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Unlike the gods of Earth, Old Ones are more... primal, in a sense that they aren't connected to aspects of nature or civilization, but instead to cosmic, universal, and even metaphysical ones, such as time, space, matter, etc.
Carl Black.

The Old Ones are a species of eldritch gods and god-like beings within the Lovecraft mythos.


While pagan deities could have a variety of appearances, they are usually grounded in reality, no matter how crazy their appearance could get. Old Ones however have more chaotic appearances, whether it is a blob with eyes and mouths, a man with an octopus head and dragon wings, are completely made out of tentacles, or if they are completely indescribable.

While pagan deities are representations of certain elements of humans or nature, at best Old Ones would represent concepts like time or reality, while there are many love deities, nature deities, and sky deities, there are very few if any Old Ones that would even be related to these elements.


Old Ones are usually amoral in nature, not necessarily evil and chaotic like demons, and not necessarily good and lawful like angels, or even neutral like with deities. Without a proper moral system, it gives no restraint in causing problems which leads them to terrorize humans, an exception to this is Kthanid who is benevolent or Nyarlathotep who is malevolent.

Notable Old Ones Groups