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You're incorrect, Carl. I'm loyal to none of them. To be a Cambion, an abomination, mean that I don't have to be affiliated to either side, Good or Bad. I can just happily live on the sideline for as long as I want. And there is nothing you or your little friends can do about that.
Wright to Carl Black.

Đoàn Trung Sơn, more commonly known as Matt Wright, is a warlock and the only living son of Belphegor in the modern world. He is a private paranormal investigator who has been working for numerous famous and high-profiled people in the world, both mundane and supernatural alike.



Wright appears as a man in his mid-20s and is of Asian descend. He has a lean and muscular frame, and is fairly tall for a man of his time, standing at over 200 cm (6 ft 5). He has shoulder-length black hair, which is thick and fairly wavy, with colorful streaks that change color depending on his current mood. His warlock mark are his skin, which is rotting and would be falling apart if it isn't for his magical power, as well as his glowing red eyes and pitch-black scleras.

He is often seen wearing a black hooded-coat, which earned him the nickname "The Hooded Demon" by other paranormal investigators.


He has a terrible sense of humor, to the point where even the gods of comedy and the performance arts feel offended by his harmless jokes.

Powers and Abilities


The history of Matt Wright is completely shrouded in mystery, to the interest and confusion of his fellow investigators. Even 'till now (2022), only a few notes about his past had been unveiled by others or himself.

  • He was born Đoàn Trung Sơn and was of Vietnamese origins.
  • His human parent was an unnamed human woman, who was raped by Belphegor when she was 16 years old and abandoned him as a newborn.
  • He was raised in a pagoda for the entirety of his childhood, which led to him becoming a buddhist.
  • When he was in his late teens, he personally witnessed Tôn Thất Thuyết announcing the Cần Vương movement, so it can be assumed he was born sometimes in 1870s.
  • His demonic traits began to manifest when he was in his mid-20s, and he only found out about his parentage after killing and interrogating a witch who was sent among the French army to colonize Viet Nam, though, he initially thought his father was an unnamed demon.
  • He had acurately predicted the Great Depression.
  • He may or may not be the inspiration behind a character in Sherlock Holmes, though the identity of this character remained unknown.

In early 2000s, he became semi-bored with human civilization and went on a long-termed vacation to the Mesopotamian region, eventually discovering and turned an abandoned Babylonian town into his own massive manor, completely equiped with modern "luxuries" such as electric lightings or in-door plumbing.

Several years later, he met and saved Carl Black from a group of Mesopotamian demons, even taking him in and nursed him to full health. However, due to unknown reasons, the two developed bad-blood between each other, and Black even escaping from Wright's manor being chased by the warlock after stealing many of his priceless artifacts, including the Arthurian holy sword Clarent and a fossilized feather of the Archangel Gabriel. Angered and humiliated, Wright cursed that Black would one day be trapped in Hell for his own doings, and be forever chased by his father's minions.

In 2007, after been tired of living in the middle of nowhere, he returned to London and established a private paranormal investigation office, and began his career as a paranormal investigator. Throughout his career, he has worked for many great and important guests, including nobilities and celebrities, as well as some of the world's most dangerous criminals.


Don't be ridiculous here, old man. I'm not some villain that you should be worried about. In fact, I'm here to help you and those little kids fighting that asshole, from the non-existing goodness of my heart... and the fact he hasn't paid me my check yet.
Matt Wright
You think that's tragic? You should see my friend, now what happened to him is tragic. One failed Animagus transformation and now the entire United States called him the "Michigan Dogman". We're still laughing at him because of that 'till this day.
Matt Wright.
Well, well, well. If it isn't Mr. Carl Black. Oh, how I miss you, you good-for-nothing piece of ████████. I swear when I got my hand on you, I'm going to █████████ and ███████ then █████. And even after you're finished being █████████ by ███ and ███████, I'm going ████ and filled it with █████ and ████ until you █████ and █████ like a goddamned little bitch-
Matt Wright to Carl Black before being slapped by the latter.
Oh right, THAT guy. Everything that comes out of that mans mouth is either littered with obscenities or sounds like he's quoting a Wikipedia article. He's such a prick too, even to his so called "friends".
Tobbkar on his loathing for Matt Wright.
Asa being funny.



  • According to him, greed is his greatest and personal sin.
  • He is banned from entering Australia, both the mundane nation and the supernatural community within it.
  • He knows by heart all 38 Buddhist sutras, as well as the basic "plots" of the Old Testament, the New Testament, and Book of Revelations.