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We aren't just gods, we are more than that. Unlike the gods who rule over the elements of nature and the cosmos with their divinity, we are those elements in their most primal and powerful state. We can't be control. We can't be bound.

The Primordials are the ancient cosmic entities that personify the abstract concepts which were emerged at Creation.


They are among the most powerful beings in all of Creation, rivaling the Arcuthas, Outer Gods, and even the Endless, while surpassing all True Archangels in power and strength, and are credited as the ancestors of all Gods. Although relatively weaker when compared to God, Khaos, Azathoth and the other such entities, these beings are still regarded across the cosmos as the next most powerful beings in all of creation.

It is generally believed that the Primordials represent the "light" of creation while their counterparts the Outer Gods represent the dark. They all embodiment concepts which includes earth, air, sea, sky, water, underworld, darkness, night, light, day, procreation and time. The Primordials were used as tools of power during the war against Azathoth and God. The Primordials also had children known as the Second-Generation Primordials.


As the first born of the immortals, who formed the very fabric of the universe, they were primarily known in Greek mythology as the Protogenoi (protos meaning "first," and genos "born"). They were, for the most part, purely elemental beings; example such as Ouranos being the Sky and Gaia being the Earth. A few of them were occasionally described or portrayed in anthropomorphic form, however these forms were inevitably inseparable from their native element.

Even though the main primordials are Greek, not all Primordials came from them. Most Primordials did come from Khaos or one of their avatars like Amatsu-Mikaboshi, but some of them did came from God, such as Brahman. The Primordials main duty is to maintain Creation under the watchful eye of their progenitor Khaos and God himself


Such beings are devoid of physical or spiritual appearance, they are more than beings or deities, they are concepts, living forces, the Primordials are words, names, ideas, etc., being beyond existing or not existing, being or not being. They transcend all that exists in the known universe & multiverse, being devoid of shape, size or depth.

But, they can take forms on the physical or spiritual plane, God for example is sometimes perceived as an incredibly bright light that expands through the various levels of creation, but he can also appear as an elderly man, a beautiful woman or a little boy. The entities of the Void, such as Khaos, Ayin and The Darkness, usually appear with Gothic forms or vast darkness. Lesser primordials can also appear with human forms, such as Nyx, Erebus, Amenominakanushi, and so on.


It is difficult to describe the personality of a Primordial, as they are beings that are beyond all things, beyond imagination and beyond the unimaginable, they are beings with knowledge and wisdom far beyond any human, demon or angel, with several parts of creation existing within them. Then, just as a bacterium could not understand the thoughts of a human being, a human cannot understand the thoughts of a Primordial, however foolish it may be. It would not be absurd to think that they are impersonal beings, existing only as forces in the Universe. Although collectively described as "blind" and "mindless", this is only because of the limited perspective of lower entities, as they are actually utterly beyond all understanding, human or otherwise, and operate at much higher levels that make most of them as completely impersonal entities.

Powers and Abilities

Primordials are among the most powerful entities in all of Creation, most possessing at least nigh-omnipotence, nigh-omniscience and nigh-omnipresence, coming short of only to the pre-existentials and rivalling the Arcuthas and Outer Gods. They are able to create, reshape and destroy practically entire realms, dimensions and even timelines with some affecting the entire multiverse. They are completely unbound from the laws of reality and also specialize in abilities unique to their domains where they are at their strongest.

They don't only rule over their own domains but are also the embodiments of their domains, like Erebus literally being the primordial darkness itself.



The Primordials were said to have been fashioned by Khaos who had given them life through the resulting implosion. It is said that Khaos cupped his hands within the waters of chaps before breathing life into the puddle. Khaos then dipped its fingers into the content and flicked them forward creating the Primordials. They were created to serve Khaos against the Old Ones of Azathoth and then God at latter.

After the defeat and imprisonment of Azathoth and surrender from Khaos, God then turned His attention to these primeval beings. His new creations, the angels, at first opted to destroy them in fear that they might turn against them just as the Outer Gods did, but God refused for He noticed that despite being born out of the Khaos that molded with life, they were rather benevolent, and thus spared them.

Seeing that they embody the components of creation itself, God assigned them with becoming these very components once the universe and all its concepts were done in order for the "natural wheel" to spin in a stabilized manner. The Primordials agreed and carried on with this task. Once complete, they laid dormant in their natural state for many centuries and in the process gave birth to other primeval deities. To this day they remain inactive and take no part whatsoever in the events that transpire concerning the mortal realms, for they are one with the forces and concepts they embody.

One with Creation

When the universe and all that it is was properly formed, God and Khaos rested and left its maintenance in the hands of the Primordials. However, as time went on, some of the Primordials established a hierarchy of sorts over the cosmos which then led to the conception of the gods that humans have come to know in ancient mythology while other Primordials were simply concerned with the tasks given to them. Once complete, they laid dormant in their natural state for many centuries and in the process gave birth to other primeval deities.

However, when the gods of old were born by the Primordials or the Second-Generation Primordials, many of them warred against their mighty parents and relatives for the right to claim lordship over the Earth and the universe whilst others relinquished their status to their children. Their children emerged victorious and established themselves as the new rulers of the cosmos in place of their parents and ancestors. To this day, some of the Primordials that did not partake in these conflicts remain inactive and take no part whatsoever in the events that transpire concerning the mortal realms, for they are one with the forces and concepts they embody.

Myths and Legends

Notable Primordial Groups

The Kotoamatsukami (which literally means distinguishing heavenly kami) are the collective name for the first Shinto gods which came into existence at the time of the creation of the universe. They were born in Takamagahara, the Shinto Skyland at the time of the creation. Unlike the later gods, these deities were born without any procreation only created by Khaos' avatar Amatsu-Mikaboshi. The next generation of gods that followed was the Kamiyonanayo where afterwards, the Kotoamatsukami "hides away" as Hitorigami. Though the Zōkasanshin (three deity of Creation) are thought to be genderless, another theory stated Kami-musuhi was the woman and Takami-musubi the man, comparing them with water and fire or with yin and yang.

The Ogdoad were eight Egyptian primordial deities worshiped in Hermopolis. References to the Ogdoad date to the Old Kingdom of Egypt, and even at the time of composition of the Pyramid Texts towards the end of the Old Kingdom, they appear to have been antiquated and mostly forgotten by everyone except religious experts. They are frequently mentioned in the Coffin Texts of the Middle Kingdom. They are described as having the heads of frogs (male) and serpents (female), and they are often depicted in this way in reliefs of the Ptolemaic Kingdom

Notable Primordials

Kabbalah (Abrahamic)

Name Image Concept Description
Ayin Ayin.png Non-Existence Ayin is the Primordial 'Goddess' of darkness, evil, impurity, chaos while also being the literal opposite of God. She is also the older sister of The Darkness, aunt of The Beast from the Sea and Earth and the creator of most non-fallen demons and the realm Hell.
God Yahvehprofile.jpg Existence Yesh, also known as God and YHWH (pronounced Yahweh or Yehowah), or simply Existence, among thousands of other names scattered throughout Creation, is the Monotheistic God of the three great Abrahamic religions known as Christianity, Judaism and Islam. He is both the creator and the ruler of the Megaverse, Heaven and Humanity along with being the 'Father' of Jesus Christ and the Angels.
Barbelo Dcsmyi7-0fbc9590-00a7-4d0a-8cc7-15c3040b5f2e.jpg Silence Barbelo is the Primordial Aeon of impenetrability, stasis, silence and ineffability and refers to the wife of God in several forms of Gnostic cosmogony. She is the Spiritual Mother of Jesus Christ, as well as of Jehovah and the Holy Spirit.
Sephira D5zf553-ef371907-22eb-4773-a117-f41fbef0a9c1.jpg Life Life is an immensely powerful Pre-existential Entity and the polar opposites of her twin, Death, and the keeper and responsible of the maintenance of all Life in Creation.
Maveth 51gTAnMGd1L.jpg Death Death is the pre-existential entity that existed at the same as God. He is the personification of the primordial abstract concept of all death while his counterpart Life is the personification of the primordial abstract concept of all life. The only known beings who are able to rival/surpass its power are God, Azathoth, and Khaos.
The Darkness Wisdomjusticelovelo.jpg Darkness The Darkness is a supremely powerful cosmic entity that is embodiment of the infinite darkness that predates creation itself, at the same as both her 'brother' God and the primordial void Khaos. She is also the creator of the Beast from the sea and earth using the remains of Tathamet.
Ouroboros 4b6b4e0a0201d376fa18844a1e69bfca.jpg Infinity The Ouroboros is an ancient pre-existential primordial entity that appears as a cosmic serpent or dragon which is depicted as eating its own tail.
Mother Night Night Mother.jpg Night Mother Night, simply known as Night, is the personification of Night. She is also a cosmic being that is embodiment of the infinite darkness that predates creation itself. She is also revealed to be the mother of the Endless, with Father Time as their father.
Ein Sof Rick-boland-me.jpg Nothing Ein Sof is the first emanation of God who personifies the limitless power of Creator.
Ein Sof Ohr D1it9hb-d09d43a9-0d68-49b9-ac1c-12f1332c7ab9.jpg Light Ein Sof Ohr is an emanation of God who personifies the unlimited light of the Creator that was used to separate light from The Darkness, giving rise to Night.
Binah Binah Emanation Knowledge Mohrbacher.jpeg Understanding WIP
Chesed Hesed Chesed Emanation Love Empathy Mohrbacher.jpeg Mercy WIP
Chokhmah Peter-mohrbacher-chokhmahf.jpg Wisdom Chokhman is one of the emanations of God that make up the Sefirot, the Tree of Life. It embodies the wisdom of God that was with the Creator from the very beginning.
Da'at Peter-mohrbacher-da-at-gathering-light.jpg Knowledge WIP
Gevurah Wua7PVwCmZpwh5zOW3Q0zuOOdL1o3TLWIskT2DwG1-0.webp Strength WIP
Hod Peter-mohrbacher-hodf.jpg Intelligence WIP
Keter Peter-mohrbacher-keter-giant-of-light.jpg Creation Keter is the first of the emanations of God in creation that form the Sefirot, the Tree of Life. He is guarded and maintained by none other than Archangel Metatron, God's Spokesman in creation and the most powerful Angel.
Malkuth Peter-mohrbacher-malkuth-exf.jpg Matter Malkuth is the last emanation of God in creation that form the Sefirot, the Tree of Life. She represents the material and physical world, Malkuth is also called the Inferior Mother, in contrast to Binah, the Superior Mother.
Netzach Netzah Netzach Emanation Endurance Victory Mohrbacher.jpeg Victory TBA
Netzach Tifiret-EXf.jpg Beauty TBA
Netzach Peter-mohrbacher-yesodf.jpg Conscience TBA

Protogenoi (Greek Half)

Name Image Concept Description
Khaos Israfil by 000fesbra000 d86msyr-fullview.jpg Void Khaos was the original formless void and order-less state preceding the creation of the multiverse and cosmos. The void became the Primordial entity that rules over the void and the abyss, becoming the progenitor of the Primordials.
Chronos DWBkRI9VAAASXkm.jpg Time Chronos is the Primordial God and the second personification of time and space while also being the 2nd-in-Command of the Protogenoi, the Greco-Roman Primordials. His wife is Ananke, the primordial goddess of inevitability, compulsion, and necessity.
Nyx Jeremy-chong-nyx-final-post.jpg Night Nyx is the primordial Greek goddess (and personification) of the night, her name means "the mother night."
Erebus ErebosL.jpg Darkness Erebus is the Primordial god of darkness and mist, one of the original primordial deities, and second ruler of the cosmos along with being a child of Khaos.
Aether Antonio-marianne-st114-3-sun.jpg Light Aether is the Primordial Deity of Light and the Upper Sky and is the brother/husband of Hemera. He is one of the oldest children born from Nyx and Erebus.
Eros Eros stregatto10.jpg Love Eros is the Greek Primordial God of Love and Desire, known as the most beautiful of the immortal gods.
Gaia Gaia.jpg Earth Gaia is the personification of the Earth and the Land, the daughter of Khaos, and one of the Primordials.
Ouranos 9f733b3ce837849895bfc88a8a26020b.jpg Earth Gaia is the personification of the Earth and the Land, the daughter of Khaos, and one of the Primordials.
Tartarus C8ab8006834a27d5dbe92c1ebbff43cfe914321br1-878-910v2 hq.jpg Underworld Tartarus is the Greco-Roman Primordial Deity of the Underworld and the Abyss that personifies all underworlds (including Hell).
Hýdros Fd0a7888a1165a085fabf22a1ac3fd41.jpg Water Greek Primordial God of the Ocean, Sea and Water
Thésis Fd0a7888a1165a085fabf22a1ac3fd41.jpg Life Greek Primordial Goddess of the Earth, Creation and Donation
Hemera Fenix TCG Hemera.jpg Day Hemera was the Greek Primordial Goddess of the Day and its personification.
Pontus 136e8f60021b083137c6c54293035c52.jpg Sea Pontus was the ancient Greco-Roman primordial Deity of the sea. Pontus was the father of several sea deities as well as most of the sea creatures.
Achlys Fd0a7888a1165a085fabf22a1ac3fd41.jpg Mist Greek Primordial Goddess of the Mist of Death and the Eternal Night
Ananke Moirai-ananke-2.jpg Necessity Ananke is the Greek Primordial Goddess (and personification) of inevitability, compulsion and necessity. She is customarily depicted as holding a spindle. Her Roman counterpart is Necessitas.
Aion Fd0a7888a1165a085fabf22a1ac3fd41.jpg Ages Greek Primordial God of the Ages
Caligo Dark goddess by daywishes d7d0lrr-fullview.jpg Abyss Caligo is the Greek Primordial Goddess of the Void, the Abyss and Darkness who has some relation with Khaos.

Protogenoi (Roman Half)

Name Image Concept Description
Chaos 49cdf99750cce5f28fc736854683b8f8.jpg Void Chaos was the original formless void and order-less state preceding the creation of the multiverse and cosmos. The void became the Primordial entity that rules over the void and the abyss, becoming the progenitor of the Primordials.
Nox NOX SMITE.jpg Night Nox is the primordial Roman Goddess and personification of the night, who was held in great esteem among the ancients. Her counterpart is the Greek Goddess Nyx, though she is truly an avatar of the Greek goddess to deal with the Roman Empire.
Scotus Rwby god of darkness war rapture by acgearmaker dd4p4oi-pre.jpg Darkness Scotus is the Roman Primordial God (and Personification) of Darkness whose counterparts are the Greek God Erebus and the Egyptian God Kek.
Tartaro Hades in the underworld by thealienatedchenyang d5fhwn3-fullview.jpg Underworld Tartaro is the Greco-Roman Primordial Deity of the Underworld and the Abyss that personifies all underworlds (including Hell).
Terra Breath-of-gaia.jpg Earth Terra is the Roman Goddess of the Earth, who was the wife of Caelus and mother of Saturn, Janus and Ops, and in turn grandmother of Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Juno, Vesta and Ceres.
Amor Fd0a7888a1165a085fabf22a1ac3fd41.jpg Love Amor is the Roman Primordial God of Love and Desire, known as the most beautiful of the immortal gods.
Caelus D6g3pdg-bb8ebfd6-b2af-469e-840c-26e1722512ec.jpg Sky Caelus was the Roman Primordial God of the Sky and the Heavens, and counterpart to Ouranos. He was also the first Roman King of the Gods.
Aether Aether-CC-by-Nexumorphic.jpg Light Aether is the Primordial Deity of Light and the Upper Sky and is the brother/husband of Dies. He is one of the oldest children born from Nox and Scotus.
Dies Fd0a7888a1165a085fabf22a1ac3fd41.jpg Day Dies was the Roman Primordial Goddess of the Day and its personification.
Pontus 1a8217993142b1dc251d0a5a4b5c9de1.jpg Sea Pontus was the ancient Greco-Roman primordial Deity of the sea. Pontus was the father of several sea deities as well as most of the sea creatures.
Necessitas 01greek goddess.jpg Necessity Necessitas is the personification of inevitability, compulsion and necessity.

Norse Primordials

Name Image Concept Description
Búri 600e4a9deea2918b7f64c53677b493a5.png Creation Búri is the Norse Aesir Primordial God of Creation
Ymir Creative-coworking-ymir-cc.jpg Ice Ymir is a primeval being born of primordial elemental poison and the ancestor of all jötnar or Frost Giants. Ymir was born when fire from Muspelheim and ice from Niflheim met in the abyss of Ginnungagap.
Surtr Blanka-sore-5-firedude.jpg Fire Surtr is the Primordial Jötunn of Fire and Sun, being the guardian of Muspelheim and responsible for the destruction of the Universe in Ragnarök.
Auðumbla 4.jpg Beginning Norse Primordial Creature of the Beginning.
Ginnungagap Ebfdb498-8003-4c67-b147-5aa1f09ed01e.jpeg Oblivion Ginnungagap, also known as Oblivion, is the primordial entity that created the Norse realm, as well as the void that existed before the creation of the Norse realm, Ymir and Surtur.

Ogdoad (Egyptian Primordials)

Name Image Concept Description
Nun Francisco-carcamo-guerra-f9834f2c-1e42-4df6-9c05-642e4bf513c4.jpg Chaos Nun, also known as Naunet, was the Primordial Egyptian deity of chaos, void, and the primordial seas.
Nun 9ecb2a29ea996ed0d6ba0fec66a6f2b2.jpg Infinity Heh, also known as Hauhet, was the personification of infinity or eternity in the Ogdoad in Egyptian mythology.
Kek XJHzUAzIxIaV6-yLlGXMUA8OgYlCpzGplTV6Lzus-kE.jpg Darkness Kek is the deification of the concept of primordial darkness in the ancient Egyptian Ogdoad cosmogony of Hermopolis. The Ogdoad consisted of eight primordial deifications of concepts. Kek's female counterpart was Kauket. Kek and Kauket in some aspects were called "raiser up of the light" and the "raiser up of the night", respectively.
Qerḥ Fd0a7888a1165a085fabf22a1ac3fd41.jpg Night Qerḥ, also known as Qerḥet, is Egyptian Primordial Snake God of the Night

Mesopotamian Primordials

Name Image Concept Description
Abzu D2tvcda-fd3f5c8f-71dd-4b99-90cd-2bb7ae2ffb96.jpg Water Abzu is the Primordial Deity of the Ocean, Wisdom, and the Watery Abyss and the Deification of the vast primordial fresh water beneath the earth that serves as the source of all lakes, rivers, springs, streams, and wells. He is the source of knowledge and was the lover of Tiamat, the primal goddess of the salt water, and together they created the gods in the Babylonian Mythology. He is the father of Lahmu, Lahamu, Anu, and Ki.
Tiamat Dcl856h-7aa468b4-d9c8-48b2-88b3-557af712838f.jpg Ocean Tiamat, also know as Nammu, is the Primordial goddess of the ocean, salt water and the goddess of chaos. She is also a chaos monster and the mother of Dragons and Monsters.
Nammu 359235bb3c254c408e099623-1000x625.jpg Fertility The goddess who is responsible for moving the gears of the universe in Sumerian mythology. Nammu was considered the primary cause, the creator of the world and human beings. Unlike most myths where the sea goddess is an antagonistic figure, Nammu was seen as the goddess of the freshwater ocean, the source of all life, a benevolent goddess who provided life-giving water and fertility in a country with almost no rainfall.
Anu D36eyeu-75350e39-84a4-4328-a8b4-b216c0636518.jpg Sky Anu is the supreme Mesopotamian god of the sky and ancestor of all the deities in ancient Mesopotamian religion.
Lahmu Fd0a7888a1165a085fabf22a1ac3fd41.jpg Stars TBA
Lahamu Fd0a7888a1165a085fabf22a1ac3fd41.jpg Constellations TBA
Anshar Fd0a7888a1165a085fabf22a1ac3fd41.jpg Heavens TBA
Kishar Fd0a7888a1165a085fabf22a1ac3fd41.jpg Maternity TBA
Engur Fd0a7888a1165a085fabf22a1ac3fd41.jpg Water TBA
Ki Fd0a7888a1165a085fabf22a1ac3fd41.jpg Earth TBA

Kotoamatsukami (Japanese Primordials)

Name Image Concept Description
Amenominakanushi Amenominakanushinokami by nekomiti dc68dk7-pre.jpg Creation Amenominakanushi is the first kami and the source of the universe. In Japanese mythology, Amenominakanushi is described as a "god who came into being alone", the first of the zōka sanshin (three kami of creation), and one of the five Ktoamatsukami.
Kami-Musubi Fd0a7888a1165a085fabf22a1ac3fd41.jpg Divinity Shinto Primordial Goddess of Creation and Divinity.
Takami-Musubi Takamimusubinokami by nekomiti dc68dau-fullview.jpg Conquest Takami-Musubi is an ancient primordial deity of immense might, and a member of the Kotoamatsukami.
Umashi'ashikabihikoji Fd0a7888a1165a085fabf22a1ac3fd41.jpg Energy Shinto Primordial God of Energy.
Amenotokotachi Fd0a7888a1165a085fabf22a1ac3fd41.jpg Heavens Shinto Primordial God of the Heavens.
Amatsu-Mikaboshi D72d752c702b006e6ce1e8f74cd5fef7--dark-creatures-fantasy-creatures.jpg Evil Amatsu-Mikaboshi, meaning the "August Star of Heaven" is the god of evil and of the stars, specifically the pole star in Japanese mythology.

Hindu Primordials

Name Image Concept Description
Brahman Brahman.jpg Conscience Brahman connotes the highest Universal Principle, the Ultimate Reality in the universe. It is the material, efficient, formal and final cause of all that exists.
Atman Fd0a7888a1165a085fabf22a1ac3fd41.jpg True Self Hindu Primordial God of the True Self of the Individual
Shakti Fd0a7888a1165a085fabf22a1ac3fd41.jpg Cosmic Energy Hindu Primordial Goddess of Cosmic Energy of Existence
Mahadevi 1920px-MET DT4003.jpg Knowledge Mahadevi is the great goddess of all other gods in Hinduism – an all-encompassing female deity as the consort of or the Ultimate Reality (Brahman) in Shaktism.
Pralaya Kumanz-hebi-girl.jpg Nothingness Pralaya, also known as Mahapralaya, is said to be the physical embodiment of the Void and is one of the avatars of Khaos.

Aztec Primordials

Name Image Concept Description
Ōmeteōtl Israel-perez-ometeotl-final.jpg Duality Ōmeteōtl is the primordial Aztec deity and parent of Quetzalcoatl, Tezcatlipoca, Huitzilopochtli and Xipe Totec.
Cipactli 1158209 eduardodraw cipactli.png Sea Cipactli was an Aztec primordial sea monster from which would be played by the god Tezcatlipoca in the Aztec version of the Chaoskampf.
Cōātlīcue Fcf29e3a82fc83c303cd4888193f4dad.jpg Earth Cōātlīcue is a major deity in the Aztec pantheon and regarded as the earth-mother goddess. Represented as an old woman, she symbolized the antiquity of earth worship and she presents one of the most fearsome figures in Aztec art.

Finnish and Baltic Primordials

Name Image Concept Description
Dievas Dievas-mini-art-prints.jpg Creation Dievas was the mysterious precursor god of Baltic mythology, who was said to be the creator of everything.
Ilmatar Fd0a7888a1165a085fabf22a1ac3fd41.jpg Chastity Finnish Primordial Goddess of Chastity and the Air

Semitic Primordials

Name Image Concept Description
Elioun Fd0a7888a1165a085fabf22a1ac3fd41.jpg Glory TBA
Beruth Fd0a7888a1165a085fabf22a1ac3fd41.jpg Shine TBA
Epigeius Fd0a7888a1165a085fabf22a1ac3fd41.jpg Sky TBA
Ge Fd0a7888a1165a085fabf22a1ac3fd41.jpg Earth TBA
El Baal-marcin-and-dawid-witukiewicz.jpg Sun El is a primordial entity, a Canaanite god son of Khaos and was once the God of Israel, before being lost his office by Yahweh. He is also the brother and ex-consort of Asherah, the goddess of the Moon and Earth.
Asherah 2945e8ff21dcc651837ce9a40c7aadf7.png Transcendence Asherah was a major northwest Canaanite mother goddess. She was the consort of the chief deity El and the mother of 70 other gods.

Zoroastrian Primordials

Name Image Concept Description
Ahura Mazda 9fe50fe6bc15549959b088e6ad8bd1a3.jpg Goodness Ahura Mazda is the creator and highest deity of Zoroastrianism. Ahura Mazda is the first and most frequently invoked spirit in the Yasna. The literal meaning of the word Ahura is "lord", and that of Mazda is "wisdom".
Angra Mainyu Angra mainyu by genzoman d1ezm7r-fullview.jpg Evilness Angra Mainyu is a Primordial Deity (and personification) of all evils in existence who was a creation within the primordial chaos of existence like all other Primordials.
Zurvan F36683bd6176e1360194deff078acbca.jpg Omnineutrality Zurvan is the Primordial God of Zoroastrianism of neutrality and duality. He is also the creator of Ahura Mazdā and the progenitor of the Zoroaster pantheon.
Ahriman Pouya-zarif-ahriman001.jpg Deserts Ahriman is a desert spirit and Deity of Evil in Zoroastrianism. As such, he is not immortal, and eventually his reign of terror will be conquered by the forces of good.

Other Primordials

Name Image Concept Description
Ozgon Face by gutenmorgentag13 dblj3rh-fullview.jpg Fear Ozgon is the Primordial embodiment and personification of the abstract concept of fear who consumes the essence of terror. It is the child born from the union of Life and Death.
Father Time Father time.jpg Time Father Time, or simply Time, is the personification of time Father Time is also revealed to be the father of the Endless and once the consort of Night.
Astarte D4swqn1-a1df4e15-2c9f-4f48-a0b6-625df8a8c803.jpg Fertility Astarte is a Primordial Goddess worshiped under many names throughout the Mediterranean, she is a goddess associated with fertility, sexuality, love, and war along with being the deification of Venus.
Scarlet King Cassandra-alanis-cano-sckk Cassandra Alanis Cano.jpg Nihilism Khahrahk, later known more famously as the Scarlet King, is an ancient, eldritch, and nihilistic demonic god who seeks the end of all existence. He is the archenemy of the SCP Foundation.
HWML and HWMD Scp 435 he who made dark by zhange000-db8dzu2.jpg Light/Darkness He-Who-Made-Light (HWML) and He-Who-Made-Dark (HWMD) are ancient primordial incorporeal entities that crashed to Earth in some cataclysmic event. Appearing as fractal-tentacled cephalopods, they bastardize Newton's laws to apocalyptic levels.
Bondyé Doctor-voodoo-9.jpg Goodness Bondyé is the Supreme Creator God in the African religion of Haitian Vodou. He is generally considered the equivalent of the Judeo-Christian God.


We are they that knows the vastness of Creation. We were there when you crawled out of the ocean for the first time, an human in a embryo. Your power is naught compared to Ours.
Many Primordials.
Primordial Beings, the eldest entities... ever, can you imagine how much they can mess with creation if they act too much?
Dantalion about the Primordials.
The inner dimensions of things, where Divine Power has its connection, are transparent and pure.
Maybe I'm God, or maybe I'm a conception of God, or the personification of the concept of Existence. In any case, I Am that I Am, Yahweh.
Talking about these guys is the most boring thing in the universe. It's abstractions, concepts, names and ideas. It's like wanting to talk about the color blue. You know. It's not a fun dialogue. But if you are interested in having a dialogue with the law of gravity, go ahead.
A Supernatural Hunter.



  • Khaos is the only primordial entity that is apart of two separate pantheons as it is the same entity in both the Greek and Roman Pantheons with no counterpart.
  • While similar to them, the Outer Gods are not primordial entities.
    • The same goes for the Aeons that, despite having been created by God and Barbelo, are neither primordial of the first or second generation, they are a race of their own. The same goes for the Arcuthas as well.
  • Some entities, although they are primordial-like themselves, have much lower powers than most other primordials, such as Yetzer Hara who, even with their status, is comparable or even inferior to Archangel Michael.
    • A reason for this is because Ayin apparently feared a rebellion by her creations against her, as it was with the Arcuthas for Yesh.
  • While the first couple of members of the Kamiyonanayo were treated as primordial entities, they are truly more closer to Second-Generation Primordial Entities due to being created after the beginning of Creation and are far weaker to the Kotoamatsukami.
    • This also includes Zebul and the avatars of God (with the exception of Anu who is more of an extension of God than an avatar), like Jesus Christ as while some are equal to weaker primordial entities in power, they were created after Creation which means they don't count.
  • Most primordial entities are known as Hitorigami, which means entities who came into being alone, as opposed to those who came into being as male-female pairs.
  • Out of all primordial entities, Ometeotl was treated as the most interesting and confusing of them. This is due to the fact that they are known as two different entities; the male Ometecuhtli and the female Omecihuatl who simply speak and think simultaneously but in truth are one entity in two bodies.