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Father crafted this realm as the prison for Azathoth and all the abominations born of his blood. [...] There's no need to worry though. That place is located far beyond the boundaries of Creation, unaffected by time and space. No one but God Himself could ever enter it.

The Outerverse is the current prison and home of the Outer Gods.


It was created by God far beyond the boundaries of all that He reigns sovereign in before being established as his prison to keep the Outer Gods and Azathoth at bay, as they could not be destroyed. Azathoth also acts as all of time and space in this verse as well.

Despite holding some of the most powerful beings at bay, lesser Outer Gods can leave the realm to varying extents; the deities Nyarlathotep and Kronika appear to able to escape the Outerverse whenever they please, and Shupnikkurat can be summoned via an occult ritual.

While created as a prison, the strongest Outer Gods were strong enough to remold the prison as a home for their race including the newly created Outer Gods like Yibb-Tstll, Abhoth, and others which were all created in this realm.

Physically the Outerverse is described as "black starless void", and the various Outer Gods are trapped in golden, chrysalis-like cocoons. They are also many tears in reality that allows some of the Outer Gods to escaped the prison and enter the multiverse.

The Outerverse can be only be really opened with the Right Hand of Doom, the key God created to keep the gates to verse closed. The key is currently grafted onto the Cambion Hellboy, who works for Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense.