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I don't really know much about this Q'uq'umatz guy. Apparently, he is a facet of the feathered serpent and represents the primordial water pre-dated the Mayan creation myth, kinda like Nun or Tiamat. Other than that, I'm afraid I don't have much info on this god. Never think I would have to deal with a Mayan god before, thought those guys have sealed themselves off in their golden city for good.
Carl Black

Q'uq'umatz created humanity as the god Tepeu.


Q'uq'umatz was one of the gods who created the world in the Popul Vuh, the K'iche' creation epic. Q'uq'umatz, god of wind and rain, was closely associated with the title Tepeu. Q'uq'umatz carried the sun across the sky and down into the underworld and acted as a mediator between the various powers in the Maya cosmos. The deity was particularly associated with water, clouds, the wind and the sky.



Powers and Abilities


Q'uq'umatz is depicted as afloat in the primordial sea, wrapped in quetzal feathers. Nothing yet existed, only the sea at rest under the sky. Soon Q'uq'umatz thought of the creation of man and it was decided by him to raise the earth and create mankind. The god spoke the word "Earth" and the earth was formed as if from a mist.

He then called forth the mountains from the water and the mountains rose at their command. Forests of pine and cypress then sprung up among the newly formed mountains and valleys.

Q'uq'umatz was pleased with the creation of the earth and thanked the other gods that were present. The gods created animals such as the deer, the birds, pumas, jaguars and different types of snakes. They instructed each animal where it should live. The gods then commanded that the animals should give them praise and worship them.

However, the animals could not speak and simply squawked, chattered and roared in their own manner. Q'uq'umatz soon realized that their first attempt at the creation of beings was a failure as they could not give them praise and so they condemned the animals to live in the forests and ravines.

Their animals were ordered to live in the wild and to let their flesh be eaten by the ones who will keep the days of the gods and show them praise.

They first formed men of mud, but in this form man could neither move nor speak and quickly dissolved into nothingness. Later, they created men of sculpted wood, which Huracan destroyed as the wooden manikins were imperfect, emotionless and showed no praise to the gods.

The survivors were then transformed into monkeys, and sentenced to live in the wild. Q'uq'umatz was finally successful in their creation by constructing men out of maize. Here the first men were formed: B'alam Agab, B'alam Quitzé, Iqi B'alam, Mahucatah. Their sight was far and they understood all.

Myths and Legends

It is likely that the feathered serpent deity was borrowed from one of these two peoples and blended with other deities to provide the god Q'uq'umatz that the K'iche' worshipped. Q'uq'umatz may originally have been the same god as Tohil, the K'iche' sun god who also had attributes of the feathered serpent, but they later diverged and each deity came to have a separate priesthood.

Q'uq'umatz was considered to be the mythical ancestors of the K'iche' nobility by direct male line.