon soldiers and servants.
  • Master Magician & Sorceress: Lilith possesses an incredible and frightening amount of skills in magic, ancient spells, rituals, and deadly black arts. She is one of the demons on a noble rank, that can induce a powerful spell that can imprison a strong beings. She is feared among the netherworld that can use black arts on a high degree. Being one of the high ranking demons that can use a unique form of magic, that are exclusive only to lords of hell. Her sorcery however doesn't work on beings that surpass her power.
  • Lust Inducement: Like all other Succubi, Lilith can induce lust into others, including the lust for Lilith or lust for another person. Effects will vary depending on Lilith's skill and power: Those subjected to this ability may develop a strong infatuation for somebody but will remain in control of herself, or they may feel so much lust for somebody that they have an intense desire to take that person as her own, becoming completely dominant and possessive over them which can lead to a far worse situation such as rape or even murder, becoming a dark and evil vice.
  • Indomitable Lust: Due to being one of the Grand Succubi, Lilith possesses an unnaturally strong lust; a dark emotion that revolves around an untamed hunger and twisted libidos that longs or forces a sinful form sexuality, and a deep thirst that can never be filled that can act as an unending source of power for her abilities, Lilith can develop a strong infatuation for others that can have intense desires that can lead to being possessive over them which can lead to a far worse situation.
    • Lust Empowerment: Like all other Succubi, Lilith becomes stronger, faster, more durable, etc. by lust of oneself and others, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing the existing powers.
    • Indomitable Sexuality: Due to being one of the Grand Succubi, Lilith possesses an unnaturally strong and powerful sexuality that's innately imprinted in all of Lilith's aspects; biological, physical, mental, natural, emotional, social, spiritual, etc., Giving her a life full of sexual pleasure and ecstasy that can transcend her inexhaustible libido and unyielding romance to potentially any supernatural levels by any and most effective ways possible to their innate sexual nature. She can even thrive and be empowered through sheer sexuality alone that her very sexuality possesses incredible sexual power/abilities and very potent sexual energy that can act as a source of unending power they can use for her own, manifesting itself through Lilith's libidinous desires and sexual organs gaining powerful abilities can have a attractive effect even towards others.
    • Sexual Inducement: Like all other Succubi, Lilith can induce sexual arousal in others to make them lustful and crave sexual interaction. This power may work with both genders, their sexual interest and people of any age.



Lilith was the first wife of Adam, created by God to be Adam's wife before Eve. At some point in time, while she strolled the primeval plains, Lilith met with the True Archangel Helel and the two had a rather amicable conversation, shortly after the Morning Star was admonished by the Lord. During the conversation, Lucifer managed to persuade Lilith into siding with him as well. He convinced her that since Lilith had been created from clay the same as Adam she is equal to him and therefore should not be under him, she would be no puppet bound to any string. Lilith was enlightened by the Morning Star's words.

Immediately upon returning, Lilith and Adam began to bicker as she refused to lay at the bottom while Adam was on top during intercourse only for Adam to counter her by saying that he will only be on top since he is superior, but Lilith rebutted him by saying that they were both made equal with their argument going back and forth. Lilith basically demanded equality from Adam and, failing to acquire it, exclaimed God's "Ineffable Name" and left him. Distraught, Lilith completely left the Garden of Eden, sulking in anger, misery and abandonment.

After leaving the garden, she attempted to create her own garden and became the consort of many different demons and with her unions with them, she birthed many demonic beings.

Adam in return complained to God that his wife had deserted him. God sent three angels to take Lilith back to Eden, who found her in the Red Sea. They threatened her with the loss of 100 of her children every day unless she returned to Adam. She refused and was punished by having all of her children slain. Lilith took revenge by launching a reign of terror against women in childbirth, newborn infants, particularly males, and men who slept alone. She was forced, however, to swear to the three angels that whenever she saw their names or images on an amulet, she would leave infants and mothers alone.

Because of her refusing to return to Adam, one hundred of Lilith's children would be slain every day by the three angels. This prompted in Lilith's total abandonment of God and her hatred towards the divine along with Adam being the favored creation. When Lilith fully became a demon, her demonic form and lust cause the creation of the succubi Agrat Bat Mahlat, Naamah and Eisheth Zenunim who all became her sisters and servant along with the unrelated Mahalat.

At some point, Lilith met and befriended an abyssal creature known as Tanin'iver who became her steed. Tanin'iver then led Lilith to came across the archangel Samael, who was cast out from the mountain of God due to his misanthropic views on humanity. While he was initially hostile towards Lilith due to the fact that she was human, she stated that her supposed one purpose in existence to be subservient to Adam is nothing but a farce, a blindfold to keep her from finding and achieving a higher goal. She wanted no part in humanity's affairs within the oncoming centuries and instead would rather be above them than below them, further going on to say that she shares Samael's view when it comes to the destructive nature of what humans will bring with no concept of equality between them in their societies. This convinced Samael to have trust in her, and more so when she tended to his injured state.

Tempting Her Sister

In one account, it is said that Lilith was the one who tempted Eve to eat the Forbidden Fruit as to exacted her revenge on Adam. Lilith continued staying in the Red Sea alongside Tanin'iver until she saw Lucifer (or Satan) and Samael approaching her as they were on their way to the Garden of Eden. Lilith and her steed joined the two fallen angels on their quest to strike back at God and to pay back her debt to Lucifer for freeing her from Adam's presence. The four would only make their move at the hour the angels go up to worship God.

The four saw the angel Gadreel guarding the gates of Eden. Lucifer then conjured several stars, threw them across Gadreel's line of view and commanded them to dash around him like hyperactive fireflies, briefly disorienting the angel. Following this, Lilith commanded Tanin'iver to lunge towards Gadreel and subdue the angel by the throat. This gave Samael and Lilith the opportunity to sneak into the Garden of Eden undetected prompting Lucifer to leave and return to Hell. Tanin'iver was wounded by Gadreel during the scuffle who drove the beast away.

Inside the Garden, Lilith at first opted to confront Adam, but due to Adam being her equal as both she and Adam were created from the same primal matter that God used to create them she could not harm him. As a result, she set her sights upon Eve herself seeing that Eve was instead made from Adam's own rib and was thus weak-willed due to being subservient to Adam.

Lilith then took the form of an owl, and would whisper words of power, doubt, independence, and self-reflection into Eve's dreams as she was perched atop of a tree where Eve slept, coaxing her enough for Samael alone, or Samael riding the Serpent, to deceive Eve into eating the Forbidden Fruit rom the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, promising her that if she and her consort devour the fruit they would rule with equal authority like God, consequently creating the Fall of Man. However, Lilith's disguise was exposed by one of the animals in the Garden, a great wolfhound that would come to be known as Maera, and was promptly driven away by the hound. Regardless, Samael succeeded in his mission of having Eve eat the fruit, and the two made their escape from Eden beneath a cloak of darkness weaved by Tanin'iver.

In another account, it is said that Lucifer approached Lilith to have her aid him in his plans, and she obliged with Lucifer distracting Gadreel allowing Lilith to sneak into the garden undetected. She is also said to have assumed the form of an owl that would perch itself above the sleeping Eve and whisper into her dreams, manipulating her into approaching the Forbidden Fruit where she would take the guise of a snake to complete her mission.

Queen of Hell

After the fall of the angels and Lilith completely cutting ties with Heaven and humanity, she eloped with Samael, the fallen archangel, and the two were said to have made love within a cave, which resulted in Lilith giving birth to more of the Lilim, whom Lilith personally raised and trained, usually through harsh and ruthless means. But upon knowing of Lilith's and Samael's sinful deeds, God castrated the angel and punished him to Treachery.

Due to Samael's imprisonment, she took to Asmodeus instead, procreating demonic offspring and spreading chaos at every turn. Lilith became a consort of Asmodeus and the offspring they bore would later become members of Hell's nobility. Later on, Lilith rose dramatically in the ranks by becoming the first and possibly only Demon Queen as well as the Empress of the Inferno by wedding Lucifer, who crowned himself the Emperor of Hell.

Mother of Monsters

After her banishment from the Garden of Eden and Heaven entirely, Lilith also set foot upon the primeval Earth where she came across its many ancient beastly inhabitants. Seeing as how she bore the demons that now roam Hell, Lilith decided to create Earthly monsters as well; in some writing, Lilith was treated as the mother of all vampires or monsters giving her the titles of the First Vampire and the Mother of Monsters. Her credit as the mother of vampires is due to her creating the Turok-Han, whom are regarded as the first vampires to appear in history.

The Turok-Han rampaged across the ancient Earth and their terror was recorded on ancient pottery in Mesopotamia. Lilith also took revenge against the Heavens by launching a reign of terror against women in childbirth, newborn infants, particularly males, and men who slept alone. She was forced, however, to swear to the three angels that whenever she saw their names or images on an amulet, she would leave infants and mothers alone. This also resulted in her developing a fiercely antagonistic relationship with Lailah, the seraph of night and protector of children.

Battle for the Messiah

When Jesus was born, Hell shook in terror and awe of the Messiah's birth as the demons screamed in profanity against the creator and the heavens. Lilith offered to devour Jesus as a showcase of Hell's power over the light, and that by consuming Jesus the darkness will consume the light. Her offer came to an accord by the powers of Hell and she, alongside her steed Tanin'iver, set course to kill the infant Christ, striking on the night of his birth and accompanied by several Lilim.

As the infant messiah lay sleeping in his crib, Lilith had Tanin'iver shroud the barn of where he laid in darkness, with the only known light source being Jesus himself whose radiance disturbed the beast and Lilith. Tanin'iver would compress the light of Jesus enough to have the Lilim get close and dismember his body before feeding it to Lilith. However, the Lilim were intercepted by the three angels, Senoy, Sansenoy and Semangelof, quickly slaying them. More troubling was that the seraph Lailah alongside her wolfhound Maera made their presence known. Lilith began battling Lailah over Jesus and Maera with Tanin'iver. While the blind serpent fights the hound fiercely, he could not defeat him.

Upon seeing Tanin'iver defeated and terribly wounded by the three angels and Maera, Lilith flew into a rage. She lunged at Lailah, transforming into a monstrous owl-like creature of darkness, but Lailah draws her veil over Lilith's eyes and she was "blind and inflicted with fatigue from bright stars". Maera quickly subdued her by the throat much like how she did to Gadreel with Tanin'iver. In a feeble attempt to escape, Lilith transformed into a snake but still Maera held her captive. At the mercy of the great wolfhound, Lilith was forced to admit defeat and swore to never again come after the infant Jesus. She returned to Hell in humiliation and fury, with Satan shaming her over such a defeat.

Victorian Era

Lilith was in a sexual relationship with Benedict Lightwood, contributing to his contraction of demon pox. She was seen with Benedict at his own party in the Lightwood mansion, where Tessa Gray described her as a demon woman with snakes for eyes.

Partnership with Valentine

Some time in the 1990s, Lilith was summoned by the young and ambitious Shadowhunter, Valentine Morgenstern. Lilith agreed to give Valentine her blood for his experiments, and Lilith took an interest in the unborn child Valentine had been giving her blood to via his biological mother, knowing he will be a powerful being—according to her, even more powerful than all Lilim, and more mighty than any Archdemon. Lilith has since kept tabs on Sebastian, whom she sees as her own son and herself as his true mother.

Breaking the First Seal

Lilith was one of the factors in breaking the seal that kept Lucifer in his tomb and heralding the arrival of the Apocalypse. She contributed in Vergil's torment when he first fell into Hell and brazenly challenged Mundus, only to be defeated and then again when he failed to kill Dante as Nelo Angelo. His failure resulted in endless, brutal, and unspeakable torture from the likes of Lilith herself, alongside the Malebranche, Alastor, and Mundus himself. While Vergil would escape, he would only fail in each attempt and is returned to the chamber to begin the torture all over again; Vergil recalled that Lilith was one of the worst ones that took part in his torture.

Despite the fact that Mundus originally claimed Vergil's soul after defeating him, it was Lilith that staked an indirect claim over Vergil's soul as she was among those who knew of Lucifer's grand plan of a New World Order with Mundus having little information over the matter, thus seeing as how essential it is for Vergil to break the first seal with Lilith on the plan, she would have claim over him.

It was because of Lilith's actions, with Mundus in extension, that Vergil's will was completely shattered but did not impede his efforts in escaping and to finally succeed. However, this only served as a victory for Lilith as Vergil's escape from Hell was in fact the first seal, tauntingly dubbing Vergil as the "Righteous Man" that strives for what is best but broken in spirit. When Vergil escaped, Lilith blew into her Crook, which spread throughout the entirety of Hell and signaling the legions of the damned that the first seal had been broken, heralding the inevitable return of Lucifer and the initiation of the Apocalypse itself.

Afterwards, she watched as Vergil stole the Yamato, his sword, from his son Nero along with his demonic arm and use the blade to separate himself into two beings, his human half and demon half.

Other Events

She had a temporary relationship with the Biblical human Cain (son of Adam) though it did not last long (they did leave in a positive note).

Another version of the story as told in the "Midrash Abkier", is that after Cain's homicide brings death to the world, Adam separates from Eve and fasts for 130 years. When Lilith (there known as Pizna) saw his beauty, she instantly desired him, and took him by force by using his own sin against him. She bore him many demonic spirits known to be a plague to mankind. This tale was later attributed to Naamah, a sister of Lilith, and she bore the Nashiym who helped their mother to seduce the Watchers. Although in some sources, it said that both Lilith and Naamah mated with Adam.

Many disasters were blamed on Lilith and her children, causing wine to turn into vinegar, men to be impotent, women unable to give birth, and it was Lilith who was blamed for the loss of infant life. The presence of Lilith and her cohorts were considered very real at this time. After all that, Lilith would be seen as the incarnation of lust, causing men to be led astray, and Lilith as a child-killing witch, who strangles helpless neonates.

Myths and Legends

Said to have been Adam's first wife, she desired to be his equal and refused to obey him. She was cast out of Eden and became a demon of the night. She is the mother of the demoness, Lilim.
The Demonic Compendium.

She was originally a storm demon known as "Lilitu" in ancient Mesopotamian myth around 3000 BC and she was thought to have been the cause of disease, illness, and death.

A female demon of the night who supposedly flies around searching for newborn children either to kidnap or strangle them. Also, she sleeps with men to seduce them into propagating demon sons. Legends told about Lilith are ancient.

As late as the 18th century, it was a common practice in many cultures to protect new mothers and their infants with amulets against Lilith. Males were most vulnerable during the first week of life, girls during the first three weeks. Sometimes a magic circle was drawn around the lying-in-bed, with a charm inscribed with the names of the three angels, Adam and Eve and the words "barring Lilith" or "protect this newborn child from all harm." Frequently amulets were place in the four corners and throughout the bedchamber. If a child laughed while sleeping, it was taken as a sign that Lilith was present. Tapping the child on the nose, it was believed, made her go away.

Many disasters were blamed on both of them, causing wine to turn into vinegar, men to be impotent, women unable to give birth, and it was Lilith who was blamed for the loss of infant life. The presence of Lilith and her cohorts were considered very real at this time. Two primary characteristics are seen in these legends about Lilith: Lilith as the incarnation of lust, causing men to be led astray, and Lilith as a child-killing witch, who strangles helpless neonates. In some writing, Lilith was treated as the mother of all Vampires or Monsters giving her the titles of the First Vampire and the Mother of Monsters.

In the teachings of Rabbi Isaac Luria, it is said that there are many Liliths which the greatest of them became the first wife of Adam. Lilith with her legend and power has been known as many different beings. As the Queen of Hell, she had been connected with Hel, Ereshkigal & Persephone and with her lust as a Succubus and love as a mother, she been connected with Ishtar, Astarte, Inanna, Lillake, Isis, Aphrodite, Freya & many others along with also been called Daenna, Morgan Le Fay, Yemaya and Kali. Lilith is called the "dark maid" in Sumerian mythology, and is mentioned in the Tale of Innana (Ishtar). She has her own personal messenger created by her own energy along with others whose name is Astrothia (Messa to some others).

Another version of the story as told in the "Midrash Abkier", is that after Cain's homicide brings death to the world, Adam separates from Eve and fasts for 130 years. When the demoness Lilith (also known as Pizna) saw his beauty, she instantly desired him, and took him by force by using his own sin against him. She bore him many demonic spirits known to be a plague to mankind.

Popular Culture

H.P. Lovecraft used the name Lilith in his short story "The Horror at Red Hook" in which she plays the part of the queen of succubi and incubi, two common personae. While the name is probably drawn from the biblical history it might be from the literary history knowing the creators use of mythos in the past.

Lilith is depicted as the goddess of vampires in the HBO series ​True Blood. She appears as a naked woman drenched in blood, who only manifests when vampires hallucinate. She is worshipped by vampires.

Lilith, known as Dark Lilith in the episode, appears in Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, as the disguise of Marcie Fleach in the episode Night on Haunted Mountain. It appears as a winged woman with red eyes and horns. Marcie dressed as it so she could lure Mystery, Inc. to an abandoned ship and use them to get past the traps and retrieve a significant disk piece for her boss.

In the TV series Femme Fatales, Lilith is the host who introduces each episode Rod Serling-style and occasionally appears within the narrative.


The only thing I can tell you about Lilith is that according to Jewish folklore, she left her husband, Adam, after she refused to become subservient to him. Although... Dr. Holly Brown writes: "The demonization of Lilith was designed to keep women alienated from their own power and spiritual authority." Now that's what I call girl power.
She was a demon?
She's Jewish?
Alexis, Tiffany and Violet MacReady.
I'm not a man. I have no male pride for you to trick me with, and I am not interested in single combat. That is entirely a weakness of your sex, not mine. I am a woman. I will use any weapon and all weapons to get what I want.
My darling children, what I wouldn't do to keep them safe.
Lilith about her children.
Adam did not eat the apple because he desired it. He ate it because it was forbidden. Now the apple has been set before all of you. Eat well.
Lilith as Yuriko.
Well, well, it seems that another poor little soul have been sent to my realm. Welcome welcome, my name is Lilith and I rule this place and I will decide what your punishment would be. Who are you and what did you do on Earth?
I can't never understand you mortals. You heard about a woman who left her husband and immediately envisioned her as a feminist icon and a symbol of the fight against the patriarchy, completely ignoring the horrid truth behind her exile. Due you truly believe that she left because she was "forced" to be Adam's wife? Due you truly believe that those tales of her stealing infants and devouring babies mere tales to defame her? Laugh at God's religions as much as you want but at least they don't bother to hide their history. Deeds good and bad, they showed them all to the world, hiding only the barest of things so your mortal comprehension won't be wrecked. And her deeds, oh you won't believe how much was censored just so you can sleep at night without scared yourself to dead by the demoness hiding in the dark.
Lilith can be the Dark Mother, the mother of demons, the first woman or even the first vampire or the first mage, but she is much more than any of these. She is an Akkadian wind spirit; the consort of Samael who is called Lucifer; Daenna, the First of the Roma; Morgan le Fay, Nemesis of Arthur and Merlin; Kali, Indian goddess of War and vengeance; Yemaya, African goddess of magic and the dead. She is Wolf, Owl, Cat and Dragon. She is the Scarlet Empress, the Embodiment of yang. She is the enduring feminine principle of every culture. She is all of these and more. Remember this and giver her the dignity she deserves...
Demonic Book in Gehenna.



  • Lilith is treated as a feminist symbol today, since she wouldn't submit to Adam and wanted equality.
  • Despite often being equated by humanity to many pagan goddesses, it is a well-known fact across the supernatural world that no goddess like to be compared to Lilith and see it as the worst possible insult one could give.
  • Lilith is called the "dark maid" in Sumerian mythology, and is mentioned in the Tale of Innana (Ishtar).
  • Lilith is a triple (sometimes quadruple or even quintuple) deity in astrology.
  • The name Lilith has been variously transcribed in multiple iterations which all mean a type of Screech Owl or a Night Owl.