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I've waited a lifetime for this moment, Firebrand. You and I were destined to clash. And you, it seems, are destined to die.
Is this all the skill you possess? Fight harder and die with honor!

Phalanx was a tyrannical dictator who had only one goal in mind, to conquer all the realms, whether it is for the greater good or for malicious intent in unknown. All that is known is that he is willing to do anything to complete this goal.




Power and Abilities

Normal Form

While in his normal form, he simply flies back and forth, forming plasma balls that bounce until they hit the spikes. Sometimes he will fly low and fast, trying to either cut Firebrand with his razor wings, or to shoot a charged plasma ball. He is weak against Demon Fire.

Crest of Heaven

When getting the Crest of Heaven, he gains a huge power boost which allows him to create water from nothing and flood the entire area using it. After taking some heavy damage, he will drain all of the water and start attacking with new techniques, like a black hole that renders Firebrand immobile for a few seconds, a circling plasma ball and a strong gust that tries to blow Firebrand into the spikes. He is still weak against Demon Fire.

Ultimate Phalanx

File:Demons Crest Ultimate Phalanx.png

After obtaining the Crest of Infinity, he becomes a gargantuan monstrosity and is able to flood the entire place with lava. Firebrand had to battle him on small rocky platforms that will push Firebrand towards Phalanx. These rocks are more of an annoyance than a help, leaving Firebrand cornered often; try to stay on the upper areas as much as possible in order to escape easily from attacks.

Phalanx will shoot large bolts in Firebrand's direction quite often, destroying any rocks flying in their path. He is also constantly producing small energy balls that chase Firebrand until they are destroyed. He doesn't have any temporary invincibility when he takes a hit, but his hands will block attacks, only neglecting defense to shoot a huge laser breath, so the player can only hurt him with one or two shots at a time. He is weak against the Legendary Gargoyle form.


Thousands of years ago, Phalanx battled in the war for the Crests to rule the Ghoul Realm. Hiding his cunning and brutal nature, Phalanx ambushed the critically wounded Firebrand after his battle with the demon dragon to take all of his crests and seal him, however the crests deem him unworthy and all teleport away aside from one, the crest of heaven. 

He also intentionally set fire on the demon realm to catch the attention of the demons, saving them and blaming Firebrand for the act. With the crests, Phalanx now rules the both the Ghoul and Human's worlds, being known as the "White King." 

Phalanx then takes over the Ghoul Realm with his power and appoints a young gargoyle by the name of Arma to the highest position in his army. After a thousand years, Phalanx puts Firebrand and the recently revived Somulo in a Colosseum for his entertainment, planning on the dragon to kill Firebrand, however Firebrand escapes and goes on a quest to exact revenge on Phalanx. Though in truth, he gave a piece of the Crest of Fire to Firebrand and allows him to escape from the Colosseum, and makes his general Arma follow the red demon.

This all culminates when Firebrand collects all but one of the crests, and storms Phalanx's castle. They fight and when Phalanx is defeated, he uses the heaven crest to make himself more powerful, he gets beaten again until he uses the crest of heaven along with the crests Firebrand collected to summon the crest of infinity, and uses it to become one of the most powerful creatures in all of the realms.

Phalanx reveals that he used Firebrand to obtain the Crest of Infinity, and now that he possesses its great power, Firebrand is no longer needed for his plans. The battle between the Red Blaze and the god of infinity was said to have shook the realms, but eventually Phalanx is killed before he gains full control over his new powers.

Myth and Legends