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Mekhashefim is the fallen angel who once governed over magic. Despite this, she is an extreme zealot who doesn't want mankind to practice magic dedicated to anyone but her. While normally, heaven won't send out anyone to seize zealots like her, but when she manipulated the Church into persecuting paganism and organizing witch-hunts, they were forced to intervene.
Matt Wright.

Mekhashefim is the fallen angel of sorcery and oracles.





Before her fall, she was one of 200 angels under the command of 20 heavenly Watchers tasked with overseeing the Earth. Mekhashefim was entrusted with the destruction of all forms of ungodly magic, a task she took to with incredible zeal, slaying all sorcerers or false gods that stood before her in opposition to the lord.

Over the years of duty, Mekhashefim would ensure the the development of mankind using mystical power only attributed with her, preventing false deities, usually demons, or even divine deities from interfering with her work. It was not until the Watcer was approached by three gods, one depicted as having the head of an ibis, one with the head of a horse, and one portrayed as an elderly man with a single eye.

These gods were unappreciative of how Mekhashefim was teaching the ways of sorcery to the human race and implored her to stay her hand lest there would be consequences. They are aware of the knowledge of the divine, but it is important on how it is distributed to mortals that can comprehend it. Mekhashefim only responded with a warning to these gods, as it was not their place to judge the will of the lord though Odin saw through that ruse and knew that this no will of her god but her own. Mekhashefim attacked the gods until Raphael descended and subdued the fallen Watcher.

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