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Don't be strange, Elohim, I perfectly know what they want. No matter how detached I may be seemed to them, I still care for those children of mine. Only a little bit inside of my nonexisting heart, yes, but it's still there. How could I not? I am their mother after all.
Mother Night to God.

Mother Night, simply known as Night, is the personification of Night. She is also a cosmic being that is embodiment of the infinite darkness that predates creation itself. She is also revealed to be the mother of the Endless, with Father Time as their father.


Mother Night's True Form (Art from Erica Anderson)

She is the embodiment of the primordial night and infinite darkness as a whole. She was the first personification of the night and trained the Primordial Goddess Nyx to be the next personification.

Night is one of the three aspects of what makes darkness and nothingness itself with her being the space that is above the waters of chaos and therefore the endless night while Khaos is the chaotic 'wind' itself. Khaos is also said to be Night's consort with the two ruling the empty gaps that is between realms and outside the conventional space of creation.

Night has the form of existence that is beyond any level of the "event" concept. Nevertheless, she was what made Creation possible and with her partner, made the function of reality come to life.


As a primordial figure, Mother Night is truly a formless entity though she is one of the beings to usually take a humanoid form. No matter what, her true form has never been revealed, for her true visage is basically indescribable. Her skin and clothes are dark in shade and seems to contain the night sky.

In an more human form, she appears as that of an older woman with long pitch-black hair, contrasting her purple eyes. She usually appears wearing dark clothes which gives her a more gothic style. This form is described as beautiful, although its presence is always frightening. When she lifts her aura, her eyes turn crimson red.


She shows much detachment to her immediate surroundings and doesn't show often show strong emotions, apart from getting angry at Dream. She is a vastness of nothing, with no light, no information, no dreams, thoughts, life, etc. She had no part in the battle between God, Khaos and Azathoth and is very indifferent as well as apathetic to the affairs that go on outside of her domain.

Night is disconnected from all things in reality and rather apathetic and self-centered. Given that she shrugs off Dream’s comment on her neglect of her youngest daughter Delirium without much of a reaction, it appears she lacks much feeling. When it comes to her children, Mother Night may seem cold at first but becomes rather caring and affectionate when hearing their plight. However, this maybe a facade and is only playing on their emotions to have them remain in her domain for all eternity.

Powers and Abilities

Little is known of Night's abilities, but it is said her psychical form of existence is beyond any level of the "event" concept.



Mother Night 'existed' alongside the other oldest beings, once being part of the the endless chaotic void. When God created the Light, its power separated from the darkness and the separation between nothingness and creation gave manifest as Night although she was originally nameless. Mother Night did not participate in the warring conflict between God, Khaos and Azathoth. Eventually, after the imprisonment of the Blind Idiot God, God gave both the light and darkness names, he called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

At some point in time, partway during the process of creation's existence, she consorted with Father Time and gave birth to the Endless. Afterward, she entered and resided in an incomprehensible realm of pure chaos and nothingness, and she became her abode at the same time which was a vastness of nothing, with no light, no information, no dreams, thoughts, life, etc.

Paradise Lost

Mother Night encountered both the Devil and Samael after their fall from grace and needed to travel through in order to enter the Garden of Eden. The whole journey was manageable enough until Lucifer and Samael realized that the fluttering of their wings in a void without any air, or at least the concept of air and flight itself, to fly through, nearly causing them to drop thousands of fathoms through the sea of chaos. Night, fortunately, guided the two fallen angels through a specific path that would allow them to escape from the chaotic realm but it would still be highly difficult.

Mother of the Endless

Mother Night simply occupies herself by observing the conflicts and events that occur outside of her abode with a nonchalant attitude and is attended by her maid Dusk whom is said to be a "distant sister" to the Endless. She gets little to no visitors aside from her children though that also is a rarity as Night values her privacy even if she was visited by one of her children.

Eons later, Night was seen bathing in a pool of darkness in her realm, and singing a tune that catches the attention of Dream. After visiting his father, Dream goes to his mother where she is seen to be more humble than Time. Hearing her son's plight, she offers him sanctuary in her domain where he will get all that he has ever wanted, but Dream declines prompting Night to kick him out.

Myths and Legends

Night is nothing more than what the sky looks like after the sun sets over the horizon, leaving part of the planet in darkness. When viewed from the earth, it is possible to see the stars and the galactic center due to the absence of sunlight that blocked the light of other stars.

An entity personifying the night is a concept present in many myths throughout history, with the most famous record being the goddess Nyx of Greek mythology and her Roman equivalent, Nox. Night has often been used metaphorically for the eternal battle between good and evil, with night being the representation of darkness, meaning evil. And the day being the representation of light, that is, meaning good. Therefore, there will never be a day when evil defeats good, just as there is no night that can prevent the sunrise, for whenever light appears, it destroys darkness, bringing hope and life to all things.

This is also implicit in the Bible, where there was only darkness over the aquatic abyss, when the Earth was in a disorganized state and in deep chaos, and God to bring order out of chaos and bring creation into existence, the Creator creates the light to separate the darkness and names light by day and darkness by night, this being the first act of the Creator to begin the creation of the Universe.


When Mother Night remembers that all the pain, fights and despair will soon reawaken, her tears fall down to the earth as dew.
She's the darkness of the void, its feminine aspect, the primordial womb that had given birth to Creation itself. Let all of us pray and show her our most venerable High-Mother the worships she deserves, for she is the true Goddess of All Creation, not some False-God residing in the clouds.
One of Mother Night's cultist follower.



  • Her connection to the Greek goddess Nyx reveals that Nyx is in fact an aspect of Mother Night.