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We have neither origins nor conclusions, child. We simply just are.

The Pre-existential Entities are the oldest entities in existence, having been born before the beginning of Creation and took part in the creation of the world. There are many Pre-existential Entities but most of them have yet to be revealed. They are the prototypes of concepts that don't even exist yet, such as matter, antimatter, darkness, madness, chaos, oblivion or infinity, and many others.


Pre-existential Entities are entities that supposedly come from nothing, whether they are self created or come from the Cosmic Egg, an object which existed outside of the multiverse, existing beyond the concept of dimensions themselves varies. They are unbound by space and time, transcendent of life and death, and existing beyond the concept of duality of good, evil, light, dark, existence, and nonexistence. They are archetypes and abstractions of concepts that pervade within the dimensional framework of all Creation as well as existing outside of it within.

These beings are powerful, existing as their own walking universe that encompasses-all of reality and concepts. Their manifestations within the lower worlds are mere shadows of their true selves. For example, the current Ouroboros and others are seen by the Gods of Earth are phantoms, shadows of their true selves. One can even call them avatars of their true bodies which exist in a place where the constraints of time and space on any level don't exist.

Pre-existential Entities are powerful beyond all imagination. No matter how many qualitative steps one takes, one can never possibly reach their level of existence even if they spend an eternity trying to. They possess powers beyond the Gods of the Earth, making them seem like children playing in the mud. They can alter and destroy matter at a quantic scale, manipulate their given concepts and laws which govern all of reality and beyond, as well as reform even if they suffer absolute conceptual death. In addition, Pre-existential Entities are capable of birthing entire universes as well as erasing them effortlessly.

Although all Pre-Existentials initially appear to be separate divinities, it is clear that in some senses, everything and everyone is connected in some way, with one being an aspect of the other. For example, Ayin is the evil aspect of God, representing everything that God Is Not and Does Not Represent; while God is the benign and positive aspect of Ayin, representing all the positive and kind concepts that She does not possess. This is reflected in all Pre-Existentials down to all things and non-things in Creation, down to the smallest and most insignificant atom. This is due to the fact that Pre-Existentials are not real entities, but archetypes. Because of this, they are forces, concepts that complement each other, with all existing as aspects of each other, and as a result, this ends up reflected in their creations (such as Pralaya being an aspect of Barbelo and Nyx being an aspect of the Mother Night).


What existed before the creation of the universe is and perhaps always will be a mystery to humanity, everything we know is recorded in research done by humans and angels about this period so distant and unknown. Despite this, everything seems uncertain, mysterious and curious. The Seraphim and Malakh work with a theory about the origin of everything.

In the beginning there was nothing, no earth, no matter, no wind, no life, no death, no time, no light, no heaven or hell, the universe was without form, and void. But within a moment, this nothingness was replaced with Ayin who was made of an ultrahot material. Afterwards, this material was cooled down with Khaos, which then gave way to the Darkness. Eventually, the universe grew tired of being nothing, and so the universe said the Word, and the Word was with God, also known as Yesh, and the Word was God. Yesh and Ayin were the yes and the no of everything. The acceptance and denial all rolled into one being, essentially being the transcendent root of roots as the origins of all that has existed, exists, and will exist.

When God saw His reflection in the Primordial Waters, His reflection took shape and personified in an entity that was Barbelo, the feminine side of God. When she was formed, with the coming of motherhood, so was Life, and when life was formed, Death formed shortly afterwards. When the first second clicked, Time also formed. When a hint of conflict and madness formed, so did the blind idiocy of Azathoth. And finally to maintain order, the universe required endlessness and oblivion, and so from a Cosmic Egg came the Ouroboros and Vitriol.

These beings, the Pre-existentials, were the most powerful beings within the multiverse, there are possibly others but most are not known for now. This is what sparked a war between these beings, God created the Arcuthas, Khaos created the Primordials, Azathoth created the Outer Gods, and Ayin and the Darkness, teamed up, both with the purpose of fighting the others, however Death, Life, and Father Time watched the fight, Barbelo wanted nothing to do with the fight, Ouroboros was lost for the entire fight, and Vitriol was busy look for something to eat.

Eventually, whether it was through combat or comradery, God came out on top, winning the war. The other beings were either trapped or now work under God not as an enemy but as a respected peer.

Known Pre-existential entities

Name Image Concept Description
God Yahvehprofile.jpg Pre-existential Embodiment of Creation God is the original creator and one of the most powerful being within all of existence. He is the father of the Angels and the Fallen Angels as well as the creator of the realm Heaven as well as the extradimensional prison realm of Purgatory.
Khaos Israfil by 000fesbra000 d86msyr-fullview.jpg Pre-existential Embodiment of the Watery Abyss Khaos is the creator of the Primordials and therefore the ancestor of every pagan deity, the only exception being the Trimurti. Usually seen as the oldest being, he is one of three pre-existential aspects of nothing, with Khaos being the nothingness that is the primeval void which predates creation. While seeming very stoic he is actually known for his compassion and empathy, as it was those two things that allowed him to team up with God during the first battle.
Azathoth Azathoth by jasonengle ddk9mnm-fullview.jpg Pre-existential Embodiment of Madness Azathoth is the formless being of madness, creator of the Outer Gods, and therefore the ancestor of every Old One. He was one of the biggest threats during the first battle, and was imprisoned within the Outerverse along with the other Outer Gods.
Ayin FPmgF WWQA8lhpH.png Pre-existential Embodiment of Destruction Ayin is the opposite of what is, as she is she who isn't. She wants to see Gods creation be burned down to nothing, down to its last atoms. However it seems she has an affinity for four beings in particular, the Darkness, Therion, the Scarlet King, and Angra Mainyu. She is one of three pre-existential aspects of nothing, with Ayin being nothingness consuming thing to bring it back to nothing again.
The Darkness Wisdomjusticelovelo.jpg Pre-existential Embodiment of Darkness The Darkness is the embodiment of darkness without light. Also known as Mother Night by her children, she originally was just as destructive as her sister Ayin, but after she "grew up" she was finally able to admit she was wrong and became less violent. However she still thinks that God is the same petulant, narcissistic being he always was while she has changed and adapted into the "better her". She is one of three pre-existential aspects of nothing, with the Darkness being the darkness that existed before the light.
Therion Mother+of+the+Cosmos+(High+Res).jpg Pre-existential Embodiment of Animosity Therion is considered to be the first monster within all of Creation. While a bold claim, it is an accurate one. While he has no relation to entities like Fenrir or Typhon, his individual pieces have been crafted into different monsters who now roam the Earth.
Death 51gTAnMGd1L.jpg Pre-existential Embodiment of Death Death is the Pre-existential Entity who embodies Death. He is responsible for maintaining what he calls the Cosmic Cycle, along with Life and Father Time, to which even the Gods are subject to. He is the counterpart of Life, the Pre-existential Embodiment of Life.
Life D5zf553-ef371907-22eb-4773-a117-f41fbef0a9c1.jpg Pre-existential Embodiment of Life Life is the Pre-existential Entity who embodies Life. She is known as the Divine Seed that birthed all Life in Creation. She is responsible for maintaining the Cosmic Cycle, along with Death and Father Time, to which even the Gods are subject to. Life is the creator of the soul and the counterpart of Death, the Pre-existential Embodiment of Death.
Father Time Father time.jpg Pre-existential Embodiment of Time Father Time is the personification of Time and supposedly the more friendly version of the Grim Reaper. Typically pictured as an old man with a white beard wearing a cloak and often times carrying a scythe and hourglass. Father Time is particularly lonely, although he prefers it so, as he does not want to have any contact with his own children. To his mind, the only reason any of his children visit him is that they want something.
Barbelo Dcsmyi7-0fbc9590-00a7-4d0a-8cc7-15c3040b5f2e.jpg Pre-existential Embodiment of Silence Barbelo is the supreme female principle, the single passive antecedent of creation in its manifoldness. Barbēlō is the first power, the glory, Barbēlō, the perfect glory in the aeons, the glory of the revelation. She is the first Aeon and the true wife of God.
Ouroboros 4b6b4e0a0201d376fa18844a1e69bfca.jpg Pre-existential Embodiment of Infinity Ouroboros is the Pre-existential Entity who embodies Infinity. She is the twin sister of God and takes the form of a Dragon. She is known as the Infinite Dragon God and the Ouroboros Dragon who separates the Heavens and the Earth.
Vitriol Alchemy original.jpg Pre-existential Embodiment of Oblivion Vitriol is the infamous "Devourer of Worlds" throughout the Universe. His powers are nearly omnipotent. He has appointed several entities as his Heralds, imbuing them with the cosmic power. He uses energy from the core of planets and universal sources to sustain himself.

Speculated Pre-existential entities

Pre-existentials who aren't considered part of the "main group" as while they share many characteristics with Pre-Existentials, there's enough evidence pointing to them just being incredibly old entities.

Name Image Concept Description
The Shadow D7avvyv-451d71bf-e02a-4a16-aa05-ab843b85739a.jpg Pre-existential Embodiment of the Empty The Shadow is a mysterious and powerful cosmic being who rules over a realm called the Empty, a realm that existed before the other Pre-existentials. When angels, demons, and other immortal beings die, they go to the Empty where they eternally slumber, allowing the Shadow to do the same. If even one of its charges is awake, the Shadow is awoken as well and left in pain until the awakened being is asleep again or removed from the Empty.
Void Termina DalxbbDU0AACNdV nurikabenuri.jpg Pre-existential Embodiment of the Void Void Termina is a being who comes from the world before the one now. Back then he was said to be incredibly friendly, but after a battle that ended its world he became more hateful and destructive until he was sealed away by four heroes. He is worshiped in a cult compacity, corrupting beings into serving him so that he may be freed once more. He is one of the smallest Pre-existentials, being about 3.9 meters in height, he is also said to despise Ouroboros for some reason.
Mother Night Night Mother.jpg Pre-existential Embodiment of the Night Mother Night is the personification of Night and mother of the Endless. She is a cosmic being that is embodiment of the infinite darkness that predates creation itself. She resides in an incomprehensible realm of pure chaos. Her pre-existential status is questionable as some believe she was a result of God dividing the light from the Darkness.
Ycnágnnisssz Ycnagnnisssz by bergamind-d61fuwh.jpg Pre-existential Embodiment of Ignorance Ycnágnnisssz is the being from the dark star Xoth who spawned Zstylzhemghi by fission. Ycnàgnnisssz is one of the progenitors of the old ones (Azathoth being the other). All that is known of it is that it is from the dark star Zoth, and it spawned Zstylzhemgni. Its pre-existential status has been questioned by many
Leaders of the GOIs:

SCP Foundation: The Administrator
Chicago Spirit: Master Foreman
Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd.: Carter, Marshall, Dark
Anderson Robotics: Vincent Anderson
Are We Cool Yet?: The Critic
Fifthist Church: Big Cheese Horace
Dr. Wondertainment: Isabel Helga Anastasia Parvati Wondertainment V
Gamers Against Weed: Jude Kriyot
Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting: Herman Fuller
Sarkicism: Grand Karcist Ion
Church of the Broken God: Robert Bumaro
Global Occult Coalition: D.C. al Fine

Pit.png Pre-existential embodiment of the GOIs While at best seeming like superhumans, it is revealed that the Administrator of the Foundation, and other leaders of the other GOIs are actually powerful immortal beings who use the universe and its inhabitants as just a playboard game with roleplaying for their own entertainment, with their identities being nothing more than just a role which one of these entities takes, and after one of them wins, the game starts over and the universe resets, with the roles changing. Their relation to the other pre-existentials is unknown.

Declassified Pre-existential entities

Entities who were once considered Pre-existential, but now have enough evidence against the idea.

Name Image Description
Satan Satan.jpg Satan is the bringer of temptation within Abrahamic religions, a fallen angel and primal force wrapped into one. The confusion of Satan being Pre-Existential is an odd one, since there seems to be no reason as to why this belief exists. It could be the fact that Satan's parentage has been an enigma, it could also be Satanism claiming him (or someone resembling him) to be the true father of humanity.
Tathamet YEVHA8q.jpg Tathamet is the Primal Evil and the progenitor to the Great Evils and was originally considered to be the "Pre-Existential Embodiment of Fear." Tathamet was originally thought to be the pre-existential embodiment of fear. Alongside this, he was thought to have been the indirect creator of the Beast from the Sea and Earth. This has been proven to be a mistake however, and that he was merely confused for Therion.
Ozgon Face by gutenmorgentag13 dblj3rh-fullview.jpg Ozgon is the primordial embodiment of fear and terror birthed from the union of Life and Death. After Tathamet was considered declassified, researchers may have been quick to find a replacement for the embodiment of fear. This would have contributed to Ozgon getting the label, despite not being a Pre-Existential in the slightest.
Primordials Brahim-azizi-bpr-render4.jpg Many consider the Primordials of Earth to be a special kind of Pre-Existential Entity. While these claims are false, it doesn't mean they're completely invalid. Primordials such as Chronos, Ananke, Phanes, Caligo, Zurvan, Asherah, and Astarte are noteworthy examples of Primordials being confused for Pre-Existentials. An interesting thing to note would be the Canaanite gods, as them being Pre-Existentials come from misrepresentations of Canaanite texts. Both Asherah and Astarte are sisters of El, who was often conflated with God, possibly leading to this confusion.


Creatio ex nihilo - God created the Earth from nothing. Or that's what the catechism teacher wants us to believe. Before there was light, before there was Creation and the Archangels, there was nothing, there were powerful entities far beyond your comprehension. Among these beings were an Ocean covered by a dense Darkness that was lit by an Ultra-hot Material and troubled by an Endless Madness, these four challenged God in a terrible war, forcing him to imprison these creatures in the deepest and outermost places of creation, to keep multiverse intact and existence preserved.
Outside the universe there are sureal beings beyond your imagination. The creation is full of myths and legends about pre-existential entities.
Y Ddraig Goch to King Arthur.
You are quite arrogant, Embodiment of Evil. Even with someone of your power would not even be noticed on their radar. I wouldn't even stand a chance against them so why do think you would?
Nyarlathotep to Angra Mainyu about the Pre-existential Entities.
In the beginning...
There was Yesh.
Yesh was perfect, he was majesty personified.
Endless and glittering.
Next to Yesh, another entity appeared that, unlike Yesh, was imperfect, the imperfect perfect, she was evil, destruction and chaos, its name was... Ayin.
Ayin means Nothing, Ayin is the Non-Thing and the Reverse of what God Is.
The two existed as two sides of the same coin, and alongside them was another entity, Sige.
Sige was the ineffable silence, the majestic stillness of the One and Absolute Yesh.
Yesh and Sige were complete and the two fell in love.
Yesh and Sige had children, countless children.
However Ayin, wicked as she was, corrupted one of God's children.
This little Star rebelled against His Father and His Mother, which caused him to be expelled from Heaven.
Saddened, the Mother of All left Paradise.
The Father of Creation looked for his wife and, not finding her, cried...
O Lady of Everything!
Return to our Father! What is a King without His Queen?
Angelic Writings, tales about the romance between two pre-existentials.



  • All descriptions of the Pre-Existentials, such as them having hands, feet, word or voice, are just anthropomorphic personifications to be able to interpret what the entities are like for the listener or reader.