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This is it. The legendary ark that helped Noah survived the great flood... Huh, I always thought it was, you know, more ancient-looking. This look like some straight out of a science fiction movie.
Carl Black

Noah's Ark is the vessel by which God spares Noah, his family, and a remnant of all the world's animals from the flood. God gave Noah instructions for building the ark. Seven days before the deluge, God told Noah to enter the ark with his household and the animals. The story goes on to describe the ark being afloat for the first 150 days of the flood before it came to rest on the Mountains of Ararat and the subsequent receding of the waters.

Before the coming of the Great Flood, Noah is warned of the coming flood and told to construct the ark. God spells out to Noah the dimensions of the vessel: 300 cubits in length, 50 cubits in width and 30 cubits in height (450 × 75 × 45 ft or 137 × 22.9 × 13.7 m). It had three internal divisions (which are not actually called "decks", although presumably this is what is intended), a door in the side, and a sohar, which may be either a roof or a skylight.

It is made of "gopher" wood, and is divided into qinnim, a word which always refers to birds' nests elsewhere, leading some scholars to amend this to qanim (reeds), the material used for the boat of Atrahasis, the Babylonian flood-hero. God instructs Noah to kapar (smear) the ark with koper (pitch): in Hebrew the first of these words is a verb formed from the second and, like "gopher", it is a word found nowhere else in the Bible.

Noah is instructed to take on board his wife, his three sons, and his sons' wives. He is also to take two of every living thing, and seven pairs of every clean creature and of every bird, together with sufficient food. In modern times, a team of evangelical Christian explorers claim they've found the remains of Noah's ark beneath snow and volcanic debris on Turkey's Mount Ararat. However, they are not one hundred percent certain that it is the true ark and such it is up to speculation as to whether or not it is the real ark of Noah even though the structure is eerily similar.

Many Christians believe the mountain in Turkey is the final resting place of Noah's ark, which the Bible says protected Noah, his family, and pairs of every animal species on Earth during a divine deluge that wiped out most of humanity. The team says radiocarbon-dated wood taken from the discovery site, whose location they are keeping secret for now, shows the purported ark is about 4,800 years old, which coincides roughly with the time of Noah's flood implied by the Bible.