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Alfrous, Picollus, Iavolus... Their deaths are the result of their arrogance and stupidity, failing to even follow a step-by-step plan because of what? The flesh and blood of a human wench...

Picollus was a demon of the Dictionnaire Infernal who wandered around Europe, notably in the Baltic and Prussian regions, where he sometimes mistaken for the deity Peckols.


Picollus is a demon revered by the ancient inhabitants of Prussia, who consecrated to him the head of a dead man and burned a tallow in his honor.

This demon could be seen during the last days of important people. If one did not appease him at first, he would present himself a second time; and when one gave him the pain of appearing a third time, he could only be mollified and satisfy by spilled human blood.


He is believed to look like pale old man with a long beard.


Powers and Abilities


Myths and Legends


So, about Piccolus/Poccolus/Pikulis/Piktulis etc:

No doubt we mean the same deity. Yes, he is not a demon, but one of three greater Gods (Perkunas, Patrimpas, Pikulis). He is some kind of god-destroyer, god of death, decay. What Patrimpas (spring) gives and creates, Pokolus (winter) destroys, takes away. In some aspects similar gods in other mythologies would be Loki, Hades, Satan.

It is true that tallow was burnt in his honour. regarding these three appearances – actually it was believed that if Pokolus requires some kind of offering, he waits for two days. On third day the blood already is required to satisfy him. Offerings for Pokolus were: animals, horses, humans (?). The blood was spilled on the dedicated oak, which according to beliefs was evergreen.

Simonas Daukantas Tikejimas Senoves Lietuviu; Teodoras Narbutas Lietuvos Istorija



  • This demon had believers well into the 17th century in what is now northern Poland.