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The Seven Princes of Hell are the highest and most powerful of all demons, regardless of their origins. They represents each of the seven deadly sins, Lust, Gluttony, Pride, Sloth, Envy, Greed, and Wrath. The leader of the princes is Lucifer, who is the Supreme Ruler of Hell, whose authority is beyond that of any other demons, with his most loyal follower Beelzebub by his side.
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The Seven Princes of Hell are the highest authority in Hell even above the Ars Goetia and any other demon and Fallen Angel. They are the rivals of the Seven Archangels which were created at the same time as them.


The Seven Princes were the leaders of the demons that resides in the Abrahamic Underworld, known as Hell. Dark and dangerous beings of immense power and presence. A wave of their hands, and whole swaths of land would be reduced to inhospitable wastelands. A simple command, and an army would charge out to crush their foes, more afraid of failing their leader than the pointed spears of their enemies. They were monsters, both in body and heart. Ruthless and cruel, their souls were hardened by ambition and Faustian efficiency.

For years, Hell has been organized by Lucifer into the ruling body called the Seven Princes, in which the leading seven would rule over different, vast areas of their lands. Each Prince was responsible for their own subjects and lands. Many enjoyed how organized this system was, though a select few hated being forced at the bottom for their others to be on top. Their counterparts and rivals are the Seven Archangels.

Powers and Abilities

The Princes of Hell are high level demons that possess powers over all demons in Hell, totally transcending every lesser demon to the point where they are able to destroy legions of low level demons with the snap of a finger. Many demons and even angels like the cherubim fear coming into a Prince's field of vision, as some of them who have fallen were seraphim level demons and even True Archangels like the Morning Star.

They say that even for a human to summon a prince from Hell is a super risky thing to do, because the more powerful the demon the greater the offering has to be to force a manifestation in the Human Realm. In some cases, they say that the manifestation of a powerful Prince like Asmodeus is capable of causing a blackout across the North American continent. Regarding the offering, to invoke someone like Beelzebub may require sacrifice from several people, although in some cases it is not such a sacrifice (by the Devil's own choice).


In ancient times, the Seven Princes were once believed to be the Gods that once created humanity, and as a result were worshiped by them. When Judeo-Christian Regime began those "Gods" had been demonized, by genocide committing Judeo/Christians who were attempting to cut the world of from spiritual knowledge.

In actuality, these demons were fallen angels that rebelled alongside Lucifer, the angel that defied God which caused the War in Heaven. After their fall from grace, each of the beings were twisted and transformed into hideous abominations.

After the War of Heaven, the imprisoned fallen angels decided they needed a form of ruling government in their new plane of existence. Some vied for power, but undoubtedly, the ruler of Hell at the time was the leader of the fallen angels, the charismatic Morning Star, Lucifer. Courageous and strong, he made others bow before him through persuasion, bribery, or intimidation.

Overtime, they grew strong and held dominion over all of Hell, with Lucifer as the supreme emperor of Hell with Beelzebub as his second in command. Eventually, the seven began retaliation against God by tempting humanity to sin. As such, each of the Seven Princes became the physical representations of the Seven Deadly Sins being: Pride, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, Wrath, Envy, and Lust.

Myths and Legends

The Seven Princes

Additional Princes of Hell

  • Mundus - Pride
  • Pythius - Despair
  • Merihem - Lust
  • Dis - Wrath
  • Mephistopheles - Pride (also Wrath)
  • Lilith - Lust (also Pride and Wrath)
  • Dagon - Envy
  • Belial - Sloth (also Wrath)
  • Bael - Wrath
  • Barbelo - Pride
  • Astaroth - Sloth (also Gluttony)
  • Abaddon - Sloth (also Wrath and Discord)
  • Amaymon - Wrath
  • Levistus - Wrath (also Envy)
  • Dispater - Pride


They are our greatest enemies. The leader of the group is Lucifer who had rebelled against father and caused the death of thousands of our siblings.
An Angel



  • Even though it is known as the "seven" princes, there had always been far more than seven.
  • Each member of the group was 'blessed' by Ayin.
    • Out of all members, Satan was blessed the most which made him the strongest demon to rule Hell, above even Lucifer.
  • The original princes were all high-ranking angels that joined Lucifer's rebellion.