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Samyaza whose name can be roughly translated as "The Infamous Rebellion" is a powerful Fallen Angel from Christian texts. He was said to be one of the leaders of the Grigori, a group of angels who rebelled against God's will and mated with humanity while also providing them with forbidden knowledge.


Samyaza is said, by some, to be one of the few beings in creation that knows God's true name and once offered to bestow knowledge of it to the human woman Istahar. This special knowledge has earned him his other title of "He Sees the Name".



Samyaza was said to be wicked to the extent that he has often been argued to be an alter-ego of Lucifer while others claimed it's just another name for Lucifer. However some scholars believe it is important to separate the two, believing that although similiar the two are completely different supernatural beings. Lucifer chose to be cast out while Samyaza was tasked to decend to the Earth and watch over the humans.

Powers and Abilities


When the rebel angels first meet upon Mount Hermon to organize their secret society of 200 members, Samyaza, as their recognized chieftain (under Azazel, who had rebelled against God and the heavenly host), initially doubts the initiates' resolve to forswear heaven. This they had planned to achieve through dark combinations and clandestine oaths under penalty of death, thereby binding themselves to that treachery in which they would use their heaven-acquired knowledge to create a counterfeit religion on earth to satisfy their lusts and carnal desires.

Thus having convinced the other Watchers to join him in fornicating with women, Samyaza continues to collude and to plot with these other sinful Grigori to seduce females from the human tribes. The resultant offspring from this unnatural prostitution and breeding are called "giants" (referred to as Nephilim in the Book of Genesis). Together, they dominate, murder, and exploit the inferior races of men — beginning in the days of the righteous Sethite patriarch Jared, the father of the prophet Enoch — their debauchery thereafter rising to new heights: "And there was great impiety and much fornication, and they went astray and all their ways became corrupt."

But perhaps the Watchers' most grievous sin was to teach and instruct humankind, blasphemously, in various forbidden arts, sciences, and celestial "secrets" or "mysteries" of the true heavenly gnosis or knowledge — especially that Wisdom possessed by Azazel (Lucifer), who taught them also the secrets of war (from magic, metallurgy, and weaponry to seductive ornamentation, jewelry, and cosmetics) — all of which ultimately, though not surprisingly, brings down the wrath of Heaven.

God commanded the angel Gabriel to cause the Watchers and giants to wage civil war then told Michael to bind Samyaza and the Grigori for seventy generations in the valleys of the Earth until the Day of Judgement where they will be thrown into the Lake of Fire.

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