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The Box. It held Lucifer once. It can hold him again.
Carl Black on the Cage's properties.

Lucifer's Cage is a special demonic prison of Hell, designed by God as a prison for Lucifer after he had rebelled against Heaven and further defied his Father by creating chaos and corrupting mankind.


It is located in the deepest part of Treachery, which is in itself the deepest part of Hell.

Lucifer's Cage was bound with many spells in order to prevent him from rising. Lucifer is sealed in a monstrous form, half-frozen in a lake of cold ice, with chains on his wings and monstrous arms. In this form he appears as a foul and terrifying beast with three heads and the mark of the Devil on his head.

The cage has also been a prison for Iblis, Satan and accidentally Michael as he tried to trap Lucifer there again. It is unclear how the Demons managed to study The Cage's design when no one has been able to reach the outer walls of the Cage except God, Death, Ayin and being equal to them.


The cage compared to the main frame of Hell is heavily guarded, more so than when the angel Metatron was in Hell. During his time in the Cage, Lucifer was constantly seen surrounded. The fact that Lucifer's Cage can be opened from almost any point on Earth, implies that it has an existence in another dimension or a separate plane of existence, as evidenced by time passing differently in Hell.

The Cage appears to be a rectangular cage of an archaic design covered with sigils and runes suspended on a multitude of chains in the midst of a dark void filled with fog and cut through by bolts of lightning.

It is unclear how the demons managed to study The Cage's design when no one has been able to reach the outer walls of the Cage except primordials and beings equal to them.



Lucifer was God's first and most beloved angel. However, when God created Humanity and ordered his angels to bow down before them, Lucifer refused. Lucifer argued that Humanity was grievously flawed and used this to justify his actions, though in reality, he was merely jealous that humanity had replaced him in the foremost of God's affections. This, along with Ayin's corrupting his mind, made Lucifer believe that his beloved father was growing senile and so a new leader must take his place as the Lord of all Creation.

He was able to bring a third of the angels of Heaven to his side and began his rebellion against God, starting the War of Heaven. Obviously, he and his rebel angels lost and so were casted out of Heaven. However, Lucifer refused to stay down and rushed back to Heaven in the form of a dragon and attack Michael and Merkabah. However, even with the help of Satan, the heavily damaged Lucifer still failed.

For these offenses, God created the Cage - a prison cell below the deepest part of Hell, Treachery and casted Lucifer into it, bounding with His energy and then ordered Michael to lock it with his lance.


Lucifer's Cage was bound with many spells in order to prevent him from rising. However, due to conflict between Beelzebub and his army and Apollyon and his dissenters after the latter believed that Lucifer couldn't be their leader after losing the rebellion, the prison started to open enough for Lucifer to slowly filter out, and thus allowing Lucifer to reemerged into out of the prison.

Afterwards, Lucifer decided to show God that his creation was flawed by pushing Samael to tempt Eve in eating the Forbidden Fruit which caused both her and Adam to be casted out of the Garden of Eden.

Myths and Legends


That's something easier say than done. Do you have any idea what cage really is? That's not just a mere prison Black, that is one of the greatest prisons in existence, created for the sole purpose of sealing away God's most perfect angel. It laid beyond space and time, hanging in a space devoid of concepts such as destiny, duality, and totality. No one but God and His equals can handle it, much less a witch that struggle to open a jar of pickles.
Matt Wright.



  • Raziel described the Cage as being "at the bottom of the lowest depths of the ninth circle of the worst bit of Hell."
  • Empra claims to be the only one who can open the Cage.