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Of all the forms you could have shape a dangerous artifact of cosmic importance into, you shaped it into a hand. A human hand. In a world filled with demons who are barely fit to call humanoid. And you truly wonder why the rest of us call you the scummy idiot Mammon.

The Right Hand of Doom is a mysterious object that served as a key to the Outerverse, where most of the Outer Gods were trapped. The key is currently on the Cambion Hellboy, for who uses the object as his strong right hand. It is said that the Arcuthas Calur knows a way to open a door to the Outer-Verse which no one else knows of.


The key's origin is not known, except that it was likely created by the one true God, Who used it to lock the Outer Gods into the black starless void that was the Outerverse. After locking the cosmic deities away, the key disappeared for a while.

Billions of years late the key was found among the wealth of the Prince of Hell Mammon, who represented the deadly sin of Greed. Mammon, alongside Duke of Hell Astaroth, reshaped the key as a large stone-hand, which would be grafted on the future champion of demon-kind, who would prevent their eventual damnation in the Lake of Fire.

This champion would be Anung Un Rama, the last child of the Grigori Azazel and human-witch Sarah Hughes, who was condemned and gave birth in Hell. Mammon and Astaroth cut of the young cambion's right hand and replaced it with the key, which was now labelled by them as the "Right Hand of Doom".

Hellboy would later on be summoned by Grigori Rasputin, the secret prophet of the Outer Gods, with through Projekt Ragnarok, who seeked unleash the old ones to usher in a new paradise. Luckily for all of mankind, the cambion was discovered by B.P.R.D.-agent Trevor Bruttenholm, who christened the young creature as "Hellboy" and even adopted him.

To this day the hand is in the hands of Hellboy, who has becomes the B.P.R.D.'s best investigator and fight of the supernatural.