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Ad maiorem Luciferum gloriam.
Order of the Fly's motto.

The Order of the Fly is a major demonic court and order within Hell, that was founded by Beelzebub, one of the Seven Princes of Hell.


While founded by Beelzebub, it is likely controlled by Lucifer as well.


The Order of the Fly was founded by Beelzebub shortly after the hierarchy of Hell was fully established. It serves as his own personal court and order where Beelzebub would be relayed information regarding the activities of royal demons and progress of Hell's systematic workings. Beelzebub only invites demons he deems as trustworthy enough to not move against him or the throne of Hell. Even then, the concept of trust is about as rare as finding a golden needle in a haystack. Nevertheless, Beelzebub confides with the more prominent members of the Order in regards to important matters.

Seeing that Beelzebub is Lucifer's most trusted advisor and his intellectual equal, the Morningstar appointed him with handling the bureaucratical workings of Hell's hierarchy. Moreover, information given to Beelzebub by a highly-esteemed and placed member in both the court and Hell's royal hierarchy regarding an issue with how a demon is running a region in one of the Circles, the rapid decline of resources due to the excessive use of said resources, or more so demons requesting permission over the jurisdiction of a claimed region is to be transferred over to Lucifer or Satan and await their final word.


Myths and Legends


Princes and dignitaries

  • Beelzebub: Founder of the Order of the Fly
  • Eurynome: Prince of Death, Grand Cross of the Order of the Fly (Status disputed)
  • Moloch: Prince of the Country of Tears, Grand Cross of the Order
  • Pluto: Prince of Fire, also Grand Cross of the Order and Governor of the Regions in Flames (Status disputed)
  • Pan: Prince of incubi (Status disputed)
  • Lilith: Princess of succubi
  • Leonard: Great Lord of the Sabbath
  • Berith: Great Pontiff, Lord of Alliances 
  • Proserpina: Archdiablesse, Princess of Evil spirits (Status disputed)

Ministers of the Office

  • Adramelech: Grand Chancellor and Grand Cross of the Order of the Fly
  • Astaroth: General Treasurer, Knight of the Fly
  • Nergal: Chief of the Secret Police
  • Bael: Commander in Chief of the armies of Hell
  • Leviathan: Grand Admiral, Knight of the Fly


  • Belphegor: Ambassador of France
  • Mammon: Ambassador of England/Grand Treasurer
  • Belial: Ambassador of Italy
  • Rimmon: Ambassador of Russia
  • Tammuz: Ambassador of Spain (Status disputed)
  • Hutgin: Ambassador of Turkey
  • Martinet: Ambassador of Switzerland


  • Verdelet: Master of Ceremonies
  • Succoth-benoth: Chief of the Eunuchs of the Seraglio
  • Chemosh: Grand Chamberlain, Knight of the Fly
  • Melchom: Paymaster
  • Nisroch: Chief of the Kitchen
  • Behemoth: Chief Cupbearer
  • Dagan: Grand Pantler
  • Mullin: First Valet

Secret expenses

  • Robals: Director of Theaters
  • Asmodeus: Superintendent of the Gambling Houses
  • Nybbas: Grand Buffoon
  • Antichrist: Charlatan and Necromancer