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Magnum Innominandum is an Outer God that was created by Azathoth to fight in war against the Primordials, Khaos, and God along with its siblings and children.


It is the progenitor of several other cosmic entities, including the Outer God Yog-Sothoth. This Outer God is older than everything except Azathoth and Darkness, its older sibling. Like Darkness, there isn't a lot of info on the Nameless Mist, other than it's name implying it to be a shapeless mist.



Powers and Abilities

Its powers include possible omnipresence, reality warping, acausality, spacetime manipulation, immortality, and incorporeality.


Myths and Legends

Magnum Innominandum was known to H.P. Lovecraft during a Roman dream he recalled in three letters, one of those being incorporated in "The Horror from the Hills" and one posthumously published as HPL: "The Very Old Folk". It was also mentioned in HPL: "the Whisperer in Darkness" alongside many mythos concepts such as Hastur, the Yellow Sign or Yog-Sothoth. It also is part of an incarnation from De Vermis Mysteriis penned by Lovecraft for CIRCLE: "The Shambler from the Stars"

Lovecraft mentioned the Nameless Mist in a family tree of Azathoth. The Nameless Mist was given the name "Nyog'Sothep" and "N'yog-Sothep" by later authors. The Magnum Innominandum and The Nameless Mist were finally unified as the same entity later on.