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I swear, Father does not pay me enough to act as your glorified babysitter.
Sandalphon to Metatron.

Sandalphon is the archangel "twin-sibling" of Metatron. Sandalphon is said to be responsible for determining the gender of a person in one's embryonic state, and in other accounts said to be a guardian angel who delivers prayers to God.


Sandalphon is regarded as the master of heavenly songs and it is said that a human would take 500 years to walk the length of his body alone clearly showing his celestial size. Gabriel even once stated that he witnessed a human walking on his ear lobe, which took roughly around 70 years to reach the end.



Sandalphon is described as the "dark angel" as opposed to his twin brother Metatron whom is regarded as the bright angel. However, this means not that there is conflict in their relationship as they do get along and care deeply for one another.

Powers and Abilities


Myths and Legends

The twin brother of Metatron, he is a powerful angel from Judaic lore. This heavenly scribe was charged with delivering humanity's prayers to God. Hebrew prayers were braided into the laurels atop God's head. Music was another one of this angel's domains. While Metatron is known as the "bright angel," Jewish mystics refer to Sandalphon as "dark angel".
The Demonic Compendium

Sandalphon is an archangel in Jewish and Christian writings, although not in scripture. Sandalphon figures prominently in the mystical literary traditions of Rabbinic Judaism and early Christianity, notably in the Midrash, Talmud, and Kabbalah and is generally seen as gathering prayers and passing them on to God.

Meaning of name

The name Sandalphon, which may be related to the Hebrew sandek, godfather (thereby corresponding to the tradition of a station held by Elijah with regard to evocation of the prophet in his capacity being protector of unborn children), may also be derived from the Greek prefix sym-/syn-, meaning "together", and adelphos, meaning "brother"; thus approximately meaning "co-brother", since the modern Greek word for "co-worker", synadelfos, has these roots as seen in the Book of Revelation, chapter 19, verse 10. This probably refers to Sandalphon's relationship to Metatron, though this derivation shows uncertain Semitic influences.

Descriptions and functions

In the Greater Key of Solomon, Sandalphon is designated "the left-hand feminine cherub of the Ark of the Covenant". In the liturgy for Sukkot, he is credited with gathering the prayers of the faithful, making a garland of such prayers, and then "adjuring them to ascend as an orb to the supreme King of Kings". In the Zohar he is "chief of the Seventh Heaven". As Michael does, he carries on a ceaseless battle with Samael (perhaps Satan), angel of evil.

In Kabbalah, Sandalphon is the angel who represents the sefirah Malkuth and overlaps (or is confused with) the angel Metatron, who represents the Keter sefirah. He is said to appear before the feminine presence of the Shekhinah and to receive human prayers and send them to God.


The disciplinarian, Sandalphon. Remember this face.