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You know how there's seven princes of hell? Well, this is their angelic version, the seven archangels. They are God's seconds-in-command and practically rule Heaven whenever God's away. Each of them represent one of the heavenly virtues.
Carl Black.

The Seven Archangels are the group of True Archangels that are the most loyal to God and are the secondary rulers of Heaven.


The Greatest group of angels to exist and the most loyal to God, the eldest and first among them all is the Archangel Michael. The seven archangels are also the angelic counterparts of the Seven Princes of Hell. How they were founded as a unit is unknown, but it is said that it happened after Helel's rebellion. When Lucifer rebelled against God, one entire choir of angels followed him and was lost. Many angels from other choirs also followed him in his rebellion. It is revealed that Helel was meant to be apart of the Seven Archangels as well, however, since his fall he was replaced by Camael.

Another version of the story is that the archangels were once normal angels in a choir within the circles of Heaven. These seven angels from the second lowest choir were so outraged by the terrible offense to the dignity of God they positioned themselves between the Throne of God and the infernal offenders, prepared to defend the honor and dignity of God, in spite of their inferiority to Lucifer and his legions. God was so moved by their heroic love he elevated them, enriching them with many new powers and abilities and thereby becoming the archangels. It is later revealed that the archangels came into formation after the defeat of The Darkness, Khaos, and Azathoth. In the end they fought Lucifer's army, with Michael personally battling and defeating Lucifer, before casting him and his followers to the bowels of Hell.

Each of the archangels have their own lieutenant. Lieutenants function as executive officers for the archangels, taking care of or supervising day-to-day operations when the archangels have other matters to attend to. Lieutenant angels are not chosen at random, they can only be chosen in response to their attributes. For example, should an angel prove to be a strong and powerful warrior to Michael, the archangel will choose that angel as his lieutenant. A lieutenant angel serve as the second in command of the archangels' armies, and while they are not as strong as their superiors they are regarded as the second strongest in the ranks of angels. The lieutenants are mostly comprised of Powers or Dominions.

Each of the seven archangels represent the attributes of God Himself. As such, they hold control and dominion over all lesser angels, with the exception of God of course. It is also possible to become an archangel, a rank which is very difficult to achieve. A test is involved when an angel produces numerous wings, be it a hundred or a thousand. Nearly all angels become archangels using this method, and at least three archangels, including the Viceroy and Archistrage himself being Michael. Another method involves the recommendations of three archangels, followed by the approval of four others.

The archangels congregate in the main hall of the Crystal Spire, which is named the Heavenly Council to discuss important issues involving matters which affect Heaven, the universe, and Earth itself. This council is highly formal, with Michael leading its proceedings. All archangels are considered equal (with the exception of the Viceroy Michael), and determine the course of their individual division unless dictated otherwise by Michael. Votes are carried out via a unanimous consensus. In the end, it is Michael who personally asks for God's approval or refusal.

Unless specifically ordered by the Viceroy or God, archangels can choose whether or not to attend meetings, or not even involve themselves in the daily situations of Earth. Archangels are not allowed, without permission, to carry out activities outside of their normal jurisdiction or their field of division. The archangel of one group cannot punish the soldiers of another archangel.

The only original Archangel that isn't apart of the seven is the first angel Empra as he left Heaven before its formation.

The Seven Highest Archangels

  • Michael (Who is Like God?) - Justice (also Humility, Faith and Charity)
  • Gabriel (God is My Strength) - Faith (also Kindness and Diligence)
  • Raphael (God Heals) - Temperance (also Justice and Humility)
  • Uriel (God is My Light) - Wisdom (also Retribution and Chastity)
  • Jophiel (Beauty of God) - Hope (also Beauty)
  • Camael (One Who Sees God) - Fortitude (also Love)
  • Zadkiel (Righteousness of God) Loyalty (also Righteousness)

Lesser Archangels

  • Azrael (Retribution of God) - Generosity (also Charity and Patience)
  • Cassiel (Speed of God) - Temperance (also Respect and Justice)
  • Raguel (Friend of God) - Justice (also Fairness and Harmony)
  • Remiel (Thunder of God) - Compassion (also Kindness and Mercy)
  • Selaphiel (Prayer of God) - Truth (also Honor and Spirituality)
  • Jegudiel (Determination of God) - Determination (also Courage, Diligence, Hard-Working)
  • Barachiel (Lightning of God) - Fortune (also Love and Duty)
  • Phanuel (Face of God) - Hope (also Formality, Truth and Judgement)
  • Ariel (Lion of God) - Confidence (also Family and Protection)
  • Anael (Grace of God) - Joy (also Love, Humility and Protection)
  • Sariel (Command of God) - Morality (also Protection, Chastity and Leadership)
  • Amenadiel (By God's Will) - Peace (also Loyalty and Justice)


  • Helel (Light Bearer) - Confidence (also Justice and Leadership; Fallen)
  • Samael (Poison of God) - Justice (also Righteousness; Fallen)


Number seven is sacred, perfect and powerful. He is the number of Divine Perfection, for on the seventh day God rested from all His works.