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Nephalem are, the most simplest term, abominations. They possess both grace and miasma, born of both heaven and hell, and their nature is both angelic and demonic. Yet, they are neither of the two. Some nephalem chose their angelic parents, some chose their demonic ones, but the majority chose to be neutral. And that caused many to fear them. For that neutrality alone is much more dangerous than any side.

The Nephalem are the hybrid offspring of Angels and Demons whose existence would forever alter the balance of Creation.


There's more... this child will neither be a Nephilim or Cambion. It will be something far more terrifying. The stories that have been told and now they'll come true.

They have the grace of an angel, demon blood or angel blood running through their veins by the Nephalem's angel and demonic parents. Unlike other hybrids, the Nephalem are mostly hated and feared by most of the supernatural, specifically demons and angels.

The power of a Nephalem depends from how much powerful their parents were: the stronger the parent, the more powerful the Nephalem will be, since he will inherit the power of his parents to a higher degree. Nephalem are quite unique and far more powerful than any Nephilim or Cambion. Regardless of how significant their parents are a Nephalem may even reach at high level of power that equal or even surpass a True Archangel.

A Nephalem is part angel and demon. It can join either side, but if the being chooses to side with angels, then it's declared as an enemy of hell. If siding with hell, then angels will hunt it down and kill it. A Nephalem can remain neutral and only fight for themselves.

No angel or demon has seen a Nephalem or what it's capabilities are, but only learn from the stories fabricated from supernatural entities. Every angel, demon, monster, deity, fairy, or anything else is very well-aware of what a Nephalem is and why they are terrified by one. The Deities call the Nephalem their Ultimate Judgement and the Fairies view one as their own boogeyman.


A Nephalem has the combined appearance of both of their parents, even a soul, but they have angelic or demonic powers that differentiate them. When their eyes turn inhuman, the sclera turns pitch black and the iris color can be any glowing color. The same features as every Nephalem has are two wings. One is a pure white feathered wing and the other is a pitch black bat wing.

Another trait is that the child has the ability to rapidly age from an infant to either a child or teenager. They can age like any child but their growth rate would be much faster and in just a year they'd look physically as a three year old or more.

Nephalem can experience a unique personality disorder that is unseen by Nephilims or Cambions. A Nephalem will develop an angel or demon identity that can take over the Nephalem's body and leave the actual mind of the host without memory of their actions from blacking out. These personalities begin to manifest a form inside the Nephalem's head and will constantly be battling for control unless the Nephalem can balance it's personality disorder and make the manifestations disappear so the disorder can no longer affect them.

Another unique trait of a Nephalem's grace is that it is the only thing that keep both angelic, demonic. If it's removed, then slowly, but much quicker than a Nephilim losing their grace, a Nephalem will be driven towards insanity and die horribly as all three heritage will attack the body's cells and system, causing it to fail. A Nephalem's body is also built to only hold their own unique grace. anyone that extracts it and attempts to consume it will be poisoned and die due of their body not being able to sustain the amount of power and tainted grace that is mixed with angel, demon and human essence kind of how water and oil don't mix. Even True Archangels, Cambions, Nephilims can not consume a Nephalem's grace, only another Nephalem can.

If a Nephalem is low on grace or weakened, their is a way for it to regain its full power by drinking angel or demon blood. Unlike a human that will become addicted or suffer headaches or any diagnostics state, either of the blood is sort of like an energy drink and a Nephalem requires a lot of blood to return back to being at full power and it will keep them from suffering the dissemblance from the loss of grace. Similar to a Nephilim, even if a Nephalem's heart is ripped out, it will not die unless the heart has been destroyed.

Power and Abilities

Nephalem has the combine power of angel and demons, but not only that, but the same powers as Nephilims and Cambions, only at a higher degree. Nephalems are one of the most powerful and terrifying hybrids to exist.

  • Nigh-Omnipotence: A Nephalem is immensely powerful, even above any Nephilim or Cambion. It doesn't matter how powerful their parents are, they can reach Nigh-Omnipotence level of power and abilities. A Nephalem is considered one of the many beings to be even called a god/goddess and become a new creator. As stated before, Nephalem are beings with the potential to become more powerful than Angels, and Demons. And because of the high level of control over both Aether and Nether forces, the wielder can possess vast, but limited, amounts of power.
    • Healing: Heal numerous amounts of people at a very high level with just a wave of the hand.
    • Elemental Manipulation: Control the elements around them to a degree that allows control of their environment.
    • Reality Warping: Warp reality at a level that depends on the wielders experience and willpower.
    • Resurrection: Revive deceased individuals no matter how long.
    • Superpower Manipulation: Conjure/Control supernatural energies that can empower chosen individuals.
    • Space-Time Manipulation: Utilize the forces of time and space to influence certain events.
    • Telekinesis: Transcendent level ability to manipulate structures at a subatomic level.
    • Creation: A Nephalem holds the power to create, which is much more difficult then destroying.
    • Destruction: A Nephalem hold the power to destroy and by that definition it means to erase any object or being from existence.
    • Mediaekinesis: A Nephalem can manipulate the purest type of energy that flows from various of planes in existence. With this energy, a Nephalem can make themselves even more stronger than before.
    • Omnifarious: A Nephalem has shape-shifting powers at such high degree that they can alter their appearance into anyone without limit, down into segments and take on the form of any individual in creation. A Nephalem can appear human but they are also capable of having a true visage like angels and demons.
    • Transcendence Form: As an ethereal being, Nephalem possess a body of divine nature that allows advanced physical abilities. For regular Nephalem, when a child or teenage regular Nephalem reach adulthood, all of their powers will reach at an astronomical level of power and are equal and have become an Arch-Nephalem.
      • Ethereal Physiology: Possess a body made of the Aether (hence the name "ethereal being").
      • Energy Perception: Possess the ability to see the energies that flow through the universe.
      • Extrasensory Perception: Possess an incredible psychic perception.
      • Higher Consciousness: Nephalem naturally possess a level of consciousness that is beyond normal humans.
      • Immortality: Become immune to aging, and live indefinitely without food, drink, sleep, or air.
      • Invulnerability: Gain immunity to nearly all forms of harm.
      • Omnifarious: Will be able to alter their malleable structure to an unlimited degree.
      • Regenerative Healing Factor: If injured somehow, user can heal from any injury inflicted.
      • Spatial-Temporal Lock: They are immune to the effects of Time and Space.
      • Supernatural Condition/Absolute Condition: Have the supernatural degree of physical/mental attributes that only a divine spirit can possess.
    • Divine-Demonic Force Manipulation: As offspring of an angel and a demon, Nephalem can control both holy and unholy forces and powers.
    • Soul Absorption: Nephalem could also be able to siphon the spiritual selves of malevolent beings, such as Demons and Fallen Angels for example to augment their existing powers.
  • Ethereal Manipulation: They can generate and control Aether, a powerful, primordial element that was used to create the universe itself as well as Nether, the chthonian element, that flows through the realms of the Living and the Dead.
    • Angelic/Demonic Blood Consumption/Empowerment: By consuming vast quantities of either angel or demon blood, a Nephalem can bolster their angel/demon powers onto a different level and their psychic powers as well. Unlike a normal human or either Nephilim and Cambion, they can drink both bloods without suffering any ill effect or become addictive.
    • Angelic-Demonic Control: Like Nephilims and Cambions, a Nephalem can manipulate all kinds of angels and demons by exorcising, harming, or controlling them with a hand gesture, verbally, and thought.
      • Angelic-Demonic Possession: Like a Cambion and Nephilim, a Nephalem can control any angel or demon verbally, thought, or hand gesture. A Nephalem can possess an angel or demon's mind and control them against their will by psychically linking themselves, meaning a Nephalem can see or communicate through the possessed angel and demon.
      • Angelic-Demonic Tactile Exorcism: Like a Cambion and Nephilim, a Nephalem can exorcise any angel or demon from their vessel and banish them back to their respective realms.
    • Pyrokinesis (Holy/Hellfire Control): Like Nephilims that can manipulate holy fire and Cambions that can manipulate Hellfire, the Nephalem can manipulate the mystical flames of hell and the power to manipulate holy flames, which embodies the Purifying aspect of Fire. they can control both fires to harm or trap angels and demons. Neither fire can harm a Nephalem as they are immune.
    • Angelic/Demonic Immunity: A Nephalem's heritage of being a angel/demon/human hybrid, they can be immune to common weaknesses their parents would naturally be weak against such as Angel Warding, banishing sigil, holy water, salt, iron, hallowed ground, angel blade, demon-killing knife, angel or Devil's trap, holy fire, and hellfire. There is hardly anything that can harm or kill a Nephalem except for powerful and dangerous supernatural weaponry or beings.
  • Twilight Manipulation: A Nephalem can manipulate all kinds of light and darkness, allowing control over the element of Twilight, hence forth the title Bringer of Light and Darkness.
    • Photo-Umbrakinesis: Gain a hybrid ability to control the elements of Light/Darkness to a wider degree.
    • Twilight Conjuration: Create anything based on the wielder's thoughts, and feelings to the level where you can conjure whole cities.
    • Twilight Dimensional Manipulation: Use the power to manipulate many dimensional energies to a high level and travel to planes of both Energy and Matter.
    • Twilight Energy Control: Manipulate that energy in a variety of powerful ways.
    • Photokinesis: A Nephalem has the ability to summon and control clouds of light for various of purposes. They can create constructs or tendrils of light to harm or kill individuals.
    • Umbrakinesis: A Nephalem has the ability to summon and control clouds of darkness for various of purposes. They can create constructs or tendrils of darkness to harm or kill individuals.
  • High Tier Angelic Powers: A Nephalem possesses the same angelic powers as a regular angel, but at a higher degree that may equal the True Archangels.
  • High Tier Demonic Powers: A Nephalem possesses the same demonic powers as a regular demon, but at a higher degree that is above the likes of Archdemons.



Legends of their Creation (Art from Diablo)

You...all humans...are the spawn of my coupling! From demon and angel came the nephalem, greater than anything ever created in the cosmos! The force I stirred within you, the force which I found begging to be released, is nothing less than your birthright!
Lilith to Uldyssian.

The Sanctuary was created by the rogue angel Inarius and his demon confidante, Lilith. They led a group of renegade demons and angels where they created a new world through the Worldstone, one where they would be free from the Eternal Conflict between Heaven and Hell. In an act without precedent, Inarius and Lilith mated and created offspring. In time, other renegade demons and angels did likewise and produced offspring of their own. Thus, the Nephalem were born—the children of both angels and demons, yet a new entity in their own right.

The first generation of nephalem were called the Ancients. It is believed that they set out exploring, seeking answers, attempting to understand the world in which they lived. Millennia after their birth, Deckard Cain speculated that thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of these Ancients existed, though by the time of his life, only the names of Bul-Kathos, Vasily, Esu, and Rathma were remembered, and treated more like deities. It is known that these Ancients developed along different lines from each other, including the cultures they fostered. Tyrael would later believe that some early nephalem were born more demon than angel, resulting in Phantasms that would haunt Sanctuary far into the future. The Temple of the Firstborn was constructed in honor of these early nephalem.

Yet not all was well among the nephalem's parents, for they were far more powerful than either angel or demon. Their forebears feared that not only might the nephalem become a threat, but might draw the attention of the Heaven and Hell to Sanctuary. They knew that the co-mingling of their kind would be declared blasphemous, and that they would be destroyed if their refuge were discovered. Thus, some of the renegades called for the nephalem to be eradicated, while others believed they should be spared. The dissension troubled Inarius, who called for a period of reflection, so that each of his subjects could consider the matter in solitude.

The Rise of Man

The day of the nephalem is, as they say, long over. One by one, I and my kind will cease to be. There are fewer now than during the battle even. The future is what is important.

Lilith was driven into a mad frenzy by the threat of her children's extinction. Morphing into a horrific beast, she hunted down and murdered her fellow renegades, lest they do the same to the nephalem. Enraged at her actions, Inarius could not bring himself to kill his beloved and thus banished her to the Void. Subsequently, the angel attuned the Worldstone in such a manner to cause the powers of the nephalem to diminish over time. Thus, the nephalem became weaker over each subsequent generation, their lifespans declining. Some of the nephalem knew what had happened. Those who protested were crushed by Inarius, and the others scattered. Others were unaware of what Inarius had done, and thought they were succumbing to some kind of plague. As they weakened, the civilizations the nephalem had established began to splinter, and they fell into a dark age. Eventually, the nephalem became mortals, uniting their blood to the race called humanity, a weaker, mortal species, without knowledge of its birthright. It was still possible for nephalem and humans to produce offspring together.

Yet the potential to reclaim its old glory still rested in humanity. It was this potential power that drew the attention of the Great Evils to humanity, beginning what would become known as the Sin War. In the last stages of the conflict, the Worldstone was altered by Uldyssian, who began to manifest powers befitting a nephalem, as did his Edyrem followers. However, as the last battle raged, he realized that the power being regained was too much over too short a time, and in an act of self-sacrifice, he brought back his raging energies into himself before releasing them one final time, resetting the Worldstone and stripping his followers of their powers. It was an act that ended the Sin War and convinced the Angiris Council to leave humanity to its own devices, seeing that they could follow the path of light as well as dark.

It was believed by some that by the third century, there were no nephalem left in the world, though this turned out to be false

Return of the Nephalem

In 1265, the Worldstone was destroyed by Tyrael, lest humanity be turned to chaos through Tor'Baalos' corruption of the relic. Thus, the mortal realm was left exposed to both Heaven and Hell. However, within a generation, a new nephalem walked in the world, their powers rivaling that of their distant ancestors. Ultimately, these nephalem defeated Al'Diabolos himself, bringing an end to the Eternal Conflict and saving both Heaven and the mortal realm from destruction. Soon afterwards, Sanctuary was saved by the Nephalem again, after defeating Malthael and his Reapers.

By the time of the rise of the Blood Cult, a number of nephalem had arisen within Sanctuary. Few in number, but great in strength. The demon Vidian used the cult and his own machinations to lure these nephalem into the Temple of the Firstborn, where their blood was split and drained. Vidian was eventually defeated by the same nephalem that had defeated Diablo and Malthael.

Myths and Legends


Nephalem are similar to Nephilim, except that instead of being descendants of the Children of Heaven and the Children of Eden, they are descendants of the Children of Heaven with the Children of Hell. It goes without saying how much the Angels of God fear the power of these entities. If a Nephilim is already capable of doing a lot of damage, you have no idea what a Nephalem could do. They are the result of when light and darkness decide to mix.
Nephalem are humanity's forebears. The offspring of angel and demon, their existence would forever alter the balance of power in the Great Conflict.
I'm sorry m'lord, but the babe must be gone. No matter how much our people worship you, worship us, they cannot love an abomination.
And, alas, we are of our fathers and mothers, alike and yet opposite, one decay and the other light. Indeed, the union of angel and demon created a third essence. And we are those children. We are the nephalem. We exist as half angel and half demon, yet fully a new entity. And because of our lineage, they loved us. And because of our difference, they feared us. Within the trembling balance between love and fear is the relation of us to our fathers and mothers.
A Nephalem.



  • Nephalem was sometimes known as Nephilim though this was changed as to not mistaken themselves with the non-demonic angelic hybrids also known as Nephilim.