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The most powerful of the angels? The one who defeated most of the Great Old Ones? You mean my brother Michael, the one bound me to... this, the ancient black abyss, the only place where you get stripped of God's word. Listen worm, I don't care if you call him here, in fact, I'd be glad if you did, I'd love a little family reunion.

Michael is one of two oldest True Archangels that created by God and the twin-brother of Lucifer. He is the field commander of the army of God, the Heavenly Host.


Michael is one of the first archangels in existence, and being one of the oldest Angel, he is also the most powerful of them all only bested by Lucifer, Satan, and Metatron. Michael's authority over the angels is strong and firm, with many angels holding him in high regard and great respect.

Michael's status in the army of Heaven is seen as a Viceroy or an Archistrage as well, but he's mostly seen as the commander of Heaven's army. He is also a saint and thus carries the title "Saint Michael The Archangel." Michael appears in the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament of the Christian Bible, being mentioned as an archangel only once during the epistle of Judas Adelfo, brother of Jesus Christ.

He is said to be fighting Satan (or Lucifer) over Moses' body, with the clash between the two ending with Michael saying "may the Lord rebuke you". Indicating the main characteristic of the Archangel, humility, in contrast to Lucifer, whose main sin is pride. Michael is also shown facing a Great Red Dragon during the Apocalypse, identified as Satan, the Devil and the Serpent. With all this, it can be concluded that Michael is God's main weapon against the forces of evil, with the exception of Jesus Christ, who is God Himself.

Michael is humility that prevails over pride, that's why Michael doesn't dare use his own name to defeat the Devil, but invokes the name of God. Michael is identified as the Angel who drove Satan out of Heaven, and at the end of time, he will once again battle in the name of God against the forces of chaos and evil, this time to drive the Red Dragon and his troops out of Heaven for all ever. Because he represents humility, faith, and his name meaning "Who is like God", some have identified Michael as Christ Himself in His pre-existence.

Although this is false, due to the fact that Jesus has authority over Satan, while Michael needs to invoke the authority of his Lord to cast Satan out.

Nonetheless, it can be said that Michael and Jesus are somehow related, with perhaps Michael being an extension or aspect of Christ, as the Archangel of Faith carries titles like "Who is Like God" and the Right Hand of God, titles that would be a blasphemy like Hell to be directed at anyone other than God.

In a similar way, the Archangel Gabriel who is the Left Hand of God seems to be related to the Holy Spirit, as both are interpreted as female figures due to their maternal attributes, and whereas other religions besides Christianity such as the Baháʼí Faith or Islam, consider the Holy Spirit the Archangel Gabriel, it can be said that both are somehow linked. Michael is the earthly representative of Christ, and Gabriel is the earthly representative of the Holy Spirit.


Michael appears as an adult of an average height with darker brown hair, blue eyes, and a fair complexion. Unlike in the paintings and photos of Michael, his is not as muscular as he is thought to be. Michael also has 12 golden white wings that glow as bright is the sun itself if not brighter, which he can retract at will when on Earth when asked by God himself

On some occasions, his eyes are genuinely seen in a perpetually sad manner when genuinely angered or happy. He is usually seen wearing a white hoodie covering a black shirt and an orange stripe along navy blue pants. He also is seen wearing a blue vest over a white shirt and brown pants. When Michael is in a human vessel for a long time, the Archangel prefers to dress in clothes that go with his style like an overcoat over the clothes. Sometimes he changes into a brown or dark suit. However, Michael is almost never seen using a human vessel and prefers to use only one of his human forms.

In female form, Michael appears as a slender woman with ten wings in total, and is bigger than a giant in stature. She has pale skin and long white hair, but her face appears as light itself, nearly too bright to look at. It can be seen that she has blue lips and the same eye colour as her daughter Elaine. She wears a white dress with a cross symbol in the middle, silver gauntlets on her hands, and a halo.

However, she is seen to be able to shrink her size to a human size. While this size, Michael appears as a beautiful young woman of slender figure with average height. She has very pale skin, large light blue eyes which can turn orange and long silver hair reaching her waist. Her bangs cover her right eye as to keep her angelic eye under wraps.

When viewed through Anael's eyes, the true form of Michael appears as a bright blue-white aura surrounding his body. His wings turn into pure white/bright blue light, and Michael is able to see both corporeal and incorporeal entities at will.


O' my Master and Lord, forgive me for not being able to defend this world that you love so much... Forgive me for failing in my mission to protect the Earth... But I beg you, give me a little of Your power so that I may bring the Father's light to humanity once more.
Michael praying to Jesus Christ.

As the general and prince of the heavenly host, he is a firm leader and wise to his decisions, he is also a great tactician and a skilled commanding officer. He is also a highly charismatic leader and capable of endearing, boasting the morale, and earning genuine respect to those who serve under his command. He is also compassionate towards his siblings and is a devoted follower and servant of God and will do anything commanded at him to the absolute best.

Michael lacks any of the prejudice and bigotry that a lot of angels bear towards demons and fallen angels due to his immense kindness despite possessing some disdain towards their filthy behaviors, and is perfectly willing to show kindness to or even befriend them, where he showed courtesy and politeness. Being the archangel who embodies the concept of justice, fairness, and the patron saint of soldiers, he possess a strong sense of fair, righteous, yet firm and moral sense of justice, and is deeply compassionate towards his duty and also especially towards the people who experience mistreatment, injustice, and cruelty, and he possesses great disdain and animosity towards to people possess any form of abhorrently acts or unjust behavior towards the innocents.

He also hates people who perverts justice and those who hypocritically uses justice as an excuse and validation for them to use unnecessary violence and unjust actions, for their own hypocrisy, benefit and means to the end. And that he shows animosity and visible disgust to any who violates and foolishly uses the power and authority of justice for their selfish and "self-righteous" beliefs of what's right or wrong, and deems who's innocent or guilty/sinner.

Some angels fear Michael due to his status and authority, however, when he detects this he states that it is not he that they should fear, but God, being clear that he is not exactly fond of being looked at with fear. He is not one to tolerate insubordination, and is vocal with those who attempt to act in such a manner. He is quick to anger in the face of possible betrayal and can be quite aggressive in combat. Uriel explains that this is due to the fact that Lucifer, his own brother, betrayed their Father and their family, and this left Michael scarred and possibly paranoid.

Michael's relationship with humans is rather complicated at best. While he does not hate them like Lucifer does, he does view them as inferior and will not hesitate to be cruel towards them in the face of disrespect, yet he does not display Lucifer's arrogant behavior to their presence and often appeared to them as a strong and humble servant of God. Unlike his brother Gabriel, Michael will only defend the humans and the Earth itself if God commands him to do so.

As time goes by, he becomes less critical and stern to them, and showing genuine concern and compassion for their well-being, specially towards the innocents who suffer great pain, agony, and turmoil in the hands of the merciless and remorseless ones. Despite his kindness, Michael can be merciless towards evil, wicked, and dishonorable people, as shown when Michael outright stated that he will show no mercy to anyone who showed sinful or blasphemous acts just to obtain their selfish and pointless needs. His judgement is quick, yet fierce and frightening, while maintaining his calm and level-headed composure.

Despite this, Michael is a heroic celestial being as his indomitable willpower, lawfully absolute loyalty and refusal to give up even under seemingly insurmountable odds (most notably when he faced the combined might of Lucifer and Satan, then later beings such as the Scarlet King, or Nyarlathotep, without hesitation, persisting against them until he finally gained the upper hand) that allows people such as Dante to trust the archangel, and respect him as an ally.

He is impeccably loyal to his father, and takes his duties with utmost seriousness, expecting the same from the angels and his brothers. His loyalty is so great, that he is willing to sacrifice himself in order to defeat his brother Lucifer or Satan, believing it to be his destiny, that was written down by God, to lay down his life for the sake of creation. Dante describes Michael as a "daddy's boy" seeing as how he is willing to do anything to please his father and goes on to say that in contrast Lucifer is more of a "momma's boy" since he relishes in being spoiled by Barbelo, their mother.

His loyalty is so great that he personally serves as Jesus Christ's guardian and protector during his time and mission on Earth to save humanity from their eternal damnation. He is revealed to be the angel that protected Jesus from behind the scenes and sidelines, during His test on the desert by Satan, and the angel that appeared to Jesus and encourage Him, when He prayed in the garden where one of His acolytes betrayed Him.

Powers and Abilities

The Archangel Michael, a holy force against evil.

As one of the first angels and one of the True Archangels, Michael is extremely powerful, being able to even best Lucifer and cast him into Hell. He is strong enough to even combat and destroy some of the Outer Gods. Aside that being the Archangel who is the general & supreme commander of the heavenly host, he is strong enough to command the whole armies of Heaven, and he is considered superior in power to even chief pagan deities of every pantheon, being capable of rivaling even the second generation primordial gods and cosmic entities. He is however, not strong enough to defeat or match Satan in a fight (especially in an exhausted state due to fighting Lucifer for too long), as the demon could easily best him along with Merkabah and Metatron.

According to Lucifer himself, there is a reason why most of the demons of Hell feared Michael above all the angels in Heaven, that even the overlords and nobles of hell act cautious in his presence, and once he showed himself in front of the demons, they'll flee in terror and fear, knowing how powerful Michael is.

  • Transcendent Archangel Physiology: Being God's supreme commander & general of the Heavenly Host and also one of the first true archangels of the heavens, Michael is considered as an angelic being of holy power along with Lucifer. His power is considered to be utterly fearsome as it's that which no angel or any other lesser true archangels could ever hope to overcome or even equal. This gives him the highest rank among the hosts of Heaven and even the potential to rule the entire universe, single-handedly with unchallengeable authority, or to even go as far as to having one's own creation, equal to the already existing one. He is essentially in the absolute pinnacle of all angels. The only known beings who can rival him are his siblings, specifically Lucifer.
  • Immense Power: Being a true archangel Michael's power is in the highest caliber in the angelic court. He possess incredible supernatural powers, unchallenged dominion over aspects of their celestial domain and other angels, and tremendous supernatural abilities in both domains. Michael is one of the most powerful beings in creation, possessing a tremendously vast supply of incalculable power that is almost unlimited, surpassing that of his siblings and is equaled only to his siblings and is equaled only by Lucifer himself (though it is implied that Lucifer is more powerful), and exceeded only by Satan, Metatron and his Father, God. Michael possesses authority and incalculable power second only to the Trinity of God Himself.
    • Limitless Power: As the supreme commander and one of the first chief archangels of heaven, Michael possesses ultimate power which allows him to achieve anything and everything without any limit. He therefore have unlimited means at his disposal, and capable of fighting both Lucifer and Satan on an equal grounds (despite being in overwhelmed by Satan in his dragon form), long enough for Merkabah to assist him.
      • Supernatural Condition: As one of the first Archangels and supreme commander of the Heavenly Host, Michael is physically and mentally vastly superior to many beings in the multiverse. He possess a supernatural condition, capabilities/attributes/aspects drastically beyond what is naturally possible. This mainly includes a supernatural physical and mental condition. Michael's mental and physical condition is blatantly more powerful than other people of the universe, reaching into the high superhuman territory. His daughter inherited most of Michael's supernatural traits and abilities, that she more superior than most of Lucifer's offsprings.
        • Immeasurable Supernatural Strength: Michael possess unfathomable and terrifying raw and physical might, capable of rivalling cosmic entities and surpasses the Deities in themselves. In one strike, he can tear the earth in half, and can cause several shockwaves and earthquake without putting much effort or power on it. Due to his immeasurable might, Lucifer stated that it is one of the reasons why most of the demons and other malevolent entities in of Hell feared Michael and the Seven Archangels above all the beings in Heaven. As one of the strongest angels in existence and Leader of the Seven Archangels, Michael possesses tremendous supernatural physical strength that allows him to easily move stars, shatter planets with his bare hands, and is stronger than and able to easily overpower other angels with his might.
    • Absolute Embodiment: Being a True Archangel, Michael embodies the state of being complete or absolute as the living manifestation and embodiment of God's power. Because of Michael's absolute nature he is free from any thing that would be deemed superfluous or wasteful. This translates to his being as one of the high ranking Archangels without any major weaknesses or limitations.
    • Smiting: Michael can strike his targets with a far superior force/blow, usually resulting in a One Hit Kill against almost anything. When used by Michael, this ability has an Arch-angelic aspect imbued into it, dealing even more damage to unholy or evil enemies. The amount of power capability Michael can use with this ability is absolutely unlimited, merely preparing it can cause fear in his opponents.
      • Heaven Manipulation: As a True Archangel and one of God's Favorited children, Michael can control the Abrahamic Heavens and everything within, including the angelic beings that may reside there with the exception of Metatron.
      • Heaven Lordship: Michael has one of the highest authorities and duties in heaven a place where angels come together as well as the souls of good people in perfect peace and joy.
      • Afterlife Transport: As a True Archangel of Heaven, Michael can transport any people he favors into Heaven, as such Michael promises the people that he does favor into Heaven. He has even been seen being able to take multiple people to Heaven alive, as shown with Enoch, with his authority.
  • Nigh-Absolute Invulnerability: As a primordial angel, Michael's durability is so immense to point that it borders in a near absolute/transcendent invulnerability. He is strong enough to take on full blown attacks from his opponents without taking any damage or minor scratch. Michael is one of the very few powerful angels that are immune to almost all kinds of damage, be it physical (internal or external), mental, spiritual, and even conceptual. He can be immune to all damages except for one or more exceptions (mainly his Archangel siblings). And the only beings who is capable of hurting or killing him are his siblings, being his equals.
    • Transcendent Immortality: As an Archangel that predates the dawn of Creation, Michael is an immortal being. Having been lived, since the time of Creation or even before it and the creation of Man. He is one of the many primordial (angel) entities that are far older than the world. Killing him is nearly impossible and the only ones that are capable of doing so are beings who are equal or perhaps greater than him in power. Michael possesses near-complete immortality: as he don't age and can be seen to his mid teens or late teens with a young physique/features, he can rapidly heal from wounds, and will essentially live forever. However, there are exceptions to their immortality, with some factors being able to harm and ultimately kill him.
    • Supernatural Endurance: He is glaringly, obviously and super/unnaturally more enduring than other beings in the universe because his capabilities are pushed beyond the natural limits; making Michael able to work longer/survive without supplies, resources, energy, or other items for an immensely extended amounts of time, far longer than regular beings.
    • Supernatural Stamina: Michael's stamina is glaringly, obviously and super/unnaturally greater than other beings, it is very immeasurable that he can endure and withstand even longer periods of battles without tiring.
  • Immeasurable Supernatural Speed & Reflexes: Michael can move in a blink of an eye with god-like light speed, and his reflexes are considered superior than any fighter in the heavens (with the exception of Gabriel who is a little faster than him). He can so fast that his enemies could barely managed to keep or catch up to him. And when he empowers himself with light elements, he can move in glowing blur of light, that not even Lucifer could barely keep during their fight in Heaven. Whenever he appears, Michael moves in glowing light that could blind even higher ranking demons.
  • Holy Presence: Michael possess a very strong divine presence that embodies' God's power and light. His presence cam cause a world wide changing in the surrounding, when he appeared in Hell/Underworld to confront the invading armies of devils, his presence makes even the blood-thirstiest demons and monsters, to shiver in fear, terror, and uneasiness. Lucifer once claimed that there is a reason why Michael is feared above all the angels in Heaven, by many demons of Hell, that even higher ranking demons are afraid of him. Once Michael showed himself, the demons will flee in terror, and the only one who can face him is Lucifer/Satan.
  • Unlimited intelligence: Having been living for countless billions of millennia, Michael knows almost everything in existence, being capable of possibly see one timeline or universe, or have just small patches of information that are missing or blocked out. Thus allowing him to keep his sense of free will and uncertainty. He also knows the existence of the younger beings that lived since ancient times, having the knowledge on a cosmic levels, he greatly surpassed all angels in sheer intelligence and wisdom, with the exceptions of Lucifer, Gabriel, Raziel, Azrael, Metatron and Remph.
    • Cosmic Awareness: As an Archangel that watch over the cosmos, he has near absolute knowledge over the running system of all life in the universe. He is capable of sensing danger or something that affects the cosmic balance without being hindered by thoughts of the others. Michael has also the awareness, capable of sensing people from far distances of the universe, similar to Heimdallr's eyes. It extends towards the Underworld, where he watch over Lucifer's and Satan's workings in the shadows, along with the Underworld gods of the other pantheons.
  • Master Magician & Sorcerer: Michael is possess extreme proficiency and mastery over magics and spells, he can performed feats that no angel could do. His superior skills allows him to perform superior and advance type of holy angelic magic spells, and white arts with great ease. He is also proficient enough to do ancient magics, wards, and rune symbols. It is powerful enough to fend off even demon kings and any other higher ranking demons and monsters, and can create powerful barriers than can be use as a protection, damage negation, or healing properties. And being fighting demons and many malevolent being since ancient times, Michael is one of the few angels and archangels, more skilled enough to lift and remove a curse, without the caster's awareness. He possesses nearly all forms of magic that exist in the world at a level of mastery that the Magic Gods could only dream of. He could perform various magical rites and rituals, many of which had been lost to even the gods. He is capable of creating new and intricate magic spells, capable of wide-area of mass destruction, within seconds with little efforts. He also showed the power capable of forcefully to a certain degree change the structure of other Pantheons' Magic Systems to his will with little problems, something that greatly shocked the Magic Gods as something like this went directly against the laws of magic themselves. His skills are also equally rivalled only by Lucifer/Satan, Azazel, and Gabriel. Some of the magic Michael is mainly seen using are via below.
    • Magical & Mystic Arts Mastery: Michael is one of few Angels, capable of performing and possesses high level of mastery and proficiency over any kinds of existing mystic and magical arts, since time immemorial. He can perform supernatural feats & phenomena, cast severe and deadly curse, chant highly and ancient advance enchantments and incantations, high knowledge over evocation and complex rituals, and even forbidden spells that very few beings are aware of.
    • Immense Magic Power: As the Leader of the Seven Archangels, Michael possesses an extraordinary amount of magic power which surpasses almost all other beings in Heaven. His power is so monumental, that it cannot be measured by normal means. Michael has mastered almost all types of magic, but he admits that he loses to Gabriel in Angel magic. He also mentions that the only categories he is completely unrivalled in are Time and Light magic, and that curtain entities could potentially surpass him in Darkness and Spatial magic.
    • Mana Zone: Mana Zone is a skill that allows a mage to manipulate the mana in an area around themselves. Thus, Michael can gather together and utilize more magic than he would be able to normally. Offensively, this mana can be funnelled into spells to increase their size, number, and range. It can also be used to launch attacks in any direction and from any direction within the zone. Spells can be created all-around a target to keep them from escaping, within an enemy's spell to destroy it, or behind a target to catch them by surprise. His mana zone is mainly seen is his Light Magic, Time Magic and Life Magic.
    • Ultimate Magic: This magic technique requires Michael to become acquainted with the origin of souls and to physically draw closer to mana. Michael is then enabled to embody all of his magic and create a spell that is unique to each individual. These are incredibly powerful spells, capable of combatting Demon Kings and Demon Lords. The vast amount of magic required for this technique limits it to only the most powerful of Angels.
    • White Arts: Being a True Archangel of the Heaven's, Michael can utilize the White Arts; a form of magic typically used for helping other people by healing the mind, body or soul. Practitioners of this type of magic tend to focus toward assisting others, purifying evil spirits, dispel curses, medical potions and respect all the rules about what is forbidden and not. They are also capable of using offensive magic, though this comes with strict restrictions most of the time.
    • Elemental Magic: As an Archangel, Michael can utilize different elements as a form of magic. He can use different spells to formulate their elemental quantities and energies for many uses.
    • Angel Magic: Being an Archangel, Michael possess extreme understanding of the Angel Magic System used by the Angels and Fallen Angels, he possesses immense skills in this specific kind of magic. that could only be rivalled by his former boss. He can effortlessly cast one Angelic spell after another with little-to-no effort.
    • Creation Magic: As an Archangel, Michael can utilize magic to create anything out of certain materials or magical energy, in any shape or form even with any kind of materials or even entities.
    • Destruction Magic: As an Archangel, Michael can utilize powerful and yet very dangerous spells which can unleash unstable magical energies which can destroy entities, and other powers.
    • Time Magic: As an Archangel, Michael is able to perform/cast a rare variety of magic spells and feats that manipulates time itself to a degree. Two time magic spells he is mainly seen using are via bellow:
    • Binding Magic/Time Magic: Chrono Stasis: With his hands in front of them with the palms facing upward, Michael spreads his arms and manifests a sphere around the target. The sphere has a ring around its orbit with Roman numerals on it. Michael is able to generate multiple spheres to restrain several targets, for a sphere could only contain a single person. Those trapped within the sphere experience a time loop, reliving a moment in time continuously in such a way that they are rendered immobile. Michael is mainly seen using this to end battles extremely quickly, while protecting the human to not damage them to hard.
    • Mana Zone: Chrono Stasis Grigora: After taking control of the surrounding mana, Michael creates an area in which any enemy spell is automatically caught with Chrono Stasis. This spell is even capable of catching extremely fast magic, like Light/Lightning Magic. This spell does not require any movement from Michael.
    • Light Magic: As an Archangel, Michael is able to perform a legendary form of magic that allows Michael to cast magical spells through light. Michael mainly uses this magic attribute to generate and manipulate light. To travel long distances in a short amount of time, he shapes light into a large arrow that turns into a beam of light along which he flies. In combat, he uses explosive bursts of light and swords made of light. Some of the light magic spells he is mainly seen using are via bellow:
    • Mana Zone/Light Magic: Lamp of Avior Gloria: After taking control of the surrounding mana, Michael unleashes multiple concentrated blasts of light. This ability was powerful enough to obliterate an entire Continent with ease.
    • Light Magic: Light Shaft of Divine Punishment: Michael concentrates light between his hands until it builds into a large sphere. The light is released in a column of light too fast and widespread to avoid. This spell is powerful enough to obliterate multiple Archdemons with ease.
    • Light Magic: Arrows of Judgment: Michael releases his magic power in a sphere around themselves. As the sphere expands, it flattens out and is shaped into countless blades of light. Once complete, the blades rain down on and automatically target those below. Michael can also take hold of a blade and use it for a close-range attack. This spell is powerful enough to wipe out an entire army of Demons with ease.
    • Life Magic: As an Archangel, Michael can utilize powerful spells which can bring anything Michael sees fit to life, such as a statues, toys, even such as furniture and rubble.
    • Holy-Fire Magic: As an Archangel, Michael is able to perform a legendary form of magic that allows Michael to cast magical spells and feats through holy fire.
    • Fire Magic: As an Angel, Michael is able to perform a legendary form of magic that allows Michael to cast magical spells and feats through fire, be it fire-based spells themselves or using fire itself as the fuel for casting magic.
    • Restoration Magic: As an Archangel, Michael can utilize a form of magic that returns broken living/non-living targets to their optimal state such as infusing life energy into a living being in order to heal it or giving it back its vitality or restoring life in the environment, such as forests or animal life, reconstructing ruins or destroyed buildings, etc.
    • Sword Magic: As the Angel of the Sword and wielder of The Sword of Michael, Michael is able use a form of magic that allows them to cast magical spells dealing with swords and similar forms of blades. Unlike Magic Sword, where Michael gains powers from a sword, it is Michael himself who possesses the power, not the sword. It is this type of magic that is Michael's swords' ultimate technique, and is one of his ultimate, most powerful spell.
    • Ultimate Magic/Sword Magic: Seven Archangel's Empyrean Guard: Conquering Eon: Michael holds the Sword of Michael aloft and has it absorb the magic of his allies. He then swings the sword down and unleashes the collected power in a single slash. The resulting attack is powerful enough to disintegrate two of the highest-ranked demons Lucifer and Satan, leaving behind their bodies unconscious for five whole hours, as well as annihilate a section of Pandemonium and latter on Flinders Rangers.
      • Enoch Magic: The most ancient and powerful form of Angelic Magic, personally created by him and Lucifer (before his infamous Fall). As a Pure Archangel, he could use his Ohr as a substitute for his life-force, using them to cast magic spells and rituals that could easily destroy entire countries within mere seconds.
        • Enochian Wards: He could create Enochian wards capable of surrounding an area as big as Texas from the detection of his fellow Angels, Fallen Angels, and Demons alike, as well as protecting the area from demonic energy-based or angelic/divine energy-based attacks. When during the spar with Cassiel, he created layers upon layers of Enochian upon the walls of his base, thus hiding it away from the Seraph's eyes.
  • Teleportation: Michael can instantly teleport himself from one place to another without occupying the space between. the two dimensions. Usually he appears as a glowing endless form of light in the sky, that is said to be rival or more brighter than the light of the sun itself.
  • Sealing: He is powerful enough to performed a powerful sealing spell (albeit with the assistance of his siblings) that could seal powerful entities like the Darkness. He can bind his opponents just by using silent incantations, with great ease without the victim having aware of it, until it was already too late.
  • Divine & Pure Elements Manipulation: Being a primordial archangel, Michael can create, shape and manipulate holy elements that are highly effective against the supernatural, such as demons, fallen angels and/or even his angelic brethren. He would be able to do all kinds of holy things with their unique type of element, which in question, can range from trapping and/or immobilizing to outright banishing or killing supernatural threats. Furthermore, his divine elements may have other properties and abilities, such as healing, resurrection, summoning angels and/or spirits of the deceased from Heaven to the material plane. His pure and divine elemental powers are is that of a beneficial/pure nature; that which strengthens, enhances and causes anything/everything he come across to flourish, representing the sustaining and preserving side of nature, which in turn ignores most of the common limitations and weaknesses of his normal elemental varieties. In essence, his elemental powers is also about solely controlling the positive powers of nature itself.
    • Ohr: He is one of the few and first Archangels to still possess their Ohr, a type of ancient and primordial angelic energy only existed in the Angels personally created by God from His own divine light and power.
    • Pure & Spiritual Sanction-Photokinesis: Being renowned as one of the first all-powerful and primordial archangel, Michael is capable of creating, shaping and manipulate light/photons formed from one's soul/spirit, divine and pure. Due to being comprised of spiritual, pure, and sacred power (and his status as an Archangel), his light/photons aren't only stronger than usual light/photons use by other angels, but also have the power to affect one's soul in varying ways, causing lethal damage against malevolent entities (specially devils), and can blind his opponents to attack them from their blind spot. As a True Archangel and herald of God, Michael possesses nearly infinite power over light itself. He has demonstrated before the events of the history the ability to create countless light spears to rain down on his opponents. Michael could generate and manipulate pure light - an immensely dangerous element that could greatly harm Evil Gods and creatures of darkness and evil alike. His power over the light element is great enough to be capable of manipulating the light created by his enemies, as shown when he caused the light spears wielded by the rouge Fallen to explode, killing all of their wielders instantly. When manifesting his true power and divine form as an archangel with 12 golden white wings, Michael can cast a very powerful stream of light, capable of rivaling the light of the sun. His light is said to be personally powered by God Himself, and that he embodies God's light, being His trusted general and supreme commander of Heaven's army.
    • Illumination Holy White Light - Like all archangels and Arcuthas, Michael is able to summon, generate, create, release, or radiate an overwhelming, divine, blinding white light from his hand that is capable of obliterating anything from other living things to entire cities and structures. He can use the light offensively and bring light with his presence. With this power, he can destroy a portion of Heaven
      • Light Constructs: Unlike most other Angels, who can only create one light spear at a time, he could generate countless light spears and shoot them like arrows without showing any signs of exhaustion. He could create countless spears of lights in the sky, making them rain down on his opponents and he can also create a gigantic spear of light that can change its form into many arrows of light.
      • Healing: His light can be use to heal both allies and opponents alike, due to his divine status Michael can't just heal normal, severe, or critical wounds, but can also restore their lost stamina and life-force. Reverting them in an optimal state. His skills in healing, however are not as strong as his brother Raphael (who is known as the Archangel of Healing).
  • Flight: Michael is capable of flying with his 12 golden white wings, being empowered by God's light.
    • Golden Steel Wings: Michael can also use his golden wings as a very strong and dangerous weapon against devils, fallen angels, and other malevolent beings. Being empowered by the light of God Himself, his wings are said to be one of his renowned weapons, capable of killing and defeating powerful beings, like the kings and nobles of hell (consisting of those who served under Lucifer & Satan).
  • Advanced Combat Skills & Powerful Master Combatant: His level of combat skills & powers are the undisputed masters of all forms of combat, including natural and supernatural fighting skills and infinite strength and stamina. He have immense offensive and defensive abilities unsurpassed by any other fighters in the Heavens; he also possess a vary high level of intellect which he use to plan his attacks with a more cautious, careful, and intelligent way.
    • Powerful Martial Artist: As the supreme commander of the heavenly host, Michael's battle prowess in martial arts is considered unrivaled making him the strongest angel in existence, his fighting skills is consists of divine and tranquil combat. Also Michael's great strength and immense durability is a great asset to him when fighting other super powered beings, most of his fights are a brawling contest, but when called for it, he employed his incredible martial abilities and skills to take out opponents quickly and efficiently, while remaining calm and level-headed. The only being who is considered his rival is Lucifer.
    • Master Tactician & Strategist: Being the supreme commander of the Heavenly Host, Michael is an extremely skilled tactical commander, having countless millennia worth of combat experience. He is the one that leads the Heaven in victory during the War in Heaven. He is a very analytical, cautious, observant, calm, and composed angel, making plans and countermeasures first, before engaging their enemies. Michael is capable of outsmarting even the likes of Lucifer and Satan, even using their own cunning strategies against them, while remaining calm and level-headed.


The Archangel Michael, like the other archangels, was created during or even before the dawn of Creation, the famous "Let there be light". Michael and his brothers roamed the vastness of space alongside God hunting the spawn and descendants of Azathoth who had escaped from the Creator during the Primordial Wars. This was considered by the archangels as one of the greatest moments in their long lives, or even the best, or even the best, when "only" they shared the Creator's love.

After God created humanity, He ordered all divine beings to bow to the humans, something that Lucifer, Satan, Samael and Iblis did not accept, which triggered a revolution in Heaven. After countless battles, Michael managed to expel the Morning Star from of Paradise and launch it on Earth, leaving a large crater in the ground. This was the greatest and better feat of the Archangel Saint Michael among humans and even angels.

He leads God's armies against Lucifer's forces during his uprising. Michael appears as "one of the chief princes" who in Daniel's vision comes to Gabriel's aid in his contest with the prince of Persia.

Myths and Legends

Michael is also described there as the advocate of the Children of Israel and as a "great prince who stands up for the children of your people". In Hebrew, Michael means "who is like God", "Who is like God?" However, it does not mean that one should confuse him with being like God, instead it implies that no one is like God. In this way, Michael is reinterpreted as a symbol of humility before God. In Islam, Michael serves as one who delivered bounty and sustenance to all living things as commanded by God.

In late medieval Christianity, Michael, together with Saint George, became the patron saint of chivalry, and of the first chivalrous order of France, the Order of Saint Michael of 1469. In the British honors system, a chivalry order founded in 1818 is also named for these two saints,( the Order of St Michael and St George. St Michael is also considered in many Christian circles as the patron) saint of the warrior. Police officers and soldiers, particularly paratroopers and fighter pilots, regard him as their patron. He is also a patron of Germany and of the City of Brussels.

Roman Catholics (refer to him as Saint Michael the Archangel and also simply as Saint Michael). Orthodox Christians refer to him as the Taxi-arch Archangel Michael or simply Archangel Michael. The New Thought Movement refers to Michael as Christ Michael.


At that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.
Daniel, Chapter 12.
... Oh God... Please forgive your pathetic servant... Forgive me for being so weak... Forgive me for failing to fulfill your will... For failing to summon you here to Earth... For failing to bring your divine compassion to all those that seek it...
Hey Simeon!
Are you free right now? 🥺
I'm suddenly craving sweets again!
You're still in the Devildom, right?
If so, can you get me the limited-edition seven-colored cake from Madam Scream's 🤤?
Oooh, also
Demon's Chocolate just release 700 new flavors!!!
Get me all of them 🍫🍫🍫🍫!!!
Also, Sandie wants me to tell you
We run out of honey 🍯!
So can you stpo
by Hell's Kitchen and get me 7-liters of honey?!
Don't buy the cheap one
Buy The Heinous Bee
That's the real good shit 😎
'Kay, see you soon
Just use my bank account
Ralfie will deal with the rest!
Michael texting to Simeon
Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly hosts, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan, and all the evil spirits, who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.
To Michael.
No. I have never been called Valentine Michael Smith, never did and never will. I never became a human born on Mars, never been raised by Martians, never killed millions of people out of pure pettiness and I certainly never created a God-Forsaken Sex Cult! If I every hear that name along with that damned book that it came from, I will smite you to Oblivion! Mercy be Dammed!
Look, Michael's birthday is coming up and I'm sure you all understand what it means. I need to gift him a present. And I know the relationship between me and Michael hasn't been good since, the last few eons or so, but I really want him to have the best birthday present possible. Now, I assume you've all read that book I asked you to last week, and my gift is kinda similar to what happen in the book. I want to give my darling brother Michael a cult of his own. Not just an ordinary cult, I'd never do that to my family, but a sex cult. A murderous innocent-killing, child-raping, animal-fucking, depraved terrorist cult who do all of this heinous acts in the name of the great archangel Valentine Michael Smith. Trust me, he will love it.
Lucifer's birthday present to Michael.
His name means "Who is Like God" and is one of the archangels. When Lucifer rebelled against God, the great strategist Michael was the one to defeat and trap Lucifer. He is well known for many other spectacular deeds, and to this day has a strong following in Europe.
A note about Michael.



  • He is also said to be the guardian of power and the guardian of justice.
  • Even with his signature attack referencing swords, Michael has rarely been seen using a sword.
  • Michael really loves his sugar. So much that he sometimes puts a spoonful on everything he eats. Not only that, but he also enjoys devil's food cake. Nobody missed the irony of an angel enjoying food with the word devil in it.
  • He had mention that he invented marriage and can see when two people are meant to be.
  • Michael is the protector of both the Jewish people and Germany itself.
  • Doesn't like when people ask him if they could pull his wings to see where they are attached. Also, his wings are a bit sharp and could slice a person if he wanted to.
  • Michael is seen to have a brother-sister relationship with Hemera and a brotherly relationship with Aether.
  • Michael became close friends with Tyrael, actually seeing himself in his fellow angel.
  • Michael doesn't think highly of both the author, Robert A. Heinlein, or his book, Stranger in a Strange Land. The book itself describes Michael reincarnating as a Human on Mars, being raised by Martians, getting sent to Earth, and starting a sex cult before dying. If anything or anyone mentions it in front of him, he becomes angered very quickly.
    • It only got worse after Lucifer brought a 'present' to Michael which, when opened, was a signed version of Stranger in a Strange Land by the actual author. The cries of anger were heard even to the depths of Hell.
  • Though he sometimes uses a vessel to manifest on Earth, Michael is aware of the damage his true form can do to a human, so whenever he withdraws from a human, he leaves the body "better than before".