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Despite what many may think, a realm isn't just simply a kingdom, a country, or an alternate dimension, a realm is a self-consistent universe with its own laws and history, all connected to the real world through an invisible thread.
Matt Wright.

A Realm is a self-consistent universe with events, and often other elements, that differ from the real world.


The gods have stated that all realms are in a constant state of flux, shifting like endless dreams. However they're a different concept from alternate realities. Thousands more realms, known and unknown, are stated to exist. Travel between realms is done via various portals and dimensional rifts. Moreover, many of these realms were fashioned by the gods themselves during the universe's youth but this was mostly during their warring conflicts against their primordial predecessors who at times were their own parents as well.

Some of these realms in question were also said to have been fashioned by the mutilated corpses of their primordial parents with this motif being found in mythologies like the Norse and the Mesopotamian. In such cases, the would-be rulers of the cosmos attack and kill these ancient primordials and fashion the many layers of the world with a piece of their body. This in turn becomes a realm.

Most pantheons has at least one realm to itself. For example, the Norse pantheon has the Yggdrasil tree, which is "inside" the Void of Oblivion, Ginnungagap. Yggdrasil itself also serves as a bridge to other realms, as it can lead the gods and even humans from Asgard to Midgard, the Norse name of the human realm. Realms are sometimes seen as an alternate universe even if that is factionally incorrect though some realms may have their own dimension with it having its own physical and temporal laws. All realms exist within the Multiverse and can be connected and accessed through black holes, white holes, wormholes or interdimensional passages between the "gap" that separates each universe.


Each realm is different from the other, and may be completely different from the mortal universe where humans live, for example: there may be a realm where time runs backwards from the human perspective, or a universe where time runs faster, making 1 day on Earth is 200 years in the realm. However, a realm that always catches the attention of human beings is the abode of God and the angels, Heaven, also called the Pleroma. One of the Bible writers, Paul, wrote that he was taken to the Third Heaven in spirit and saw ineffable things. Which means that Heaven is a realm beyond the imaginable, being indescribable to human beings.

Another realm that deserves attention is the Outerverse, created by God to trap the Old Ones and prevent the annihilation of all reality. The descriptions of this dimension are beyond imagination, totally inexplicable for any human being and even an angel, it is a space of pure nothingness and chaos that transcends all conceptions of being, size and limits, as the genuine and definitive infinity beyond the mathematics of any cosmos, of which all existence is but an atom, residing beyond a vast hierarchy of "unlimited void beyond all thought and entity."

In addition to this realm, there is also The Empty, a mysterious place that is said to predate Ayin and Khaos, ruled by an eternally sleeping entity called only "The Shadow". This place is said to be beyond the powers of God Himself and that none other than the Shadow has power and authority from that place. The Empty also serves as the afterlife for most supernatural beings.

List of Realms


  • Heaven - An Afterlife of pure bliss belonging to the Abrahamic Pantheon
  • Hell - An Afterlife used for the torture of sinners belonging to the Abrahamic Pantheon
  • Purgatory - A realm for beings after physical death for expiatory purification before they go to Hell or Heaven
  • Sheol - A realm of non-existence, created by God to serve as life after death for the souls of human beings


  • Hades - An afterlife for all humans belonging to the Greek Pantheon
  • Mount Olympus - The realm of the principal gods of the Greco-Roman Pantheon
  • Tartarus - The prison realm for the most dangerous in Creation


  • Alfheim - The realm that acts as a home to the Light Elves
  • Asgard - The highest of the Nine Realms and the residence of the Aesir
  • Jötunheimr - A location associated with the Jötnar
  • Muspelheim - A realm of pure fire populated by the Fire Giants
  • Nidavellir – A realm filled with rocks populated by the Dwarves
  • Niflheim - A realm of primordial ice and cold, with the frozen rivers which come from all rivers
  • Svartalfheim - A realm home to the Svartálfar
  • Vanaheim - The lowest of the Nine Realms and the residence of the Vanir

Realms from the One Being

  • Chaosrealm - A realm of pure chaos that usually goes to war with Orderrealm
  • Earthrealm - A version of the Human World by using the One Being
  • Edenia - A very lush and fertile world with slowly aging inhabitants
  • Netherrealm - A realm of the damned created using the One Being and is connected to Hell
  • Orderrealm - A realm of pure order that usually goes to war with Chaosrealm
  • Outworld - A large and often hostile realm of varying landscapes
  • The Heavens - The realm where the Elder Gods reside
  • Vaeternus - A realm inhabited by the Vaeturnian, a sub-species of Vampires
  • Zaterra - The realm that houses the Saurians after they were threatened in the Human Realm

Collective Realms

  • Human Realm - A realm that contains the Solar System and Earth
  • Otherland - A realm of pure imagination, containing Wonderland and the Land of Oz
  • Skyland - A collection of divine realms ruled by the highest ranked-deity in a pantheon or their respective heavenly deity
  • Underworld - A collection of underground realms meant for the dead ruled by their respective underworld deity


  • Alagadda - Used to be a kingdom on Earth before becoming a universe ruled by the Hanged King
  • Another Dimension - A realm between realms, the place between portals
  • Fairyland - A realm that are the residence of the Fae created by Life
  • Ghoul Realm - A dangerous world inhabited by honorable Ghouls
  • Glade of Dreams - A universe created by a gods dreams and nightmares
  • Makai - The homeworld of the Darkstalkers
  • Outerverse - The prison that contains Azathoth and the Outer Gods
  • The Empty - A void that existed before God that serves as an afterlife for any supernatural creature
  • Omniverse - A realm, which is not actually a realm, but the totality of everything that exists, has existed or will exist, containing everything that is real and fictional, including realms and dimensions, including the very wiki of Gods and Demons.


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