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I am Satan, the ancient angel... the arbiter.

Satan, formerly known as Satanel, is a prominent figure in all Abrahamic religions (though mostly Christianity), playing various roles in their literature and history.


He is known for bringing evil and temptation, and is known as the deceiver who leads humanity astray. Satan is even able to take control of the life of a person in the stead of God, though only to a extent to what God allows. In absolute dualism in ancient Catar texts, however, Satan and God were said to exist at the same time and be equal in power. If this has any truth to it, it would mean that Satan is the Supreme Antithesis and when Creation is destroyed, he will once again exist in the timeless nothingness with God once more, this is most likely untrue as God's power cannot be rivaled by Satan and is only equaled by Khaos, Ayin, Therion, and Azathoth and even then its a very close match.

Satan would appear to those who are sinful, playing into their hearts and towing them into despair. He may either be depicted as a rebel to the will of God, or as one who tempts mankind to commit sin to show God that mankind can easily be led astray from Him. In the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, Satan is primarily an accuser and adversary, a decidedly malevolent entity, also called the Devil, who possesses demonic qualities

He is described as the "ruler of the demons" and "the God of this Age". In Revelation, Satan appears as a Great Red Dragon, who is ultimately banished from Heaven by Michael the Archangel (though this is usually said to be Lucifer). Satan is mostly known as the Devil and, although the Book of Genesis does not mention him, he is often identified with the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

Satan is said to also be associated with one of the Seven Deadly Sins being Wrath. He is also one of the Seven Princes of Hell. Satan was God's personal arbiter for the afterlife to check if man were worthy of the Millennium Kingdom and even when he fell, he was still allowed in Heaven. Satan also appears in the Gospels, trying to tempt Jesus Christ away from His destiny.


Satan's appearance is never described in the Bible, but, since the ninth century, he has sometimes been shown with horns, cloven hooves, hairy legs, and a tail, often naked and holding a pitchfork, an amalgam of traits derived from various pagan deities including Pan, Poseidon, and Bes, though he is fully able to completely alter his physical appearance.

During the year 7 BCE to 33 CE, his appearance was that of an androgynous being with very pale skin, they had no hair, eyelashes or eyebrows. The Devil just wore a dark tunic that covered his entire body. During Christ's temptation, he was constantly changing between a beautiful woman and an elegant man.


Chaos, order, neutrality... It matters not what state the universe is in. The universe is constantly in flux. Old gives way to new; it is the irrefutable law of nature. Ascertaining God’s identity and breaking free of his rule is in accordance with the law.

Satan would appear to those who are sinful, playing into their hearts and towing them into despair. He may either be depicted as a rebel to the will of God, or as one who tempts mankind to commit sin to show God that mankind can easily be led astray from Him. In the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, Satan is primarily an accuser and adversary, a decidedly malevolent entity, also called the Devil, who possesses demonic qualities. He is described as the "ruler of the demons" and "the God of this Age". He is the true embodiment of all evils in the world, second or below only to Azathoth and Ayin themselves.

Satan is mostly known as the Devil and, although the Book of Genesis does not mention him, he is often identified with the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Satan is said to also be associated with one of the Seven Deadly Sins being Wrath. This is the source of all misjudgments and rage that crosses in the hearts of man. He is also one of the Seven Princes of Hell, and he personally serves as Lucifer's second in command, despite being equal or perhaps superior than him in power and might (possibly he sees Lucifer as suitable leader because of his mind, intelligence, wisdom, wits, and his dangerous cunningness).

During the beginning of time, he is see's himself as an enigmatic entity. Strayed and wandering his purpose among the creation. He is always seen as an expressionless arbiter and judge of God prior to his fall. Firm and cruel to his judgements towards the guilty and sinners.

Despite an overly powerful Archdemon lord of Hell, Satan also serves as God's personal arbiter for the afterlife to check if man were worthy of the Millennium Kingdom and even when he fell, he was still allowed in Heaven. Satan also appears in the Gospels, trying to tempt Jesus Christ away from His destiny. His ways is the direct opposite and the supreme antithesis of God's fair and just ways. While God use light and justified ways to test his subjects and believers, Satan uses temptations, deceiving, manipulations, and tricking his victim's inner mind and heart to prove that man is sinful by nature, yet still allows and respect's God's authority and deems who will be sent to Heaven (for eternal bliss and peaceful rest) or Hell (for eternal torment and sufferings).

Being an arbiter of God, it is up to him if the person is worthy to go in Heaven or Hell, yet the final decision lies only to God. Despite being rebellious countless times in God, he still acknowledge his authority (even if it is against his will). Despite his obsession to humanity and wanting them to fall into sin so badly to prove to God that they were inherently sinful, by nature, he will still spare innocent and righteous souls, and will never permit them to be dragged or be brought unto Hell. As he states that only sinners and filthy souls are worthy to be punished eternally on Hell, and not the innocents. As he angrily attack a deceased man, that dragged an innocent woman to hell (due to his obsession to the woman) and save her life from the man, and sent her to Heaven via reality gate.

According to Michael, Lucifer, and Gabriel, he must follow God's will and authority, unless if he dares to defy His will, he will be punish further more. Being fed by Satan's countless defiance, even before his fall, and it is something that he tries to prevent and to further not provoking God's wrath. For all of his rebellious, malevolence, and evil deeds, God is the only being that he will serve.

Powers and Abilities

After his fall, Satan became the supreme emperor of the Inferno and the true lord of all demonkind, surpassing even the nigh-omnipotent Lucifer. Despite having complete rulership over Hell, he was not at full power as a part of him remained imprisoned in the depths of the infernal Abyss.

Once he regained that part he was able to even defeat the archangel Michael, Metatron and Merkabah at the same time in a fight (something not even Lucifer was able to do), showing he is far more powerful than the strongest of his archangel brethren, in fact, when he was an angel in Heaven, he was known to be second only to God, and casually crush Cthulhu and the other Great Old Ones, and God himself had to intervene and put Satan back in Hell. At his full power without any limitations, he is even capable of taking on Several Archangels and even battled a heavily unprepared Nyarlathotep for days in the darkest depths of space, forcing the Outer God to flee. He battled Cronus, the strongest Titan, when he tried to overtake Hell, forcing him out. However, he is not powerful enough to even challenge Tartarus, the true primordial deity of the Underworld, showing that he is one of the few beings (other than God) that can make him flee or hesitate to engage in a vicious fight.

  • Fallen Transcendent Angel & Archdemon Lord Physiology: Being one of the first Fallen Angels that also turn himself as an Archdemon lord, Satan is a very powerful fallen angel and demon lord. Possibly more powerful than Lucifer and Michael themselves combinated. He is said to be capable of commanding all demons of every existing pantheons. With just a mere sight of him is more than enough to make someone shiver in fear and fall into despair. His power is so great that he is considered among the strongest beings in existence, more powerful that any existing chief deities. He is only greatly bellow God when is comes to power and authority, and rivalled only by Merkabah.
  • Immense Power: Being one of the fallen true archangels and a great demon lord created from the powers of Ayin herself, Satan possesses near-limitless demonic and (even) angelic powers. His powers are even revered by many of his peers, and powerful enough to became the supreme emperor of the Inferno and the true lord of all demonkind, surpassing even the nigh-omnipotent Lucifer, and the demon gods like Mundus and Argoxas. It is said that he is greater than the other six princes combined, and at full power is able to best majority of the True Archangels simultaneously. He is even powerful enough to take on both Archangel Michael and Metatron at the same time with ease. His powers however is largely bellowed only by God and the Primordials, and rivalled by Merkabah, an Angel that possesses the souls of many angels that fall in his wake and a microscopic fragment of Calur's Power, the leader of the Arcuthas. His might has been seen once again during a battle against the Dark Knight, Sparda, and legends dictate that Sparda and Satan fought in a battle that could have quite nearly ravaged a large country with eye-witnesses, be it demon or human even, consider it to be among the greatest duels in history. After a long and hard-fought battle, Sparda was able to defeat the Imperial King of Hell (even though Satan is far more powerful than him) and banished him back to the Inferno. Sparda only managed to defeat him because of the assistance of Archangel Gabriel. His banishment consisted of conjuring a powerful binding spell that tied the seven princes' to their respective circles and prevent them from going any further near the physical world. Also despite being more powerful than Lucifer and Michael, his near-omnipotent powers has still limits, due to the curse that God cast upon him and Lucifer to wander on Earth and watch over the humans, where it borders in way in what God allows him to, and also sealed away most (if not) of all his powers, including both divine and demonic forces. Also, despite his immense power, Satan is extremely wary of Arcuthas, Primordials and Outer Gods (despite being strong enough to fight with some of them like Nyarlathotep), as clearly seen with Tarica's and Lucifer's relationship and later seen with Akiel's birth.
  • Omnimalevolence: Satan, being the true emperor of hell, is the true embodiment of evil and malevolence, thus making him the true evil incarnate of Ayin and the source of all negative aspects of existence. Satan can cause chaos, mischiefs, strife, conflict, and all forms of evil itself.
    • Evil Embodiment: Satan is one of the embodiment of evil and can manipulate everything evil, including having all evil powers and power over evil beings, places and events (he can be literally become an evil force of nature). Not even powerful beings such as the Aeon's can resist as his evil aura can make all them coward in fear, some even feared that he would manipulate them because of their corruption. Examples include using weather to destroy towns, cursing deities and people to induce horrifying effects, physically and psychologically torturing people and Gods, inducing sins, etc. He can also do things like shapeshifting into a chaotic monster and do almost anything as long as it ensures death or to manipulate others to his will, and cause destruction or pain on the victims. His demonic powers is incredibly powerful because of the limitless capabilities and the fact that there is evil in almost every place.
    • Corruption Inducement: Being known as the "accuser" Satan can corrupt a person into doing anything. It doesn't control the victim, but it prevents them from realizing that they otherwise wouldn't do what he suggests, and therefore they become much more malleable. It is easier for Satan to corrupt someone to do something minor, e.g. more corruption would be needed to get a victim to murder someone than to get them to steal, usually he uses tricks, tempting offers, and manipulates them to do his bidding will. Yet his ability to corrupt people is possible to break, but it is severely difficult and would usually need outside influence. According to him, Lucifer, and his former Archangel siblings it takes a strong and indomitable will to resist his corruption, so far the only person he failed to corrupt is Jesus Christ.
  • Profane Trinity: Just as God is a trinity with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, the Devil, Satan has his "evil version" called the profane trinity or satanic trinity; with Satan, the Beast and the False Prophet. United, they form an malign triad that embodies pure evil being called "Anti-God", even though the true Anti-God is Ayin.
  • Profane Presence: Satan is present almost everywhere at the same time, usually being limited by/within a certain domain, such as time, space, or nothingness. His knowledge over creation and the cosmos makes him more known and feared by various people (both mortals and supernatural beings) across the universe. His presence is said to be as bleak as the cold of Treachery (the depths of Hell) and as hot as the flames of Tartarus (the depths of the Greco-Roman Underworld). By just his presence on Earth is more than terrifying that it caused massive storms, disasters, chaos, and terror among the humans, and it also distorted the very fabric of space and reality.
  • Unlimited intelligence: Having been living since before or during the beginning of Creation, Satan possess vast knowledge that no one other than his angelic & demonic (nobles and kings) brethren could comprehend. His knowledge surpasses even the likes of most entities, even the most dangerous and most cunning of Azathoth's children, like the Outer God Nyarlathotep, where they were seen equally rivalled when it comes to strength and wits, and surpassed only by Michael and Lucifer, in sheer intellect and wisdom. He is proven himself, to have knowledge in the whole cosmos, despite having most of his powers sealed.
    • Master Deceiver & Manipulator: Satan is one of (if not) the most cunning and vilest deceiver and manipulator in the whole world, having no equal, with the exception of Lucifer and Nyarlathotep. It one of Satan's most dangerous traits, having a millennia worth of skills of cunningly, deceiving, and manipulative nature. His ability to deceived and manipulate others to his will is so dangerous, that even the gods are afraid to him. He has been a master manipulator, having deceiving soo many people since the time of the old testament, and he is capable of corrupting, deceive, manipulate, and do others to his bidding, while claiming to be a bystander, remaining behind the scenes and appears as an innocent being, and see them fall into despair and watch them fall so high. His skills are roughly equivalent or possibly superior and cunning than any evil gods like Loki, the god of mischief (who is known in the Norse pantheon as master manipulator of the Aesir Deities). However, not all falls to his traps, tricks, and manipulations, as only strong willed and faithful believers can resist his temptations. So far the the most famous of them that he failed to corrupt is Christ.
  • Supernatural Speed & Reflexes: Satan is incredibly and glaringly fast for a human to follow his movements. It is nearly untraceable and un trackable, to the point that when he moves he can appeared from one place to another until it was already too late for the person to noticed his presence and appeared behind his opponents to catch them off-guard.
  • Invulnerability: Satan's body highly indestructible and invulnerable to some ways possible. He is able to resist and has a high tolerance of pain and durability. The only things who can affects him in some way are holy objects and weapons but it take the great force to hurt him.
  • Master Magician & Sorcerer: Being lived for countless millennia, Satan possess incredible skills of magic spells and sorcery, capable of creating devastating effects and could break the very laws of physics and magic. Commonly he uses both (fallen) angelic and demonic magics, that are highly ancient and legendary from the other demons and magician's perspectives. His skills are also considered highly dangerous, fatal, and cursed, to the point that very beings are capable of pointing their swords against him. During their ruling state in Hell, he and Lucifer created a very unique and ancient magic system that they personally created, solely unique only to the kings and emperor of inferno, that very few devils are capable of doing or aware of (with the exceptions of the Knights of Hell) . According to Astaroth and Beelzebub, it is a complex and ancient magic formula, that was base in their angelic magic system that they manipulate, in a darker manner and adding with demonic elements.
    • Curse Inducement: Satan is master when it comes to cursing his victims. According to many, it is one of his greatest specialty. His curse are highly and very deadly, to the point that the only way to break his curse is through strong faith or if Satan will's to lift it.
  • Powerful Master Combatant: Regarded as the greatest general and herald of Ayin herself, Satan is one of (if not) the most powerful archdemons of the inferno. Having not bested by anyone in the Underworld other than Lucifer and Merkabah. His skills are so great that no one in Hell dares to challenge him in combat (other than Lucifer). So far the only fighter that managed to withstood and draws Satan's over all powers and skills is Sparda, the Legendary Dark Knight. That their fight lasted for too long that ravaged a large country, until he was banished from the mortal realm and binds him with powerful binding spells, further showing how powerful his skills are.
  • Immortality: Satan have been living since before or possibly during the dawn of creation. Having been lived for countless millions to billions of years, and he predated the humans and other supernatural beings including most of the deities themselves.


  • Primordials: The Primordials are powerful and strong enough to harm him.
  • Arcuthas: Like the Primordials, the Arcuthas are powerful and strong enough to harm him in combat.
  • Three Great Titans of Creation: The Three Great Titans of Creation can easily completely obliterate Satan with a single snap of their fingers.
  • Ayin: As the progenitor of demonkind and creator of Hell, Ayin is an immensely powerful being who is able to easily wipe out Satan in milliseconds. Satan himself has mentioned that even if he and every other demon work together against Ayin, they will fail.
  • The Darkness: The Darkness has shown herself to be far more powerful than Satan and can erase him from creation completely.


Satan was an ancient spirit or force created by Ayin that existed when the first spark of Creation was lit, possibly around or before Creation. He is believed to have once been a wandering spirit with no purpose, confused of his surroundings and existence until God appointed him with being a judge and accuser.

Before his fall, Satan was an Archangel and a prince of the choir of Power, showing his status as the supreme Power as Lucifer is over the Archangels. However, it is believed that Satan was something else before he was appointed as a Angel. He himself states that he is a bit of an enigma. Before his fall, Satan was also a Cherubim and a prince of the choir, showing his status as the supreme Cherub as Lucifer is over the Seraphim. This would explain why he is sometimes depicted as having three heads in his imprisonment, showing that after his fall his appearance as a Cherubim became highly twisted and corrupted. He is the most powerful angel created by God.

God commanded the Angels, Djinn, and Aeons to bow to the first human Adam, Lucifer (then an angel called Helel) rallied other angels against this command with the belief that angels are above all other creations, Satan (then an angel called Satanel) was one of the angels rallied with Lucifer. He and other "fallen angels" fought against the forces of God and were utterly defeated; as a result, Satan was cast down into Hell. After his fall, Satan became the supreme emperor of the Inferno and the true lord of all demonkind, equaled only by the nigh-omnipotent Lucifer.

Contrary to popular belief, after the fall it is believed that Lucifer became a demon when his heart was filled to the brim with corruption and darkness. However, regardless of his appearance, Lucifer seems to remain looking as a fallen angel rather than a demon. Satan, however, discarded his origins and fully embraced his current status as a demon. So in theory they could be the same being, but really they are the same two different beings based on the same legend. He chooses what you see to his advantage.

Myths and Legends

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father it is your will to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and stood not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof.
John 8:44


The concept of the devil has been present in human culture for millennia, a being that personifies the evil that humanity faces, a perverse being that tries to distance us from God. Although it is not possible to say itself when this idea started to be cultivated among people, it is likely that it started with the Angra Mainyu of Zoroastrianism in the 6th century BCE. Angra Mainyu is an evil being opposite Ahura Mazda and its equivalent. This is probably the oldest account of an evil figure opposed to a redeeming entity.

However, there is another devil, he appears in the Bible, in the Old Testament, more specifically in the Book of Job, there he is called "Satan" which means "opponent" or "adversary". Christians interpret Satan as a fallen angel who, claiming to be as great as God, rebelled against Him and was cast into the depths of darkness. He is an accuser who tries to make humanity fall and tries to bring creation to its end in Apocalypse and dethrone the Creator. In the Christian view, he is responsible for the fall of humanity from the Garden of God, Jesus refers to him as "father of the lie" and "a murderer from the beginning" who did not cling to the truth. Probably a reference to what the devil used to get Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden - the lie.


He is known by many epithets, including the Serpent, the Devil, the Dragon, The Dark Lord, The King of Darkness, the Demon Lord, King of Lies, The Great Deceiver, The Deceiver, The Adversary, The Accuser, The Dark Side of God, King of Hell, The Evil One, The Dark One, The Darkness, Apollyon, Old Scratch, Abaddon, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Belial, Baal, Old Nick, Satanael, Mephistopheles, Iblis, Yama although some of this titles were attributed to actual demons themselves, the names themselves describe Satan's authority and power.

In modern religion, Satan is typically an alternate name or title for Lucifer, who rallied other angels against the authority of God, after which they fought against the forces of God and were utterly defeated and cast down into hell, becoming demons. During the centuries, his figure has been linked with other dark entities, such as Set, Hades, Ahriman, and Mara, while some other religious currents such as Gnosticism portray him as the evil deity Yaldabaoth, in the Talmud he is often equated with the angel of death Samael (who is also his general).


I am Satan, the one who stands below God the judge. I see you have chosen to retaliate, just as that man did. Then prepare, human, to receive God's eternal punishment of damnation!
Satan to a sinner.
You hail from a world shackled by slavery. But in this one blow the winds of freedom. If the soul is as peace, even in the depths of Hell shall one find comfort. As proof, you – slaves of God – did not recognize that you were being shackled… Yet you now wish to dethrone the Creator. Then show me the strength of your determination… Your will. Hold nothing back. Failing this test would mean eternal death.
Satan to a God Slayer.
And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in Hell.
Matthew 10:28 (ESV).
The Devil keeps man from good with a thousand machinations spewed from his belly, so that when a person sighs to do good, he pierces him with his shafts; and when he desires to embrace God with his whole heart in love, he subjects him to poisonous tribulations, seeking to pervert good work before God. And when a person seeks the viridity of virtue, the Devil tells him that he does not know what he is doing, and he teaches him that he can set his own law for himself.
HILDEGARD OF BINDEN, letter to the Abbot, c. 1166
I know your race. It is made up of sheep. It is governed by minorities, seldom or never by majorities. It suppresses its feelings and its beliefs and follows the handful that makes the most noise. Sometimes the noisy handful is right, sometimes wrong; but no matter, the crowd follows it.
Satan about humans.
Sin never exist, for nothing is truly sinful but indulging in the carnal desires in your own Utopia.
Satan's personal creed.
My belief is that, morally, God and Satan are vaguely on the same page. According to the common understanding of Satan's origins, 'holiness' is, metaphorically, frozen stiff in his veins: and at that a corrupted formula - i.e. legalism. The vital difference is that God is willing to offer grace for our sins; he delights in grace. God is the one and only holy and just punisher of sin, yes, but that is partly so because punishment for the sake of punishment is not something he loves. Whereas Satan, as the accuser, and as it is written, actually seeks God's permission to punish; he, being a seasoned legalist, delights in finding wrongs and will defy his own morality just to expose immorality. This is why both the anti-religious soul and the violently religious soul are, whether consciously or unconsciously, and sadly enough, glorifying their biggest hater: Satan is not only a lawless lover of punishing lawlessness, but also the sharpest theologian of us all. He loves wickedness, but only because he loves punishing wickedness.
Criss Jami.
The greatest lie I ever told? No, it was not convincing the world I didn't exist, plenty of people do believe I exist. Nor was it convincing people God doesn't exist. That would spoil the fun of our little game. It was not saying there is only Heaven or only Hell. It was not leading you to so-called 'pagan deities'. My greatest lie was but three words: God commands it. You'd be amazed how easy it is to lead you away from Him with nothing but His name and a flimsy excuse.
This planet is mine to collect, Great Old One.
Satan to Cthulhu.
He's literally Satan. What else to say about him?
Diana Black
The only reason you're safe from me is because I don't give a damn about your existence otherwise I would have wiped it off the face of existence, consequences be damned.
Tartarus to Satan.
Well well, look who we have here. Monkey 1 and Monkey 2.
I think the Devil is an interesting concept. The church lives putting him as the biggest antagonist of everyone and everything. But they don't realize that it is soon he who draws people to his services and masses. It's ironic. Devil. The greatest friend the Church ever had.
Berith Edwards.
Do not kill me! You can't kill me! If you hurt me it will go against His word not to hurt others. Is not?
Conversation Tail.png
Jesus Christ.
You will never let go of this evil of yours and the hatred of your heart, because in fact you were born corrupted, evil and without an ounce of goodness in your heart of stone. The only thing that matters to you is to kill, steal and destroying everything God loves! But know, Devil, that even the patience and piety of the holiest of holies one day ends.
Conversation Tail.png



  • The race of Satan is a matter of debate among both humans and angels. Some believe he would be a Seraphim for his high status, others believe he would be a Cherubim based on the text of Ezekiel (although it is most often used for Lucifer). However, until today there is no conclusive answer. All that is known is that it was an angel who fell from Heaven.
  • Satan is the Kabbalah equivalent of Metatron, with Satan being the ruler of Thaumiel on the Tree of Qliphoth and Metatron being the ruler of Keter on the Tree of Sefirot.
  • Satan is the antagonistic figure/force in Abrahamic Religions and is primarily either depicted as an Agent of God sent to test the faith of Man as well as serve as an accusatory figure to expose their sins (Judaism and Islam) or an Angel that rebelled against God and serves as the Supreme Adversary and Ultimate Evil (Christianity).
  • It is revealed by Michael that Satan did in fact try to kill the baby Jesus when he was still a child, and that he was behind Herod's murder of children as young as two years old.
    • However, he did not expect that despite being a baby, Jesus was fully conscious and could access his original at will, which allowed Jesus to shape-shift and assume the appearance of a teenage boy and escape Herod's hands.