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What was before the light is and perhaps always will be a mystery to humanity. However, we angels know that before creation began, there was a war between two provinces. On one side was chaos, which was ruled by Azathoth, the god of darkness and madness. And on the other side was the resplendent Yesh, who gathered for himself all that was good, handsome and luminous. As opposing entities, it was natural for the two to conflict.

The Primeval Wars, also called the Creation Wars, were the first battles waged by the Three Great Titans of Creation and their allies.


The Primeval Battles took place right after God decided that He no longer wanted to wander in that endless void for all eternity, He wanted to start a new project called Creation. However, not all Pre-existing liked the idea, Azathoth and Khaos were the first to declare war against God, then The Darkness and Therion, and for Ayin. Eventually, whether it was through combat or comradery, God came out on top, winning the war. The other beings were either trapped or now work under God not as an enemy but as a respected peer.


What was before the light has always been and probably always will be a mystery to all of humanity. Everything we know is recorded in the celestial library of Malakhs and Seraphims, who through much research, interviews and theories, managed to gather information to come up with an idea of ​​what existed before the Creation of Light. The SCP Foundation also helped the Winged by interviewing some Primordial ones.


In the beginning there was absolutely nothing, there was only a formless Void without resemblance to anything, and then suddenly this Void was filled with matter, antimatter, silence, chaotic waters, life, time, death, darkness, madness, bestiality, two other beings, endlessness and oblivion. Among other possible unknown entities. Two entities stood out among the various entities, on one side there was Chaos, ruled by Azathoth, the God of Infinite Madness, and on the other side there was the Order, whose ruler was the resplendent Yesh, nicknamed God, Shining and Most High. God gathered for himself all that was just, all that was right, honest, pure and luminous. While Azathoth was a chaotic, dark and evil entity, being practically a negative, reverse and sinister shadow of God. As opposing entities, it was common for both entities to conflict.


God didn't like that endless Void, besides Him, his consort and his "sister" also didn't like the Universe in that chaotic and unproductive state. God then, without the consent of any of the other entities, created an unlimited number of worlds through the Void empty, something that didn't please the other Pre-Existentials, like Azathoth, Khaos, The Darkness and Ayin, who upon noticing an absurd amount of strange bubbles within them, they immediately destroyed them.

God continued to create more worlds to show his pre-existential colleagues that they didn't need to be alone, but they continued to destroy each new world that God created. The Shining One's patience was not infinite, so He decided that He was going to start creating one way or another, and for that he would have to separate the light from the darkness, that is, defeat the other pre-existential ones. To do this, God created entities of the highest caliber, beings that embody everything and nothing, true primordial war machines, the all powerful Arcuthas, where the strongest was Calur.

Barbelo, nicknamed Sige, allied with God to help him in the primeval wars. And so, the family of the Almighty declared war against the other pre-existential entities. Azathoth upon seeing the powerful entities that God had created, the Blind God Idiot decided to also create his entities to serve as his soldiers to help him in the primordial battle, the mighty Outer Gods, agents of chaos and evil. These creatures made by Azathoth began to reproduce among themselves, spawning new entities of great power, such as Yog-Sothoth and his consort, Shupnikkurat, who later had myriads of myriads of sons and descendants even after being imprisoned in the depths of the Outerverse. God's Arcuthas began to reproduce among themselves, generating new second generation Arcuthas. However, the Sultan still had a larger army, because the Outer Gods reproduced at an absurd speed.

Khaos, who also didn't like the idea of ​​God starting creation, decided to create his army as well to help Azathoth in the war against God, and for that he created several entities known as Protogenoi. These entities created by Khaos were true abstractions, being entities that embody primordial concepts that were yet to be born. Besides the Protogenoi, Khaos created some entities like Asherah, El, Zurvan and so on.

Light vs Darkness

Finally, the battle between God and Azathoth broke out and the two armies faced each other, the first battle between light and darkness, good and evil, creation and destruction, order and chaos. Khaos also attacked God with his primordials, resulting in an indescribable, incomprehensible, ineffable and inexplicable war.

Sealing of Khaos and Azathoth

Finally after countless battles, God with his army manages to seal Khaos and Azathoth in a dimension that was forged by the Almighty in the endless abyss, a dimension beyond time and space, light and darkness, good and evil, known as the Outerverse, where God locked the primordial monsters away. However, even though the dimension was created by God, it could not contain two of the most powerful Pre-existentials forever, which resulted in Khaos and Azathoth escaping the dimension and attacking God again.

Khaos's betrayal

Khaos, to everyone's surprise, attacked with his sons the outer gods and Azathoth himself, betraying the Nuclear Sultan and revealing itsself to be an ally of Yesh. Khaos and God eventually teamed up to seal Azathoth, and when the Dark God became distracted by Khaos, God seized upon and sealed Azathoth, while the Primordials and Arcuthas sealed the Outer Gods within the never-ending dimension created by God.

"Let There Be Light!"

Finally, with the battle against the external gods over, God can finally say "let there be light". At that moment, God created/emanated Ein Sof Ohr, which extended through the Infinite void, illuminating eternity for the first time. When God created light, He separated it from darkness, giving rise to Mother Night, who became the consort of Father Time. However, light was not a good thing for the dark entities, especially for The Darkness, which was literally darkness. God, once again, along with his children, the Arcuthas, defeated The Darkness and imprisoned her in the Mark.


With the defeat of The Darkness, Ayin realized that nothing was going to stop God, He was seriously determined to begin Creation with or without the consent of the other Primordials. Ayin more than all other Pre-Existents, hated the idea of ​​the Universe existing. The Great Evil Beast then attacked her twin brother, however, Ayin was smarter than her brothers, she realized that the best way to weaken God was to take away his army. Ayin then created an extension of herself, Tathamet, The Destroyer of Worlds. In the confusion, Therion corrupted the Arcuthas, which forced God to imprison them.

Anu vs Tathamet

After sealing their children, God created an Avatar of Himself, Anu, the Ultimate Good, who battled for an eternity against Tathamet while God faced Ayin. Anu managed to kill Tathamet, but ended up destroying himself in the process, with the two primordial titans being slain in the primal battles. Tathamet's body gave rise to the Great Evils and Anu's body gave rise to several Angels. God managed to once again defeat His sister, forcing her to flee. God then hunted Ayin through the vastness of nothingness and, Ayin not to be imprisoned like Azathoth and The Darkness, created a Dimension where she remained hidden. God, took advantage of the situation and managed to imprison Ayin within his own dimension.

Finally, the war ended. And there was a first day. And God saw that it was good. In fact, this whole history is just a fable, a metaphor, a personification or an attempt to measure something that possibly happened. No one really knows what existed before the universe, especially about a war. Perhaps the only one who knows the truth about everything is the One Who Always Knew Everything. Not even the wisest Angel could give an answer.

Myths and Legends

The concept of a primordial battle taking place before the creation of the universe is ubiquitous in many myths around the world. One of the most famous is the story of Odin and his brothers defeating Ymir, the ice giant, and from his corpse, Odin began to create the Yggdrasil Tree with its nine realms. In Mesopotamia, it was believed that before the creation of the heavens and the earth, Marduk accompanied by his colleagues defeated the goddess of chaos, Tiamat, and used his body to create the cosmos, the goddess's chest became the vacuum between heaven and Earth. Its tearful eyes became the source of the Euphrates and Tigris River and its tail became the Milky Way.

In the Bible there also seems to be something similar, as it was believed that before creation began, God defeated a sea serpent known as Leviathan who rebelled against the Creator of the Universe.

Known Members of the War

God's Side

Azathoth's Side

Khaos's Side



Before First Day, there was a battle in the Void beyond all Voids. Ineffable symphonies, infinite explosions, universes being born and dying with each metaphorical punch. A war that seemed endless you can't imagine how devastating it was.
When God wanted to turn on the lights, he began to create countless universes to show his sister that they didn't need to be alone. However, when Ayin noticed a plethora of strange bubbles inside her and the others, she immediately erased them. This started a long and tiring war that only ended when God locked the Great Evil Beast in the Infernal Abyss.