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Ma'at is order. She is balance incarnated, born from the feminine divinity of Hathor and the masculine energy of her father Ra. She was born with the purpose of maintaining the cosmic order of Duat. The whole "judging the dead" thing, yeah, that's just a part-time job my wife picked up for fun.

Maat is the Egyptian goddess of truth, justice, wisdom, the stars, law, morality, order, harmony, the seasons, and cosmic balance.


She is the daughter of Ra and Hathor, and is the consort of Thoth, with whom she had a daughter, Seshat, who is the goddess of wisdom, knowledge, and writing.

She holds a major in role in Duat, the Egyptian underworld, where she providees Anubis and Osiris a feather, which is used to weigh the heart/soul of everyone who dies.

The results are as follows:

  • Heart Heavier than the Feather: A Heart will weigh Heavier than the Feather when the Heart's Intentions are knowingly and intentionally unbalanced towards Selfish Desires and Correction towards a more Balanced Life was offered during their Life but Rejected. The Heart is given a choice:
    1. Reincarnatenate to Make Amends and Repay Karmic Debt.
    2. Be thrown into the Lake of Fire.
    3. Be fed to Ammit or "Deleted" so they cease to exist.
    4. Be bound to Selflessly Serve any Divinity of their choosing that is willing to claim responsibility for and pay their Debt.
  • Balanced with the Feather: A Heart will be Balanced with the Feather when the Heart has lived a Balanced Life where it possessed Selfless Intentions in equal or greater measure than it did Selfish Intentions. They are allowed passage to the realms of whatever gods they served, may choose to reincarnate or stay in Duat until they decide what to do.
  • Lighter than the Feather: A Heart will be Lighter than the Feather when the Heart has lived a Purely Selfless Life and were allowed to start a long and perilous journey to Aaru or their own Personal Heaven. While not Balanced with the Feather of Ma'at, their Heart is Balanced with Ma'at Herself as the most Balanced Life possible for All is only found when All Live.



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