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Album cover for A Merging to the Boundless: Void of Voyce by Stargazer
(Was used without credit for over a year)
(Was used in a state where it was almost impossible to find the original artist)
(People only know this now because the original poster of that image came out and informed others)

"Elon Musk said that the need to credit artists is destroying the medium, the problem is that Elon Musk was a stupid liar."

This page in question has one or more images that aren't credited properly. Whether this be because the artist can't be found or the one who added the image was lazy, this needs to be fixed.

The Rings of Earth (Art by sewer-pancake)

This planet is beautiful... But it was even more in the past, when beautiful water rings covered the celestial firmament.
Lucifer to Akiel.

The Primordial Waters, also called Waters from Above or the Rings of the Earth, are a large amount of water that existed on Earth, more specifically, around the planet in the form of rings, similar to the rings on the planet Saturn.


These rings were formed by water and ice in large quantities, these waters are mentioned in the book of Genesis being separated by God from the waters below that form the oceans, rivers and seas etc., with some myths mentioning that the waters above are the male waters and the lower waters are the female waters.


These rings remained orbiting the planet for countless years until, during the Great Flood, God opened the "windows of sky "and opened the "doors of the abyss" and made the waters above and the waters below unite for the first time since their separation, causing the terrible flood.