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Hieronymus Bosch's The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things

The seven deadly sins are the easiest ways for a mortal to be damned to hell. While normally, these are absolutely harmless actions, but if you indulge in them too much and let them overtake you, then congratulations, you've made your own one-way trip to an eternal damnation.
Matt Wright

The Seven Deadly Sins also known as Seven Sins, Capital Vices, Cardinal Sins, and Distorted Sins are a major part of many theological writings and ethics, especially those of the Christian faith.

Although the Seven Deadly Sins are considered to be the most dangerous and/or destructive sins, capable of damning a soul that has not redeemed itself; some beliefs state that all souls, no matter how wicked, will eventually be saved.

The Seven Deadly Sins are also a popular subject in fiction and are usually embodied as powerful demons or similiar monsters: the most popular being the Seven Princes of Hell, the most highest ranking Demons.

The sins with their Prince of Hell