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You know how you Earthlings have the saying "a face only a mother could love"? Well, that saying definitely doesn't applied to Nug and Yep, those little nephews of mine. Trust me, it took us millennia to convince their mother that they aren't living deformed fetuses and are, in fact, her children.

Nug and Yeb are sons of Shupnikkurat. They are twins born from her mating with her husband Yog-Sothoth. They were "spawned on the Doomed nebula of Zlykarior."


Nug is the parent of Cthulhu and Yeb is the parent of Tsathoggua via the influence of Yog-Sothoth. Dr. Dee calls Nug "Father of Ghouls," a title shared with Cthulhu's spawn Shaurash-ho. Nug might also be the father of Hastur. They are 10 feet in diameter in their usual appearance. Both Nug and Yeb closely resemble Shupnikkurat.

Nug and Yeb are worshipped in K'n-yan, Irem, and other places and form a kind of yin and yang symbolically. Other texts refer to the two great old ones as the creator and keeper of the garden where Yig lives. They are entrusted with clearing the earth for the Great Ones return. Using two devices called the "Furnace of Yeb" and the "Torch of Nug" to accomplish this purpose. Esoteric doctrines of monks in Leng teach that Nug and Yeb are the serect names of Lloigor and Zhar. But they have never lived on Earth. Although they might have appeared at or near Kadath, and Nug and Yeb are said to be in the Cavern of Prototypes beneath Mount Voormithadreth (which may be extra-dimensional). Nug is a god among ghouls, while Yeb is the leader of Abhoth's Unclean Ones alien cult.



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Myths and Legends

Yeb may also have been called Cxaxukluth in Hyperborea since Yeb is the "father" of Tsathoggua. By implication it is male though it may be androgynous. Yeb is connected with the "Black Flame," and the instrument of world destruction, "The Furnace of Yeb" in which the flame resides on Earth.