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Eternity is not something that lasts forever. It exists here and now, when our temporal awareness is turned off. These moments are perpetual and survive the vulgarity of time.
Raphael to Humans.

Raphael is one of the Seven Archangels, the highest ranking angels in all of Heaven itself.


Saint Raphael is the accounted patron of travelers, happy meetings, lovers, nurses, physicians, medical workers, matchmakers, Christian marriage, and Catholic studies. He is said to be the guardian of the Tree of Life, opposite the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden. He also expounds to Adam the War in Heaven in which Lucifer and the demons fell, and the creation of the Earth.

Most of Raphael's exploits take place in the Apocrypha, where he has roles as warden of Azazel, an angel that got exiled from Heaven for having sex with human females, and guide of Sheol, the Hebrew Underworld. Not all branches of these religions consider the identification of Raphael to be canonical.

Though he is not depicted as a lover of another being, Raphael is in the Lovers' Tarot set due to his appearance in the Lovers' Tarot Card, and his status of the patron saint of lovers due to his involvement of uniting Sarah & Tobias in the Book of Tobit and his previous relationship with Asmodeus.

Currently, Raphael is the guardian angel of the Third Heaven, Heavenly Eden, where the souls of good human beings go after death to rest and where the body of the Son of God rests awaiting the Day of Judgment.


Raphael, like the other angels and archangels, has an indescribable form for human beings, with a powerful light like the sun and a voice as high as 190 decibels, capable of exploding the eardrums. Raphael sometimes appears with a silhouette made of light and spiritual energy, similar to one of the forms of God.

Raphael's mortal appearance is that of a teenager with a fair complexion, greasy blonde hair and blue and gold eyes. The outfits that Raphael wears vary from day to day, shifts regularly but keeps some similarities, such as a short sleeved t-shirt and short pants. He is always seen wearing sneakers in this form. Raphael can summon in his body about 12 white wings with shades of green at the tips that shine as brightly as the sun itself, if not brighter, which he can retract at will when on Earth when requested by God Himself.

In his female form, Raphael is a beautiful woman with silver hair that hangs to her hips, her eyes are amber-yellow and the skin on her body is described as "porcelain". She has a well-endowed figure and is usually shown wearing a long white robe that covers much of her body, although it exposes part of her breasts. When on a beach, she appears wearing a lime green bikini. Its three measurements are [B89-W59-H86 cm] and its height is 1.60 cm, having the same height as Gabriel.

In his angel form, he is an extraordinarily gigantic humanoid being, having a size close to that of Mount Everest. He has albino skin and rigid muscles that are more resistant than graphene, he has a skirt that covers his waist and has six wings on his body: with two he covers his face, with two he covers his feet and with two he flies. In this form he is able to lift his sword in all its glory and power, the "Redeemer".


Raphael can be described as serene and apathetic towards others. While aggressive in battle, he is calm when not but has a fierce gaze constantly. He generally acts indifferent, bordering on arrogance, to most situations he is faced with, and rarely views his opponent as worth his time. He is even easily offended if he is not treated with respect. However, he has a great sense of duty and honor, and rarely shows signs of panic or distress.

The only time when Raphael loses his cool is when faced with Lucifer. He deeply despises most demons, and hates his brother for the torment he put him and his family through during and after the war. He becomes visibly enraged at the mere words that Lucifer spits and will immediately attack without a second thought.

Known for being one of the purest among the archangels, Raphael was a symbol of peace and harmony, refusing aggression and violence. Like many angels and saints, Raphael does not retaliate against attacks aimed at him, as when he didn't even try to stop Abaddon's blow. Furthermore, he believed that nothing existed permanently and that each moment should be lived intensely.

His relationship with Asmodeus

Even though he hates almost ever demon, he doesn't hate Asmodeus. Raphael and Asmodeus (formerly known as Asmodel) was originally commander and general being that Asmodel was the general of Raphael's Garrison and serve very loyally.

When the demiurge, Yaldabaoth attacks Heaven, the angel fought back with Asmodeus being a big part in distracting the beast long enough to allow God to finally sent him back to the dead zone of the Universe. Asmodeus, while succeeding in his mission, was in a heavily harmed state and would have died if Raphael didn't save him. When he did, Asmodeus fell in love with Raphael with the latter giving back those feelings.

However, it did not last forever as Asmodeus's love was becoming more sexual. With this, Raphael broke up with him saying that it's not working out but instead it went even worst than before, he joined Lucifer (then as Helel)'s rebellion to dethrone God so Asmodeus can have Raphael for himself. This failed and Asmodeus fell from grace in Hell becoming the demon lord of Lust.

Powers and Abilities

Even though he is a gifted healer, Raphael is a powerful warrior, nearly equaling Lucifer and Michael in terms of brute strength and power. While being a mighty warrior, Raphael is highly proficient in conventional healing techniques and herbal healing. His knowledge of anatomy is great enough that upon examination of Lucifer's "dead body", he concluded it was not Lucifer or even real.

When Raphael heals a condition, often the cure manifests instantly. When being healed, people feel a gentle buzzing energy as Raphael is healing them; or they see green lights. But for others, Raphael’s healing is very subtle. Raphael can help one reduce or eliminate pain stemming from short-term and chronic conditions. However this is only a result of one asking for his help. In this way, they signal their permission for him to intervene.

  • Transcendent Archangel Physiology: As one of God's supreme commanders, the guardian of Heavenly Eden and also one of the first true archangels of the heavens, Raphael is considered one of the most powerful beings in the universe and multiverse. He is admired and respected by many angels of different castes, including cherubim and seraphim. He is essentially at the absolute pinnacle of all angels. The only known beings who can rival him are his brothers, specifically Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Lucifer.
    • Holy White Light: Raphael, like all archangels, could generate immense amounts of energy and release a divine light from his vessel, capable of killing humans, demons, monsters and angels. He could use it as a powerful blast of light which seems to manifest as kinetic force, concussively throwing or repelling objects a considerable distance, as using the light against Azazel which caused them both to suddenly appear in a grassy field. He had complete control of the intensity of the blast, being able to obliterate or damage any target.
  • Immense Power: As one of the first Archangels in existence, Raphael proved to be an all-powerful Angel in his own right. Able to even rival his older brothers and far superior to his younger brothers and sisters. He is powerful enough to fight and defeat a high-ranking archdemon or even a demon king, respectively, and is considered to be one of the strongest beings in the multiverse, which embodies the power of God. He is so powerful that some angels even theorize that he is perhaps the most powerful of all the true archangels, and he just doesn't demonstrate his true power because of his humility.
    • Limitless Power: Raphael possesses immeasurable strength and supernatural power, capable of rivaling even a cosmic entity or even a Great Old One. Gabriel claimed that his power and that of his brothers comes from God Himself and therefore they are self-invincible. His strength is such that he is far superior to pagan gods and demons, archdemons and even the fallen Empress Lilith whom his brother Gabriel nearly killed. He is also more powerful and stronger than even the chief deities in each pantheon, of which only the second-generation primordial gods are greater.
      • Reality Warping: His mere arrival on Earth was enough to blackout everything from an entire room and the eastern US seaboard. Raphael can create, shape, and manipulate reality, the sum or aggregate of all that is real or existent within a system, just by thinking about it; while weaker angels are limited to what is already considered "real," Raphael can make changes from nothing.
  • Holy Presence: Raphael possesses a very strong divine presence that embodies the power and light of God Himself. His presence can cause a shift across the planet Earth, causing earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and other natural disasters with his mere existence, although he knows how to control his powers very well not to cause damage to Earth or elsewhere. Its manifestations on Earth can be so glorious that many compare it to a second sun appearing among the clouds, or a living shooting star descending from Earth. Its divine light is so strong that it is capable of charring powerful demons like Abaddon with its mere appearance, which makes it feared by many demons, as sometimes it is not even possible to get close to the Cure of the God.
  • Unlimited Intelligence: Being an Archangel almost as old as the universe itself, Raphael knows almost everything that exists, having a vast knowledge of the history of Creation, the Three Great Titans and the events of humanity. Despite this, the Archangel of Healing maintains his vision of Free Will, believing that everyone has the ability to choose their own destiny and also believes that nothing lasts forever, and that everything will inevitably fall down one day, and so every moment it must be enjoyed with intensity. He also knows of the existence of younger beings who have lived from ancient times, having knowledge on cosmic levels, he far surpassed all angels in absolute intelligence and wisdom, with the exception of his sister Uriel who, as Cassiel said, is a "specialist". As the Archangel of Healing, his knowledge of how things and beings work is perfect, with some angels saying that Raphael knows as well the physiology of every living thing in the universe, demon or angel, as a clockmaker knows his watch and the way it works.
  • Health Manipulation: Raphael can manipulate the health, physical/mental/social state of well-being of an organism or individual. Raphael can also manipulate the healing process, speeding up any or all aspects of healing to the point of regeneration, or slowing down and blocking healing, even if the victim has healing abilities such as Regenerative Healing Factor. He may be able to sense anyone's health and the causes of injury, illness or injury, health history, and possibly even genetic weaknesses and predispositions. Raphael can also learn to reopen old wounds and inflict old diseases and conditions or even inflict completely new wounds. Raphael can control the mental health of himself and others, causing others to go mad and the healed to degrade again. Alternatively, it can cure the mentally ill and make them mentally healthy again.
    • Healing: Raphael can restore biotic organisms to optimal health, healing damaged or shriveled organisms, wounds, broken bones, low vitality and disease/poisoning. Although Raphael can potentially heal any form of bodily injury, the patient must be alive, even if hung by a thin thread, to be healed; once the patient died, it would transcend healing and would require resurrection instead.
    • Omni Healing: Raphael can heal/restore anything/everything to optimal condition/health, including people, objects/locations, environments, abilities/powers, defensive powers, souls, worlds, natural forces/concepts etc. Undoing any/all damage he may have suffered and potentially even making themselves stronger in process.
  • Biological Manipulation: Raphael can manipulate life on a cellular level, including, but not limited to, genetic alterations and physical distortion and/or enhancement of biological functions. It can cause cells to grow to induce advanced or declining biological healing, induce and cure diseases such as cancer, induce changes in appearance, manipulate pheromones, and even increase physiological maturity.
    • Organic Manipulation: Raphael can create, shape and manipulate anything and everything organic, both organisms and organic matter. It can create, manipulate, shape, transform, heal and/or destroy everything that lives, lived or comes from any of the above.
    • Disease Manipulation: As the first and greatest physician in existence, Raphael is not only able to heal, but also to cause illness in his enemies if it is such a thing. Raphael can create, shape, move, control, interact and manipulate disease, a particular abnormal condition that negatively affects the structure or function of all or part of an organism, and that is not due to any immediate external injury. This includes its severity, contagiousness, methods of dissemination, etc. It can control organisms that spread disease, including germs, bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens at the cellular level, including bacteriophages, microorganisms (microscopic organisms), retroviruses, cells that grow abnormally to form tumors and cancerous cysts, and pathogens that produce genetic mutations.
    • Genetic Cutting: Raphael can cut living things at the genetic level, leaving wounds that not only don't heal but also are passed on genetically to others. This power bypasses all forms of defense by only attacking the opponent at the genetic level.
  • Spiritual Organic Manipulation: Raphael can create, mold and manipulate the essence/organic matter formed from the soul/spirit of his person. Being composed of spiritual power, organic substance is not only stronger than the usual essence/organic matter, but it also has the power to affect the soul in various ways.
  • Resurrection: Raphael can bring humans, demons, angels and even gods back to life. While this power is similar to necromancy in that it raises the dead, resurrection is different in that it fully restores a creature's body, mind, and soul, whereas reanimation only creates undead with varied cognitive functions. Raphael is able to revive even a true archangel, beings made of an "primordial matter". Through this power, he was able to revive the angels who were killed during the many battles between Heaven and Hell.
    • Absolute Regeneration: Raphael can heal from absolutely anything, even if there is literally nothing left of the user. One will be as fragile and vulnerable as before, but all wounds will cease; critical wounds will heal in a matter of seconds, if not instantly. Complete destruction results in complete restoration. Even irreversible wounds in nature will heal like normal wounds. All forms of cellular damage and disease infections will be healed at metaphysical levels, rewriting all damage to a mere dream, even if those injuries have appeared before the regenerative powers are obtained, such as hereditary diseases and unformed limbs. As cells and telomere lengths do not shorten at all, they do not age and all necessary forms of food intake are completely removed. Raphael can also make a person immune to drugs, diseases and all harmful foreign substances and will forever be in optimum health and physical condition.
  • Omnifarious: Due to his "medic" abilities, Raphael is the archangel who uses this ability the best among the archangels. Raphael has complete and absolute control over their own being, allowing he to manipulate their shape, density, size or to be solid, liquid, gaseous, or pure energy. He can spread their form into smaller segments that keep their ability to transform and recombine as they wish. Raphael can take any form that he can imagine, independently from the laws of Physics and Logic.
    • Malleable Anatomy: Raphael can modify the physiological features of himself, including face, body, skin, or size (to a limited degree) to disguise or look like another person. While removing/concealing a body-part, like a finger, eye, etc., is possible, Raphael can't actually add anything new to the body-shape. He can, however, shift the flesh to a remarkable degree, although the changed being will always be recognizable as a member of their species.
  • Dimensional Manipulation: Raphael can create, shape and manipulate dimensions, beginning with the physical 0-D, 1-D, 2-D, 3-D, and 4-D, changing their dimensions. Advanced uses include manipulation and linking to alternate dimensions and dimensional energy to achieve a variety of feats, such as teleportation, portal generation, and pocket dimension creation.
    • Higher-Dimensional Manipulation: Raphael can manipulate, destroy, and create greater spatial and temporal dimensions than 3-D space, such as 4-D space and above.
      • Extra-Dimensional Energy Manipulation: Raphael can create, shape and manipulate extra-dimensional energy, which originates from a different dimensional realm. Its foreign nature can allow for unique effects unavailable to the user by their own native dimensional energy.
      • Extra-Dimensional Element Manipulation: Raphael can create, shape and manipulate extra-dimensional elements, which originate from different dimensional realms. Their foreign natures can allow for unique effects unavailable to the user by their own native dimensional elements, such as usage in various offensive and defensive styles.
    • Spatial Manipulation: Raphael can create, shape, move, control, interact and manipulate space, the boundless three-dimensional extent in which objects and events have relative position and direction, within an area of one's choosing, including an area and whatever is inside of that area. He can trap subjects or objects in space and push that space, throwing subject and object away from them or to create wormholes, paradoxes, and other strange events by warping spatial areas and twisting them around.
  • Flight: Like any angel, Raphael can fly with his wings, though he can also fly in his incorporeal form. However, archangels and angels can fly across space-time, opening a wormhole as they cross the Speed ​​of Light, and can travel to different realms of Creation, parallel universes and even timelines.


Raphael first appears disguised in human form as the travelling companion of Tobit's son Tobiah, calling himself "Azarias the son of the great Ananias". During the adventurous course of the journey the archangel's protective influence is shown in many ways including the binding of the demon in the desert of upper Egypt. After the return and the healing of the blindness of Tobit, Azarias makes himself known as "the angel Raphael, one of the seven, who stand before the Lord".

Regarding the healing powers attributed to Raphael, He has a declaration to Tobit as he was sent by the Lord to heal him of his blindness and to deliver Sarah, his daughter-in-law, from the demon of lust and his former lover, Asmodeus, who abducts and kills every man she marries on their wedding night before the marriage can be consummated.

He is also one of the three angels who visited the patriarch Abraham and his wife, Sarah, to help with their conception; as well as the angel who healed Abraham’s grandson Jacob’s wrestling injuries and who gave King Solomon his magical ring.

Myths and Legends

In Christianity, Raphael is generally associated with an unnamed angel mentioned in the Gospel of John, who stirs the water at the healing pool of Bethesda. Raphael is recognized as an angel in the doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, as he is briefly mentioned in the Doctrine and Covenants. Raphael is mentioned in the Book of Tobit, which is accepted as canonical by Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox and some Anglicans.

Although Raphael is not named in the Bible, theologians believe he was the archangel who healed the infirm at the Bethesda pond described in the Gospels.

Raphael is supposedly the angel responsible for signaling the coming of Judgment Day by blowing the trumpet (namely Sûr) and sending out a "Blast of Truth", although it is actually Israfil. According to tradition, the trumpet will be blown two times. The first blow of the trumpet will signal the beginning of Last Day and the second blow will signal the time when all the souls will be gathered for the Last Judgement.


You know who I am, Great Old One. I am the Archangel Raphael, I come here to talk. If I notice any suspicion, I will smite you.
Raphael to a Great Old One.
Even if I walk in the valley of the shadow of death, i came to save and not shed blood.
The healer of God. He founded the hospitals of the world. He is aware of every type of medical need necessary to aid someone. A powerful healer as he is a warrior.
A Human.
Your name already reveals the specialty of my little brother - 'Rapha' is the healing that comes from 'El'.
Well, you could say that I'm a bit of a miracle worker myself. I gave a man a new limb after he lost it during that ongoing conflict over Israel. He would've been a cripple for the rest of his life, but I decided otherwise. No prosthetics needed here, but if you'd prefer one, I won't judge you for it.
This chain was once belonged to the archangel Raphael, the Healer of God. Once, he used it to chain the fallen angel Azazel to mount Dudael for his crimes against humanity.
Carl Black.
Oh please Raph, don't act like as if you aren't a dirty little bastard. You aren't innocent. You know what you're doing. Imagine what heaven would do when one of their purest leaders turn out to be a closet pervert, ufufufufufu~
Azazel to Raphael.



  • Some angels theorize that he is the true firstborn among the archangels and the most powerful of them all. He just doesn't show his true power by humility.
  • One of his names, Angel of Death, is because he receives human spirits at the gates of the Third Heaven after the death of the physical body.
  • It was revealed that it was Raphael who protected soldier Desmond Doss during the second world war, as the soldier's heroic act of not shedding the blood of his fellow men, following the commandment "Thou shalt not kill", this ended up touching the heart of the Archangel of Healing.