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A coyote-like trickster deity in the faiths of the indigenous american people. His depiction vary from culture to culture, making him a multi-facet deity with many identities and alignments.
Carl Black

O-let'-te is a deity that created all animals, then calls them to a council to discuss the creation of human beings.


It is believed there existed a "people who lived before real people" who in some tales have died out, in others are the same as the supernatural animal spirits.

Several creation fragments exist detailing O-let'-te's place in the family of the "first spirits" on earth. According to the Coast Miwok, O-let'-te was the declared grandfather of Wek'-wek. There existed animal spirits and a few star-people spirits.



Powers and Abilities


Creation of the World

Each animal wanted people to be imbued with its own best qualities, causing an argument. O-let'-te mocked them all, vowing that human beings should have his own wit and cunning. Each animal makes a human model in its own likeness; but overnight O-let'-te destroys the other models, so that only his own model comes to life.

Creation of Humans

O-let'-te catches Choo'-hoo, Kok'-kol and Ah-wet'-che, plucks their feathers and place the feathers in different parts of the earth. They turn into the Miwok people and their villages.

O-let'-te comes from the west alone, followed by Chicken Hawk, who is his grandson. O-let'-te turned "his first people" into animals. He made the Pomo people from mud and the Miwok people out of sticks.

There was an epic flood, and the first world people climbed a mountain to avoid drowning. The water finally receded. They were starving, they thought it was safe to come down and look for food but they sank into the mud and died. The ravens came to sit on the holes where the people died, one raven at each hole. The ravens turned into new people the Miwok.

O-let'-te and Lizard create the world "and everything in it". O-let'-te create human beings from some twigs. They argue over whether human beings should have hands. Lizard wants humans to have hands but O-let'-te does not. Lizard wins a scuffle, and humans are created with hands.

Myths and Legends

Friendship with God

In some Native American Mythology, O-let'-te is God's best friend. In some stories, O-let'-te is even singled out by God to be a more important teacher of life lessons than the other Animal People.

In one particular story, God allowed all of the animals to change their names. Except for O-let'-te, because O-let'-te was His friend and He didn't want O-let'-te's name to change.

In another story, O-let'-te is hanging out with God and is responsible for the diversity of humans (including the male and female sexes) because he kept messing with God's basic human design. God just let him do it, because O-let'-te was his friend and it would be rude to get mad at him.