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The Primordial Beasts are giant, ancient monsters of immense power and are said to rival the primordial gods themselves.
Carl Black.

The Primordial Beasts are the primordial creatures that reside on Earth and are mainly created by God to maintain the sea, land and sky along with Creation itself.


Primordial Beasts are ancient and power creatures that rule over natural existence of Creation, specifically Earth. Created by God from the pieces of Therion, these beasts of tremendous size roam the Earth before the rise of man.

It should be noted that Primordial Beasts, unlike the Primordials themselves, are not personifications of any concept or idea.



Like Primordials, Primordial Beasts do not possesses an common appearance but instead have different appearance according to the specific beast. What is certain is that all primordial beasts' true appearance is animalistic and monstrous in form and that all have at least one human form.

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  • Karathen

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The Primordial Beasts were something we all understood. A fact of reality, something that touched everyone, struck a chord of fear and awe in god and mortal alike.



  • Neither Typhon nor Echidna are Primordial Beasts and are in fact far beneath them.
    • Tiamat and Abzu, on the other hand, are far above even the greatest Primordial Beast.
  • It is believed that some of the greater Daikaiju can be treated as Primordial Beasts.
    • On the other hand, all primordial beasts can be treated as Daikaiju.
  • While sounding similar, they should not be mistaken with the Ancient Beasts of the realm of Pandemonium.