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Shalim is a god of dusk in Canaanite mythology, along with Shahar as god of the dawn. Shalim is also identified as the deity representing Venus or the "Evening Star" and Shahar the "Morning Star".


Shalim and his brother Shahar as offspring of El through two women he meets at the seashore. They are both nursed by "The Lady", likely Anat or Asherah, and have appetites as large as "one lip to the earth and one lip to the heaven."

The city of Jerusalem and King Solomon may both have been named after him.



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Myths and Legends

The god Shalim may have been associated with dusk and the evening star in the etymological senses of a "completion" of the day, "sunset" and "peace". In Ugaritic texts, the two are associated with the sun goddess. Shalim is also mentioned separately in the Ugaritic god lists and forms of his name also appear in personal names, perhaps as a divine name or epithet.

Another inscription is a sentence repeated three times in a para-mythological text, "Let me invoke the gracious gods, the voracious gods of ym." Ym in most Semitic languages means "day," and Shalim and Shahar, twin deities of the dusk and dawn, were conceived of as its beginning and end.