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The Ring of Gaea, is a formerly secretly world-wide cult that follows the principles of chaos. They are commonly associated with occult activities, and generally embody the Inferno.


The Ring of Gaea typically believe in free will and that the strong should be the ones to rule. This commonly puts them at odds with the Order of Messiah, who are associated with order and the will of God. This cult has been join by many different type of entities with them but mainly has humans and demons join up them along with cambions between them.



Government and Politics


The Ring of Gaea follows the Chaos alignment which promotes freedom of choice, thought and action above all else in stark contrast to the controlling nature of Order. However, this freedom can lead to a vast amount of suffering and anarchy, leading the world into a primal state of unsuppressed vice and survival of the fittest.

They also follow the theories of "Survival of the fittest" and Social Darwinism.



While the conception of the cult is fully known, what is known is that a ambitious and ruthless woman known as Yuriko along with a small group founded the Ring of Gaea (then known as the Deva Cult or Cult of Deva) in the United Kingdom, of the year 1942, for people who wanted to live a society dominated by the strong and occultists who follow demonology to the end.

While staring as a small group will only 50 to 60 people, it started to grow when they entered the USA and Japan, both whom had many people with their mentality.

Cult of Deva

In 2003, the demon lord Leonard (under the orders of Asmodeus) join up with the Japanese branch of the cult and started brainwashing many human members to join without being noticed by the Shinto Pantheon. They were camped mostly in East Tokyo, having strong control over Ueno where many Sabbaths take place under high-ranking demons.

At a certain point, they decided to kidnap the daughter of current prime minister of the time, hide her in Ikebukuro. With his kidnaping, they finally gained the attention of the Shinto Pantheon and the Japanese Government. When they finally found where they were, the government sent the entire JSDF against them while the Kami dealt with the demons. In only a couple days, most of the Deva Cult was destroyed as the special forces far surpassed them in sheer manpower. It only got worse for them when Amaterasu came to defeat Leonard herself and succeeded, causing the demon lord to retreat back to Hell.

Afterwards, the Japanese branch disbanded with the brainwashed members of the cult being freed from their brainwashing.


While this was a national event, the Japanese Government and Shinto Pantheon both decided to hide most of the situation from the Japanese people, only saying it was a dark cult was kidnapping people to perform sacrificial rituals. Both the victims and JSDF was ordered to keep their mouths shut by the government with most of them having their memories erased of the event.

When the others heard of the disbandment of the Japanese branch, they had made a secret rescue mission to bring all their men back to the mainland. While taking some time, it was a success as all survivors were brought back (along with all new members). When finally arriving, Yuriko started to remake the entire cult, renaming it as the Ring of Gaea and getting governors, generals and assassins to serve her and this new cult.

With this, they spread out even more with a new branch being made in Japan which was far more powerful and secretive.

Myths and Legends

A religious group operating around the world. Their principle doctrine is "survival of the fittest," be they demon or human. The Ring of Gaea are the rivals of the Ashura-kai and the Order of Messiah. The Ring of Gaea's dogma is modeled upon natural selection, but is often confused by its members to mean a "dog eat dog" philosophy. The teachings of Yuriko were the root of this violence. She instructed her followers to unleash their suppressed emotions upon the world to shape it as they saw fit. While it stands to reason that this may have been Yuriko's intent all along, her machinations remain a mystery.
The Demonic Compendium.

Known Members

Lady Yuriko

Lady Yuriko, also known as the Black Samurai, is a ruthless, ambitious and cunning Half-Japanese Half-British woman who founded and led the Ring of Gaea. While she is very well known, her origins and history are a mystery to all but her most closest companions. The only things that are known is that she has a husband and she has some connection with Hell.


Wow, a hellish cult bearing Gaia's name. No wonder why those Hellenistic pagans were so freakin' pissed. She's really out there trying to piss as much religious folks with her naming as she could, isn't she?
Carl Black.



  • While having her in the name, they have no connected with the primordial goddess Gaia or the Earth itself.
  • The founder and true leader of the cult, Yuriko, is actually the demon empress Lilith herself.
  • They own a occult magazine known as Akayashi Monthly which is the main reason humans join.